I’ve been with the Dodgers for 56 years now, and have seen a lot of talented, driven and special players in my day.

But none more competitive than Jackie Robinson. I played with him in Brooklyn, and can say from experience that he had the heart of a lion.

Jackie characterized all of the above qualities, and did so while representing the Dodgers to the utmost degree of class, dignity and character. Jackie also represented Major League Baseball’s progress, and the vision of Walter O’Malley and Branch Rickey thus establishing the Dodger tradition of innovation.Jackiephoto 

When you hear talk of a five-tool player nowadays, you have to look at Jackie as the prototype. He could beat you with his bat, he could beat you with his legs and he could beat you with his arm. More than anything though, he wanted to beat you bad if you weren’t wearing a Dodger uniform. So much so that when he was traded to the Giants at the end of his career, instead of reporting, he quit because he hated them so much he just refused to go into their clubhouse.

Before Jackie became a Dodger, he lettered in football, baseball, basketball and track and field at UCLA. His athleticism was only bested by his character. Branch Rickey chose Jackie because he knew what kind of guy he was. There were more talented players in the Negro Leagues than Jackie, but there was more at stake than just baseball.

Mr. Rickey knew what Jackie would have to endure. Playing in Brooklyn was one thing, but when the Dodgers would leave Vero Beach after Spring Training, we would start playing games in Miami and work our way to Brooklyn through cities like Tampa, Mobile, Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham, Louisville, Washington D.C. and into New York to play a few games against the Yankees.

Our spring games overflowed with fans. In fact, so many African-American fans came out to watch Jackie they would have to rope off sections of the outfield for crowd control. Jackie would have to take a lot of abuse both on and off the field, but the "Captain," Pee Wee Reese protected him and all the other teammates supported him. Mr. Rickey had to release a few Southern players who refused to support Jackie as a Dodger before they brought him to Brooklyn.

When Jackie was on the field, he was exhilarating. Every at-bat was exciting, and when he got on base, things happened. Our opponents would take shots at him at every base he reached. He knew what they were trying to do, but he never backed down, he never half-stepped, he never relinquished his competitive zeal. He played baseball like he was still in a pair of shoulder pads taking handoffs in the UCLA backfield. His style was not one of reckless abandon. He knew what he risked every time he stepped on the field, but he refused to be intimidated.

Jackie was also a good friend. He loved to shoot pool with the guys and was very social with everyone in our clubhouse. I’ll never forget what he said to me during my Major League debut. I was struggling a bit and had a few runners on base. Jackie came to the mound from second base and said, "Settle down now. We’ll get you a double play and get out of this." His encouragement meant the world to me.

As we remember Jackie, and honor his legacy throughout the Majors, let’s try to exemplify one of his most profound statements: A life is only important as the impact it has on other lives.


I love you Tommy

It takes a man with class, dignity, and character, to pass on the legacy of another such great man, who was gone long before I was born. Thanks for being one of those men Mr. Dodger.

Dear zstair:
Thank you for the nice compliment. Remember Jackie’s quote about having an impact on another person’s life. Jackie’s class taught my a lot about life, and we can all learn from his example.

I’ve offically never been a Dodger’s fan but would love to spend just an hour with you Tommy and Vin Scully reminiscing! Gives me goose bumps just ot think of it!! I find myself switching over to hear Vin on my account regularly. So in a way I AM a Dodgers fan! I do love this game and you and Vin are an indelible part of its glorious history. Thank you for the inspiration! Rod Moore

Good to see the ‘Skipper” sharing his thoughts with everyone. You’re stories and insight have always been welcome.
Harvey Webb

God bless Jackie Robinson. Look forward to reading more stories. When I think of Tommy Lasorda, I think Dodger Ambassador, Baseball Ambassador, and I also think Italian Food Ambassador. How about some classic Lasorda family recipes on this thing?

To the Greatest Ambassador of Baseball.

Hi Tommy, I am not far from some of your fav eating spots near Exton, PA.

Do you have any stories of the great Satchell Page?

Love everything you have done for so many.

Bless you Tommy,

Dave Mark

I’m a old time Dodger fan. I remember when Tommy was coaching the old Albuquerque Dukes. Tommy is the man! Your BLOG on Jackie Robinson shows what a class act Tommy is and what a ir-replaceable person he is to the Dodger organization.

I’ve been a Dodger fan since I was 5 years old back in 1973,and my dad took me to a Dodger game. We sat in the red nose bleed section because that’s all we could afford. I have never stop loving baseball, the Dodgers, and Mr. Tommy Lasorda. Every year I coordinate a major baseball event in the valley called the LAPD Swing-A-Thon. 3 years ago I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting the great Mr. Tommy Lasorda as our special guest speaker. Thank you Tommy for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give back to the community that loves you so much. I hope you can return as my special guest for this years 5th annual Swing-A-Thon August 27, 2005, so that we may honor you for all you have done for the City of LA and the great American past time!

Sincerely, Your #1 Fan

LAPD Officer Michael J. Scott

Mr. Lasorda:
I agree that Jackie Robinson was a great ballplayer, and a terrific person. I don’t think that too many people could have endured what he did, and still perform as well as he did. Jackie deserves all of the honors that baseball and the country bestow on him.

You were privileged to have been a teammate of his. Now both of you are enshrined in Cooperstown.


When I read the story about your father, I began to think of your brothers and I realized that I have not seen them in a while. Are they fine and do they still have the restruant? If so, I’ll try to get out there and say hello.

Dear Tommy:
Hello from NYC. As a lifelong Yankee Fan I can only thank the Dogers for leaving NY. However, as for Jackie, i believe that God has a plan for everyone. In my opinion Jackie being the catalyst for integrating baseball was only a smokescreen for the true integration of our society. I believe if there was never a jackie robinson there nmay never have been a martin luther King.

Why do you even like the Dogers. They are stinking up their playing time!


I’ll never forget in my senior year in high school Terri Seidler arranged for Jackie Robinson’s widow to come to one of my classes on US History. I remember her telling stories similar to the ones you did about Jackie. Everyone of them was about what a good honest decent man he was. I would have loved to have seen him play. My father got to see him play his last year with the Dodgers. I still have the 1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson rookie card that my dad gave to me on my 10th birthday.

Tommy I love the site. Your stories have made me laugh and cry for many years. When my father was sick with cancer 10 years ago one of the main things he loved to hear over and over was the tape I made from the Jim Healy show of your opinion of Dave Kingman’s performance.

I personally would love to hear some stories of your time with the Spokane Indians. My mom and dad were both at Gonzaga University when you were in Spokane.

You are the reason I am still a Dodger fan Tommy. Thank you again for the things that you have done for me recently.


Tommy is a Scab!

When you choose the organization over the players you sold out. Your a owners puppet!

I am a diehard Dodger fan for over 40 years in Montreal,Canada.The Dodgers will not go anywhere this year.Jim tracy is not a good coach.It is MAY 31,2005 AND JASON Phillips is not in the line up.He should be.Tracy is giving Chicago an advantge before the game begins. You have to win games now, not experiment.Put your best lineup always.Tracy also does not handle the pitching staff good, either.Another thing, THESE GUYS GET PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BUT THEY HAVE NO CHARACTER.Bradley stated that the weaker teams are coming in and they should take advantage.BRADLEY, YOU BETTER LEARN TO RESPECT YOUR OPPONENTS AS WELL AS YOUR TEAM,Becasuse when you show lack of respect for your opponents,that means you lack respect for yourself.




It is June 01.2005.Jim Tracy has the perfect line up tonight giving his team the full potential for a win against the Chicago Cubs.

It is June 02,2005.The Dodgers have posted a great line up tonight.They will do well.

It is June 02,2005. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a hard fought 6-4 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.It seems every team is up to the challenge this year.Hats Off to Milwaukee for not giving up.Everybody have a peaceful sleep!

I hope Dodger Blue Management know that Jim Tracy is the glue that’s held things together the past 5 seasons. . .

His style is very different from Tommy’s, but, given today’s game, it works. . .

It is June 03,2005.The Los Angeles Dodgers line up looks ready to play tonight against the Milwaukee Brewers.

It is June 03,2005.Even though he gave up a grand slam in the first inning, Jeff weaver pitched hitless baseball for seven straight innings. Jeff Weaver is real gamer!

June 03,2005.Make that a capital W for Weaver(Jeff) and properly,now, Jeff Weaver is a real gamer!

The only two relievers worthy of their title are Eric Gagne and Yhency Brazoban.The others are not Major League Caliber.Pitchers like Jeff Weaver pitch their heart out and look what Carrera does.He is terrible.Depodesta,you get great players like Jeff kent and JD Drew and you make them
suffer because tou have neglected the big hole in the team, the relief pitching.You and Tracy have no communication between yourselves reguarding the real needs of the team.I don’t know how Carrera could get paid.Contrary to Tracy,Cesar Isturis does not know how to hit with men on!He should seek pointers from Jeff or J.D.Game Over should stop.Never feed on your opponents.Having the always upmost respect for your opponent is the key to your success.Congratulatuions to the Milwaukee Brewers for their well deserved 7-5 win over the Los angeles Dodgers!Game Over!

Tommy, I had the pleasure of working with one of the finest human beings on the planet, Jackie’s daughter Sharon, at the MLB offices on Park Avenue in NYC. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

It is June 04,2005 and Jim Tracy has posted a great lineup tonight.Okay Bullpen,smarten up,no more slurpiness,sloppiness or selfishness.When I was a boy growing up in Montreal, Canada we use to play sand lot baseball during the summer holiday months and I loved The Los Angeles Dodgers so much I would listen to the games on radio from Pittsburgh,New York,Cincinnati etc.,and when I would pitch I would imitate the Dodger announcer for his straight voice,for example”Batting ninth,the pitcher,number 20,Don Sutton.”The United States Of America so powerfully influences our lives in such a wonderful close way,are we Canadian Or American when we do this.(No difference,therefore we are brothers.As I am drafting this up I am listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes(American again, the wonderful
influence never stops)singing “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and when this song first came out The Los Angeles Dodgers played some titanic struggles against the famous Big Red Machine,another great team, The Cincinnati Reds.What I am trying to say, gentlemen, don’t

ever forget when you dawn a Los Angeles Dodger unform,the

wonder an awe of what it represents.There ain’t no mountain high enough or valley

low enough,a Los Angeles Dodger Team can’t overcome.All

the best to both teams tonight.

It is June 04,2005.Congratulations to our
Los Angeles Dodgers for their

tremendous 2-1 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers!Oscar Robles should never have been sent in the seventh inning with one out!Victor Santos is tiring and you have JD DREW and Jeff Kent coming up,the best one,two punch in the majors.Look what they did in the bottom of the eigth,you could have had an insurance run for Eric Gagne.All the best to the Milwaukee Brewers in their future ventures.There is joy in Dodger town tonight!Let’s always remember “Ain’t no mountain high enough”.Everybody peace in your sleep tonight!

It is June 05,2005.Jason Philips has to start some games while Penny is Pitching.
You want to create unity on the team,not friction.I should start charging the Dodgers for my services!

It is June 05,2005.Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers for their excellent victory of 10-6 over the Milwaukee Brewers!
Congratulations to Superman, Jeff Kent,Hall Of Famer,one of the best ever to play the game of baseball!Jeff,I am sure myself and all the Dodger fans are so happy you wear number 12 for the Los Angeles Dodgers, because you typify what wearing the Los Angeles Dodger uniform is all about! It will be the wonderful emotion of being what a Los Angeles Dodger is all about that will carry this team to the top!Aint’t no mountain high enough!Peace And Joy to everyone!

It is June 06,2005.Thank-you Los Angeles Dodgers for a great 5-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers.Honourable mention again to Mr.Incredible
Jeff Kent for being Mr.Clutch again tonight and for his back to back 4 RBI games.Honourable mention as well to Derek Lowe for pitching his heart out again and to Jason Philips who always gives a stellar performance at catcher.We have faith that this Los Angeles Dodger team could take it all the way!Ain’t no mountain high enough!Everybody peaceful sleep tonight!

Make that Jason Phillips with 2 l’s.He that is faithful in small matters will be faithful in great matters!
Once again, good night Los Angeles Dodgers and all your fans!

It is June 07,2005 Detroit has a well deserved 7-4 lead over our Los Angeles Dodgers.McCourt and Depesta, you do not care about the fans and the other players on the team to have relievers,who you pay big money for who don’t belong in the majors!Shame On you!

It is June 08,2005.What a marvellous video clip with Sparky Anderson and Vince Scully.Congratulations to Sparky for having his number 10 retired in Cincinnati.Sparky, besides being the third winningest manager of all time, was and probably will be the only manager to win the World Series in both leagues that being Cincinnati and Detroit.One of the greatest managers of all time and a true baseball legend.It would have been nice if you would have joined him, Tommy Lasorda!You know I live In Montreal,but I will ALWAYS be a Los Angeles Dodger fan,but it was nice they mentioned Gene Mauch and the Montreal Expos.Trust me, when Montreal was granted a baseball franchise, the city fell in love with the team.The fans truly loved the Montreal Expos.As Tommy knows,the Montreal Royals were the farm team for the Dodgers and they loved both Jackie Robinson and yourself,Tommy Lasorda.It is just too bad in the end it became a numbers game,but I don’t think the city of Montreal holds or has any grudges agianst major league baseball.If I speak for the city,it was an honour and privelege to have a major league team.I have a fond memory of the very first game the Montreal Expos played.It was April 08,1969 against the New York Mets and they were playing the national anthems and Tom Seaver,one of the greatest pitchers of all time,
was looking at the tri-colored hats of the Expos and had an expression on his face

that was saying welcome into the league.The Expos won theit first game 11-10,but it was ironic,because that was the year of the Miracle Mets,as they won the World Series in 1969.Getting back to last night’s game,Tracy said Thompson pitched adequately.No way!He pitched his heart out.He left the game

with the lead 4-2.What does that say about the bullpen.If you listen closely to Sparky’s

video clip even he says that the starting pitcher was to be given the W FOR win, and for the relievers to always thing of the starting pitcher and what he’s done to the team.It is called sacrifice.Listen,you guys get paid big salaties so no excuses.I Am not saying the Dodgers will win every game,but like Sparky said it is how you win and lose.Sure, you will let a run in. here and there, but not boatloads of runs!Hoping the players on the DL have a smooth recovery.Let’s all remember”Ain’t no mountain high enough”.All the best to both teams tonight!

It was also nice that Sparky Anderson mentioned Gene Mauch.
To Sparky, HE WAS A HALL OF FAME COACH. I agree.Although he never won a champiosnship,

Gene Mauch, the way he used players like Ron Hunt,etc.,he tested every rule in the book

and yes he will be etched forever in hearts of not only Montreal baseball fans but all the fans of baseball, as being one of the most innovative hard nosed baseball mangers of all time!

Way to go Los Angeles Dodgers for the excellent 3-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers.Hats off to Jim Tracy for managing a flawless game!Great job by Yhency and Eric.What Can you say about Jeff Weaver.Since that 4 run first inning,he has only allowed two hits in 14 innings and only 1 run in his last thirteen innings.All our starters are good and Jeff is a real hard worker on the mound,and also at the plate!All the best to the Detroit Tigers for theit excellent competition and all their future endeavors!Ain’t no mountain high enough!Joy and peace to everybody!

Nice lineup tonight for the Los Angeles Dodgers.Ricky Ledee is always missed against right handers.

Magnificent 6-5 victory over the Minnesota Twins by our Los Angeles Dodgers!Honourable mention to Hee-Seop Choi for his clutch home run!As well to Mr.Los Angeles Dodger,Jeff Kent for not only tying the game,but the way he did it.Winning at all costs.Follow his lead,teammates!Brad Penny for really hanging in there,like Jeff Weaver,for your teammates!Also,Jim Tracy for managing a great game!The other weak point we have is we don’t hit well with men on base!I guess we have to work on it harder!Ain’t no mountain high enough!All peace and joy to everyone!

Congratulations to the Minnesota twins for their great 5-3 victory over our Los
Angeles Dodgers.Gentleman,you played a great game in defeat.Way to rally around your starting pitcher Derek Lowe, always remembering what the legend Sparky Anderson

mentioned about the starting pitcher.Although it is hard,sometimes we learn more in defeat.The sun will rise for another day,tomorrow.Ain’t no mountain high enough!Good night to the Los Angeles Dodgers and all their fans!All joy and peaceful sleep tonight everybody!

That should be capital T for the Twins and also one earlier for Jeff Kent now properly spelled instead of the small k.Good night again

It is a good lineup today posted by Jim Tracy.Cesar Izturis has to hit better with men on,but his excellence defensively and good bat does not go unnoticed.Get better soon,Cesar! Antonio Perez is a good replacement!All the best to both teams today!

Unbelievable 4-3 victory by our Los Angeles Dodgers over the game Minnesota Twins.Hee-Seop Choi’s three homers says it all!
Fantastic performance Hee-Seop!Keep it up!Carrara,I suggest you keep looking at the Los Angeles Dodger uniform until you get it! Your teammates bailed you out!You have to perform better than that before you can wear the Los Angeles Dodger uniform for what it really stands for.Eric and Yhency superb!Honourable mention to D.J.Houlton for his tremendous courage out there,and to manager Jim Tracy for his excellent decisions.The Minnesota Twins are a good team and we wish them the best in their future endeavours.Ain’t no mountain high enough!All peace and joy tonight everybody!

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for their 3-2 victory over our Los Angeles
Dodgers.This is a very disheartening loss.You won’t win games leaving 15 men on Base.Antonio Perez,you said you can hit,but you can’t bunt!Disgusting!The worst news is Eric Gagne.Eric,if the problem is spiritual,you know what you have to do!The team was doing so well,and now without Eric, the strain is to great.I am really disheartened!Good night everybody.

I could die of a broken heart.

Eric Gagne is on the disabled list.Pray for him that he recovers spiritually as well as physically and all the rest of the Los Angeles Dodgers on the disabled list.All of you have to pull together now,for each other and dig a lot deeper inside,caring for each other a becoming a closer unit so that everyone will see and say,there truly go the Los Angeles Dodgers!.Make us proud
of you,Los Angeles Dodgers!This adversity will bring out the best in you,we are sure!One note in last night’s game,Jayson Werth you must run on the base path to avoid what happened last night!You must believe in yourselves greater now, as we believe in you!Ain’t no mountain high enough!Go get em!All the best to both teams tonight!

Congratulations to The Kansas City Royals for their 9-6 victory and three in row over our Los Angeles Dodgers.There is a victory in defeat as we scored three runs in the ninth,the never say die attitude!Lift your heads up high,shake off the negativity,
and carry the Los Angeles Dodger Tradition in your heart,and you will succeed!Ain’t no mountain high enough for this Los Angeles Dodger team!Peace And Joy to everyone!

Don’t ever ever ever give in and don’t ever ever ever give up!We still believe in you Los Angeles Dodgers!Congratulations to a great Chicago White Sox team for their 6-0 victory.Ain’t no mountain high enough!Peace and joy to everyone!

I have been away a couple of days to my son in Hamilton, Ontario,Canada for Father’s Day.A day late but Happy Father’s Day everybody!I know you lost a couple of tough ones to a great Chicago White Sox Team,but keep trying,keep going and most of all keep believing!Jim Tracy,like our great coach Tommy Lasorda,way to rally the team Tommy Lasorda style!Ain’t no mountain high enough for this Los Angeles Dodger Team!All the best to both teams tonight!

This was a tough loss,but like life,tremendous adversity is tough to deal with,but you’ve got to keep going guys.You’ve got to congratulate the San Diego Padres on their 1-0 victory.Jim Tracy should call a meeting with everybody there,as a complete unit,to remind yourselves that it is not as bad as it seems and tomorrow is another day for a chance for victory!Ain’t no mountain high enough!Peace and Joy(Although hard at the moment)in the midst of the storm.

Jim Tracy has a great lineup posted tonight for our Los Angeles Dodgers!All the best for both teams tonight!

Congratulations on our Los Angeles Dodgers marvellous 6-4 victory over the San Diego Padres.It took 71 games but I believe this was the night you
became a team.Adversity is learning thing and because of it, you are a better team!You were all great tonight,but Duaner Sanchez you showed such incredible courage and heart as you wore your Los Angeles Dodger uniform truthfully!One game at a time from here on in and we are all behind you Los Angeles Dodgers.Ain’t no mountain high enough!There is a lot of peace and joy in Dodger Town tonight,for the Los Angeles Dodgers have won!Good Night Everyone!

Great Congratulations to our
Los Angeles Dodgers for their

fantastic 4-3 win over the San diego Padres!You never said die,You never gave up and you always believed that you could come back in this game and you did!And you know what we,the fans,always believed with you!We are so proud of you, Our Los Angeles Dodgers!All the best to the San Diego Padres in their future4 endeavors.Ain’t no mountain high enough!All peace and joy to everyone!peace

That should be The San Diego Padres properly spelled now!
Good night again everybody!

That should be The San Diego Padres properly spelled now!
Good night again everybody!

In an earlier comment, I referred to the 2005 Dodgers as LA Baseball, not DODGER Baseball. I first heard that name listening to a spring training game this year when Rick broadcast a game. The pictures on this BLOG are of Dodgers Baseball, not LA Baseball. The baseball being played is LA Baseball, currently 35 and 37 for the year. The new “Front Office” gave up Dodgers Beltre, Green, and others, all but three DODGERS. You, Front Office, promised a competitive DODGER team. I believe the current front office lacks knowledge of DODGER Baseball history. What they have done with the team is disgraceful. After fifty years of my life and DODGER Baseball, I no longer watch LA Baseball. I love the real DODGER BLUE and cherish the real DODGERS.

In an earlier comment, I referred to the 2005 Dodgers as LA Baseball, not DODGER Baseball. I first heard that name listening to a spring training game this year when Rick broadcast a game. The pictures on this BLOG are of Dodgers Baseball, not LA Baseball. The baseball being played is LA Baseball, currently 35 and 37 for the year. The new “Front Office” gave up Dodgers Beltre, Green, and others, all but three DODGERS. You, Front Office, promised a competitive DODGER team. I believe the current front office lacks knowledge of DODGER Baseball history. What they have done with the team is disgraceful. After fifty years of my life and DODGER Baseball, I no longer watch LA Baseball. I love the real DODGER BLUE and cherish the real DODGERS.

This is to mrylndr1 responding to your comment.My comment on June 15 was I could die of a broken heart.That’s when our team started their skid and they learned they were going to lose Gagne.I felt like you,betrayed etc., we let Beltre go etc.,.The bottom line is sometimes we have to learn to become a real fan and root for them no matter what! This is the team we have in 2005 and we have no choice.But,I believe it is a good team with greatness possibly but what is more important they have to believe in themselves.Depodesta did get Mr. Incredible Jeff Kent,J.D.Drew, he kept Cesar Izturis so he formed a strong nucleus.Let’s not get down, keep believing in this Los Angeels Dodger Team,and beacuse of this adversity let it make us better fans as well rooting for them even harder!Ain’t no mountain high enough!Peace and joy to everyone!

Jim Tracy has posted a great lineup tonight for the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Los Angeles Angels.All the best to both teams tonight.

Congratulations on the LA Angels 7-0 victory over our LA Dodgers.It’s hard.The wheels came off after Jeff Weavers’and the team’s perfect game came to an end.It
is easy to point fingers.That should have been a 1-0 or 2-loss.It goes to show you where we are as a team psychologically.Jeff,you will get another shot at a perfect game.I think we have to dig deeper inside to find that all to give every pitch.We have to keep believing no matter the circumstance because I am a true Los Angeles Dodger fan and that is what faith is all about!The sun will rise again for another day.Ain’t no mountain high enough for this Los Angeles Dodger Team!Joy and peaceful sleep in the midst of the storm.

I’ve been Mr.Nice lately but hold on.Why was Thompson sent down and not Osoria.Is there something I don’t know about the rules? Is this another cruel joke by management.I don’t think management has it all together.Baseball players are way overpaid it is a bad system.THE ONLY PLAYER WORTHY OF THE LOS ANGELES DODGER UNIFORM IS JEFF KENT.

I am trying to be a rah! rah! fan
but it is not working!McCourt,Depodesta, and Tracy are not on the same page.Tracy,the Dodgers are struggling and you make decisions to weaken the team.Correct me if I am wrong about Thompson going down instead of Osoria.Is there something I don’t know?Another thing Hoffman and Tracy you didn’t respect Jeff Kent on his ejection.Tracy, is that the only way you can manage?And Hoffman with that little shove in Jeff’s Kent back,you are a joke man!You guys are not even worthy to tie Jeff Kent’s shoes.Tracy, you are a bird, you push for Izturis for the all star game and you can’t even handle your team properly!Cesar looks like he’s looking out of the port hole of a ship.I am a mad fan because McCourt, Depodesta,Tracy And Hoffman,you are a total disgrace!

Another thing.Is Gagne on steroids?And if he is, the Dodgers signed him knowing this?If this is true,then the Dodgers cheat?You can never lie against the truth, because the truth will destroy you!

Tracy,you make me sick and I’m sure all the fans.You are an idiot and you don’t get it.
Don’t you ever take Mr.Incredible Jeff Kent out of the clean up spot do you understand?,you idiot.

Jim Tracy has the perfect and proper lineup tonight giving our Los Angeles Dodgers the maximum opportunity for a win.
All the best to both teams tonight!

Would be nice if Derek Thompson was available,giving us more options,but it is good D J Houlton got out of inning 2.

Fantastic possibly season saving 5-4 victory for our Los Angeles Dodgers over the game San Diego Padres.Let’s face it,these are playoff games.Congratulations to Mr.Incredible,Superman, Super hero Jeff Kent for his three Rbi’s and home run and his true faithfulness as a true Los Angeles Dodger.Congratulations also to JD Drew for his presence,his two for two night,his 2 walks,his 2 runs scored and 1RBI.JD Drew you are a brilliant batter.Congratulations to Paul Depodesta for signing Jeff Kent and JD Drew.I will say it again the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best 1-2 punch in the majors with JD Drew and Jeff Kent.As well,
tremendous congratulations to D J Houlton for showing the courage of a champion pitcher.

Also the rest of the Los Angeles Dodgers.Let’s now everybody stay on the same page,work together for one goal and that is to be the best you can be.Ain’t no mountain high enough for this Los Angeles Dodger Team.Peace and joy to everyone!

Tommy you are the absolute best person to represent us at the 2005 World Expo!
Sure miss seeing you as manager of the Dodgers.

I enjoyed meeting you at the Nixon Library too! Thanks for signing my Dodger’s Scorecard from your Big Uniform Number Retirement Night! That’s my favorite Baseball memorabilia!

I am a Dodger fan since 1954 and went to games at Ebbets Field…I live in Panama.
I cry to see this franchise so prone to injury and tragedy…what water do you drink? Any calcium pills? Who is not doing the push-ups and-push aways? Are they too pumped?

My brother went to Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton. He says that your son Tommy was a classmate of his, was ***, and died of AIDS. Is that true?

My computer has been down lately, finally got it back up tonight.Jeff Kent should stay clean up.Tracy is making a mistake.Our boys are down 3-0 but ain’t no mountain high enough for this Los Angeles Dodger team!All the best to both teams tonight!

Remember guys, these are all playoff games!

Congratulations to the Colorado Rockies for their 6-1 victory over our Los Angeles Dodgers.It is a tough loss but let’s look on the bright side.We are only 5 games out.Jim Tracy,I disagree
vehemently on your decisions,but I am still rooting for you.With all the injuries,we need something concrete in the middle of the line up for stabilty.Against left handers,Olmedo Saenz should bat third,Mr. Incredible,Jeff Kent should always bat fourth,followed by Jayson Werth,then Jason Phillips.The Adversity will make you a better team,ready for a hard deserved miracle!Fear Not, Only Believe!I have adopted Ain’t no mountain high enough as the Los Angeles Dodger theme song,it’d be nice if the marketing department asked Diana Ross and The Supremes to sing the song before a Los Angeles Dodger game or possibly in the playoffs, just to get The Dodger adrenaline flowing! The sun will rise again tomorrow giving our Los Angeles Dodgers another opportunity for vicotry!Ain’t no mountain high enough!All peace and joy to everyone!

I had to change my computer system thus you haven’t seen my comments.I have A couple of great stories!First of all,I just want to mention something for Mr. Jeff Kent.I could be wrong but it goes back to your comment you made after the long 13 day road trip when you mentioned it was nice to play San Diego,no interleague stuff them (San Diego)are a well coached ball club etc.etc..What I’m saying is that the opposition could have taken that and thought you were tired,or you weren’t up to playing the opposition
and maybe used that against you!But we all know what a true Los Angeels Dodger you are and a magnificent player and we all know you are going to have great second half to lead this Los Angeles Dodger team.Here is a little story that I know is a sign that our Los Angeles Dodger team is going to have a great surging second half.Yesterday, July 12,2005 I went out to eat in a restaurant and one of the songs they played was Ain’t no mountain high enough!,my adopted Los Angeles Dodger theme song!Notice the date,July 12,2005,Jeff Kent’s number is 12.To all the Los Angeles Dodgers on the disabled list,get better fast for we are in for quite a second half of baseball!Ain’t no mountain high enough for This Los Angeles Dodger Team!Peace And Joy to everyone!

One more comment!Tony Larussa made a mistake!Superman,Jeff Kent should have batted clean up!

I disagree with Jim Tracy not putting Jeff Kent clean up,but I will always root for the Los Angeles Dodgers but sometimes,like tonight,it is very difficult!All the best to both teams tonight!

I posted my comment on the previous another day,another hero indicating that Jeff Kent has to remain clean up for the rest of the year to maximize our potential for every game and if we are going to make a serious run in the second half!All peace and joy to everybody!

You are the greatest Tommy!

The tragedy of the world is that those who are imaginative have but slight experience, and those who are experienced have feeble imaginations. Do you think so?

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