Another Day, Another Hero

Although the Dodgers lost last night, five times they have come from behind, in dramatic fashion, and won.  Whether the heroics come from Milton Bradley?s bat, Izturis Cesar Izturis?s glove, Derek Lowe?s arm or Jeff Kent?s competitive drive the bottom line is the Dodgers won. 

Frank McCourt and Paul DePodesta have withstood a lot of criticism for moves they made on and off the field.  Frank promised to bring the fans an exciting brand of baseball back to Dodger Stadium.  This team fits the bill.

I am very pleased with our 12-3 start.  There?s an old saying in baseball: Win ?em in April and you don?t have to win ?em in September. 

I was on the 1955 Brooklyn team that opened the season by winning 10 in a row, losing two and winning another 10 to go 20-2.  In 1977, my first year as manager, our record was 17-3 after 20 games and 24-6 after 30.  Well, the Brooklyn club won the World Series, and my ?77 club won the National League Pennant.  I hope our start this year will end up with Jim Tracy and company hoisting the World Series trophy above their heads this October.

I have been very impressed with the play of Jeff Kent. Kent_2 The acquisition by Paul DePodesta is tremendous.  He is a tough competitor.  He wants to beat you at all costs, and his gritty play reflects his passion for winning.  If you put him at the plate with the game on the line, he will deliver.  He knows how to hit in clutch situations and drive in big runs. 

Let?s not forget Jeff is a future Hall of Famer.  There?s a locker waiting for him in Cooperstown because he has hit more homeruns than any other second baseman in the history of the game. 

As we resume play tonight in Colorado, I want all Dodger fans to be proud of our team.  I want you to get behind our players and have fun watching them compete.  They?ll play their hearts out for you because they want to win, and they believe they can win every game they play.

This is LA baseball.


Dodgers look great Tommy!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogs. You’re a great addition!

I was a 9 year old Met fan when I watched the ’88 playoffs. It was a bit traumatizing, but its still very cool to have you join the blog world. I think we’d all be interested in hearing how this came about.


Do you think Adrian Beltre took steroids and is that one of the reasons the Dodgers weren’t so anxious to keep him.

This New York Times article from

Sunday’s Times Magazine section seems to accuse Beltre of juicing…

Would love to hear your take on it. Great site!


Here’s the link to that NY Times article.

Tommy who writes your blog for you?

Thanks for article, but I have already read it. My take on steroids is simple; they are wrong, and the ones who take them are cheating. It was reported that 500,000 high school athletes take steroids, and that is just unacceptable.

I agree–it’s been great to see one player after rise to the challenge–that sorta “gimme-the-ball” atitude has been exemplified by every great Dodger team I’ve seen.
And I love Nakamura’s game, and glove-mastery, but is it possible that he needs to loose some of that leg-kick in order to hit consistently in the MLB? He seems that he’s hitting on top of most of the stuff he’s seeing. I _want_ him between the chalks–he’s a stopsign on the left line–I just want him to find a way to drive the ball here in the states. With Valentine’s injury, I guess he’ll get a lot of AB’s for a couple months. Perhaps that security will help him.

Mr. Lasorda:

I am a long-time fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates (hometown of Hermitage, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh), yet I am a huge fan of you. Furthermore, I lived in New York City for about ten years, and I developed a great appreciation for the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angeles Dodgers. Regarding your “Another Day, Another Hero” story, I present to you Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) – a yard safety super hero. About a year ago, I had a lawn mower accident that resulted in the partial amputation of my left foot. Consequently, I have been an advocate and promoter of yard safety, with the goal to prevent these outdoor power equipment accidents from happening to other people. Furthermore, I have been a renaissance yardman, utilizing various art forms to communicate my safety message. I have approached Major League Baseball about the possibility of dedicating one day of the MLB season as Yard Safety Awareness Day. Each, there are about 400,000 individuals who experience lawn mower and garden-tool-related accidents, often times resulting in severe and life-altering outcomes. Since baseball is America’s pastime and often played on natural turf, I ask for your assistance and consideration to facilitate this humanitarian idea. Please visit the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) website at for additional information. Thank you for your BLOG. I have really enjoyed your presence and contributions to professional baseball over the years. Best wishes!

Richard Mudrinich

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

The Dodgers chemistry is great!! In order to win the next championship, the Dodgers need to sign R.Lugo #22 from Triple A. He is the next HR King.

Tommy, In 1994 we came to see you play the Rockies at Mile High.My daugter’s first Dodger game,she was about 5 months old.My Grandfather, Father and I had all seen our first Dodger Games at Ebbet’s Field.You weren’t signing autographs, but just as you were about to leave the field to get ready for the game, we caught your attention. She was in her baby Dodger Uniform. We tossed you a ball and you wrote ” Sarah, I love you, Tommy Lasorda”. The ball is on her dresser between the autographed photos of Sandy and Big D.


I have been a dodger fan for 32 years and since that time I have seen the dodgers in all the good and bad times, this year is a good year the all around talent that is on the field is a potencial world series team. Maybe not this year but in the next couple years for sure. Thank you for being a true dodger and bleeding the color blue.


I have been a dodger fan for 32 years and since that time I have seen the dodgers in all the good and bad times, this year is a good year the all around talent that is on the field is a potencial world series team. Maybe not this year but in the next couple years for sure. Thank you for being a true dodger and bleeding the color blue.

Is Mike lowell available yet?
Cabrera playing third is an ominous sign for him. He seems like a good fit for LA.

Your thoughts?

Steve Riffle

Listen, I know Jeff Kent was hurt, but Jim Tracy, when he’s healthy he has to bat clean up!We are 8.5 games out of first place,there is no more time to lose!When he is not batting clean up,the team is weakened and the opposition feeds on it and you give them an advantage even before the game begins!I have tremendous trouble in rooting for The Los Angeles Dodgers when he’sot batting fourth!I like Jason Phillips,he is a very good team player,catcher and batter.If Jent Kent does not bat fourth,our Los Angeles Dodger team has no hope for this year!All the best to both teams tomorrow!

On the “dodgers” website today, injuries are a major topic. Do you remember that we, and I still say “we,” only had three (3)(that is 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out)players from last year’s team? And some people, admittedly very few, still thought the “dodgers” would be in contention. Hey, go get some other players!! It doesn’t matter if they are DODGERS or not! We will still bleed blue! What a terrrible mess. A contending team, and do not forget that Adrian played HURT all year, in 2004, a playoff team in 2004, get rid of all the players, and now 40-50 with a sales pitch for tickets because the “dodgers” are still in contention. Astounding!!

I like Jeff Kent batting fourth, but nevertheless,the Los Angeles Dodgers, have posted a good line up today!All the best to both teams today!

Congratulations to our Los Angeles Dodgers for their fantastic season turn around
5-4 victory over the San Francisco Giants!Cesar Izturis

came through under pressure and showed today that He is an All Star shortstop only to get better and become truly great!Even when there were two men in the bottom of the ninth,I was playing “Ain’t no mountain high enough” by Diana Ross and the Supremes always believing that you were going to come back and you did!Keep believing in yourselves as a team, even stronger than ever and keep remembering that there “Ain’t no mountain high enough” that this Los Angeles Dodger team can’t overcome!All peace and joy to everyone!

The Los Angeles Dodgers have posted a great line up for today’s game.All the best to both teams!

Very tough loss guys! But keep believing no matter what the circumstance!Peace and joy to everyone!

Tommy you were a great manager of one baseball’s greatest franchises. To this day I remember the great rivialries we had with the giants, reds, and braves of yesteryear. It was a honor to watch Garvey, Cey, Lopes and Russell, beat Johnny Bench Pete Rose and the rest of the Red Machine.

The best part was when The Dodger’s finally beat The **** Yankee’s in 81 after being robbed by Reggie Jackson and the umps in the 77 series.

Now unfortantely this team is shadow of itself. With a owner from boston, who doesn’t give a hoot of our team’s history, only filling the seats with a mediocore product.

Where are the O Malleys when we really need, to buy back the team.

Even Magic Johnson could run The Dodger’s better than the McCourts. Maybe they can prove me wrong. The final standings in Sept. will prove them right or wrong!!!!!

I still think Jeff Kent should hit fourth because he is your best hitter!All the best to both teams tonight!

Jim Tracy, I have no ego I’m a baseball fan.You are 29 and 50 since the 12 AND 2 start.Come on, be a man for once in your life,answer me how many games have the Dodgers won with Jeff Kent, batting third.Come on answer me,if you are a man.Not very many! Not the injuries, but you are the reason the Dodgers are 29 AND 50,since the 12 and 2 start.I am speaking because I Love The Los Angeles Dodgers more than you!McCourt, Depodesta, and Tracy you are so disgusting!
Tracy,you steal the joy and the boy out of the game!And you continue on,with no rhyme or reason,going nowhere.

Fantastic,Explosive 10-2 victory for our Los Angeles Dodgers over the Philadelphia Phillies!Derek Lowe deserves the game ball for his tremendous will and champion courage which his teammates fed on!Derek,you would not be denied tonight!Superman Jeff Kent for his 4 rbi’s.Honourable mention to Jayson Werth for his home run,Jason Repko,Mike Edwards,Oscar Robles and Cesar Izturis!You could only be 7.5 games out by the end of the night!I still believe Jeff Kent should always hit fourth, no matter what the circumstance!Nothing is impossible!Keep Believing in the season that is left and to complete the goal you have had from spring training!Peace and joy to everyone!

hi tommy, would you be interested in speaking at the yorba linda little league opening ceremonies for a bunch of little guys? it is right next to the tommy lasorda jr fieldhouse. what a wonderful place. thank you. the event is march 3. it’s in the morning and you could speak for a few minutes. rex hudler did it last year. please!!! thank you. the scharrs

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