All-Star Voting

All-Star voting began yesterday in Major League Baseball.  I want all Dodger fans to vote for our Dodgers as often as possible.  I have filled out many ballots, and will continue to do so until voting ends.  You can vote on-line, or at your local ballpark. 

The All-Star Game is baseball?s way of giving back to the fans.  We have the opportunity to bring the game to the fans by letting them vote for their favorite players.  Voting is a great way of involving them in the game. 

I commend Bud Selig for giving home-field advantage to the winner of the Midsummer Classic.  The All-Star Game should be the greatest display of baseball; bringing the best players in the world together to compete at the game?s highest level should give baseball fans everywhere a thrill. 

I managed in four, and finished with a 3-1 record.  And I?ll tell you, we wanted to win.  We wanted to beat the American League and show everyone who played the best baseball.  As manager, I always kept a few players on the bench in case we ran into extra innings.  I would get criticized about that, but I came to win, and was not about to get caught in a game without enough players.  When I managed my first All-Star Game in 1978, the National League had won six in a row, and I was not about to let that streak be snapped.  We went on to win 11 straight, finally losing in 1983. 

We have an outstanding Dodger team with many players with the potential to represent the National League in Detroit.  Let?s show them how much we support them by voting.  Encourage your friends and family to vote too.  When you go to a game, take extra ballots home and fill them in so you can see your favorite players wearing that special All-Star uniform.

This is LA baseball.


Tommy, Thank you for checking out our blog we are truley honored. Sean and I voted at 3 ballparks for all-stars already and look foward to voting some more. It is refreshing to hear you talk about the game. Talking about baseball and our road trip really got us through our time in Iraq. We are looking foward to those dodger dogs and hopefully getting a chance to meet you.
Kevin and Sean

I just wanted to make a comment on the fact that the All-Star game is being played in Detroit. The attendence to last night’s game was 19,000. I can only hope that more people will show up for the all-star game.

Hey Mr. Lasorda I have a quick question for you reguarding the All-Star game. I’m a huge Angels fan, so I would like to know which Angels on the current team you think has a chance at making the All Star team. Thanks.

I garuntee the All-Star Game will be sold out, and I hope you are in the crowd, watching the game, and cheering for your favorite players.


Mr. Lasorda, Don’t you think that the All-Star Voting commences too early in the season? That at this stage it’s really just a popularity contest. If voting did not start till June perhaps fans would be able to better gauge which players are truly deserving of such an honor. Please comment.

You are one of my favorite baseball personalities and I love what you did in 2000 Olympics.

Do you really recommend that Dodger fans vote for only LA Dodgers for the NL All-Star team? While the Dodgers are looking like a great team this season so far, you say that the game should be played to win for your league. Would the National League field a better team with Hee Seop Choi at first base or Jose Valentin at third instead of Albert Pujols and Chipper Jones?

Just I’m just looking for an honest opinion on hometown popularity versus production.

i say lets do for Choi what the Reds fans did for George Crowe in 1957.


You shared at your Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in 1997 a great story about you and John McNamara. I have been looking for the text of your speech on the internet but have yet to find it. May I ask your assistance with locating it?

Please feel free to share your wonderful baseball stories with us on your blog. Please let us Jungle Clones know when you are going to appear on Jim Rome’s Show. And I agree hitting a baseball is tougher than hitting a Golf Ball.

Dodger Tom

(Originally from Simi Valley, CA currently living in Phoenix, AZ)

If you are playing the game to win for your league, you had better have Jeff Kent in the lineup.

Back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the National League was dominant in the All-Star game and I’m sure that made NL lifers like Tommy as happy as a Dodger Dog covered in onions. But the tide has turned and the AL is now nearly as dominant as the NL was back in its heyday. Here’s a thought for all you NL supporters — 1996 — that’s the last year the NL won the All-Star game and nothing with change this year.

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