A Message to All Fans

Fans who run on to the field are a disgrace to the game of baseball!  They have no respect for themselves, other fans who want to see a game, the players on the field, and the game in general.  They should be arrested and penalized.  All they are trying to do is impress their friends, but they do not impress anybody.

We can?t let two bad guys ruin the experience at Dodger Stadium, thus degrading the reputation of Dodger fans.  I have said this time and time again; we have the greatest fans in all of baseball.  I want all of our fans to know that as an organization, we need our fans, and we believe they are part of our team.

The Dodgers run a special promotion called $2 True Blue Tuesdays.  Frank and Jamie McCourt want people who can?t usually afford to take their families to a ballgame to be able to come to Dodger Stadium and enjoy themselves.  Now, because of what two foolish youngsters did, the McCourt?s may be forced to end the promotion.

Frank, Jamie and the entire staff want fans to enjoy baseball at its best, at beautiful Dodger Stadium, which I call Blue Heaven on Earth.  We won?t let two bad guys ruin our efforts, or to take an outstanding opportunity away from the rest of the fans who take advantage of the great deal.

The Dodgers are committed to providing the best, most fan-friendly, family environment in all of baseball.  Our fans must understand how hard we work on that goal, and how serious our organization treats their safety. 


i couldnt agree with you more. i took my three-year old son to see the dodgers play, only to see these two punks ruin the game for about fifteen minutes. great job by dodger stadium security as they bolted out from every section to handle this intrusion. these kids need to be taught a lesson that nowadays we do not know if you are playing a prank or carrying a bomb. i hope these idiots do not try and ruin any more games. they should be banned from entering the stadium forever.

Thank you Tommy for the insight. There isnt any room in b-ball for that kind of behavior not to mention it can ruin a good rythm in a hurry.
I also want to thank you in another respect. I am 41 yr old from Sacramento and although I have never been to Dodger Stadium (my mom got a chunk of grass for me in 1980 from behind short stop where Bill Russell stood though), I have been a true Blue fan since the first time I picked up a baseball. I have two boys who also love the game and the Dodgers. Some of my fondest memories are blue and of you and the love that you have of not only the Dodgers but the game itself. You are a true inspiration for what the game is all about and I will always love you for it. Thank you.

-Ted Crawford

Tommy, I consider myself a true baseball fan, I mean, I count pitches, I put the stop watch to hitters coming out of the box, delivery time of the pitch to the plate etc. Nothing I hate more than to be studying the game and have a beach ball bounce in my lap or a beer spilled on me! I’m thinking and hoping that people that come to the game and disrupt the game are some- how accounted for so it’s not so easy for them to get into the stadium the next time, maybe a 30 game suspension or something of the sort. I truly appreciate the level of focus and concentration that major league players show during these disruptions. By the way thank you for signing that ball for my 12 year old son in Dodger Town this past spring that was nice! His ball will go next to one you signed for me back in 1978! Keep up the good work Tommy!

I have been a Dodger fan since I was just a little girl in Orange County. The type of behavior demonstrated by those individuals just cannot be tolerated. I totally agree with Tommy. It would be a shame if the McCourt’s would have to end the $2 promotion just because of a few bad apples. Hopefully we will see less of that type of behavior in the future. And more great baseball. LG

I had never been to Dodger Stadium untill the game they scored 7 runs in the ninth inning to beat sf. It took my breath away. the fans are the best and i had the best time ever. I like the idea of 2 dollar tickets, because being a college student and not exactly having alot of money i can go to the best stadium more than i was, the McCourts should be commended on the idea. As for those idiots that ran on the field, well they should be arrested and never let back in to dodger stadium, let them go to the giants stadium and do that.

I regularly attend Dodger games with my wife and two kids. On average, we attend 30 -40 games per year. Like most families, we tend to splurge on food, snacks, clothing and souvenirs. Over the last year and a half, it has become very apparent that the atmosphere at Dodger Stadium has changed for the worse. It has become very family un-friendly, which is a shame, especially when Angel Stadium is safe family environment.

I do not believe a single social class or ethnic population (I being Latino) is solely responsible for the negative trend.

I would like to suggest a few revisions to Dodger Stadium practices.

1) 2 Dollar Tuesdays: If the goal of the front office is to allow lower income families to experience a game, focus on the family. Rather then promote two dollar seats, sell a child?s ticket at half price of the adult price. Discount the price of a soda, while keeping alcoholic beverages at the same price.

2) Set and enforce a no tolerance policy for disruptive or inappropriate behaviors. If a group of individuals are swearing, fighting, or just making the game in possible to watch/enjoy, make it possible for fans to notify the ushers to either watch or eject the problem fans.

3) Post the policies for fans to become aware that disruptive behavior will have you ejected.

4) Increase the number of uniformed security inside the stadium.

It is very easy to blame ?bad? fans, but please help your ?good? fans to enjoy the game.

Your so right Tommy. I dont understand how in boston those clowns can get away with that?? Thats crazy. Wait till some drunk fool tries to go after a player on the field. Then maybe will we only see some real judicial action then. The boston judicial system should be ashamed of themselves.

You are right that we should not let two bad apples ruin our experience at the game. I purchased a package of 20 games on the field and the rest of the time I sit eihter on the Top Deck or the Pavilions. I was not there on that Tuesday but I was at the pavilion on Wednesday. I heard some people say that they would not sit there after the incident but should we let some bad apples chase us away? No way.

by the way, I made my first trip to Vero Beach this year and had an awesome time, although I asked you to sign a ball for me during a practice game but you told me “Lady, can I go to the little boys’ room first”. You never came back. I was told afterwards you only sign for little kids but I am an antique little girl🙂

In response to your request for a no tolerance policy, there is already one in place! I heard a public service announcement while listening to the pre-game show on 980. If at any time, people are being disruptive, cursing, or disrespectful, quietly alert a security guard and they will be removed from the stadium.

If more people stuck together in the stands and enforced this policy there would be less problems arising.

So many times I have been in the stands with people cursing or throwing stuff around me, but no one ever says anything. Well now you can alert security to avoid any confrontations with other fans.

Maybe Tommy can get some prominent signs posted at the ticket entrance to let other fans know of this policy. Or a PSA right before the game started would be good as well!

I too went to Vero Beach for the first time this year, what a magical place. My face lit up when I saw that Dodgertown sign as I entered the park.

I have been coming to Dodger Stadium for a little over 20 years, and have had a season ticket on the field level since 1994. I couldn’t afford a ticket in the front row of the new seats, so I’m in the third row of the yellow seats. It seems to me that the crowds are rowdier in my area than in previous seasons.

It’s interesting that the debris thrown on the field Wednesday night came from the right field pavillion, where no beer is sold. I was surprised to see that the ball boy was cleaning up the mess and not the grounds crew.

As one who has come to the Stadium every year since 1962 and has attended at least 25 games a year since 1980, I agree that the fan behavior has gotten much worse in the past year. Way too much loud profanity and bad behavior. This season the ushers and overall security presence is considerably less then in the past (even Vin Scully has noticed the incresed beach ball inturreptions and I don’t see the understaffed ushers even trying anymore). I sit on the field level and the Dodgers did not appear to increase the number of ushers to service the new baseline seats. The increase in loud profanity and other obnixious behavior is very noticable but is not the result of $2.00 seats, as I’ve seen this problem all around my $40.00 Season Tickets. Tommy, please do anything that you can to give us back our ballpark by hiring a strong security and usher staff.

Mr Lasorda, I agree that fan behavior is getting out of control. I can still remember when that game got forfitted because Dodger fans were throwing the free baseballs onto the field. While there are certainly serval reasons for the increasing problems at the stadium, I believe that there is one possible reason that has been overlooked. I think that the overall atmosphere has changed at the stadium, and it has not been a change for the better. I remember when watching a game, there were certain things between innings for the fans that were pretty tame, but still fun. Mostly blooper reels and Nancy Bea on the organ. Now you’ve got REALLY loud music, neon lights, strobe lights, etc. I’m not trying to sound old fashioned, but I think that it’s starting to get to be a bit of sensory overload. I just miss Dodger Stadium being kind of a tranquil place, punctuated by moments of true excitement. Of course all of the bells and whistles aren’t the sole cause for the problems, but I think that the whole new “X-Treme” Dodger Stadium isn’t helping things any. P.S. Thanks for signing by ball when I was 8.

Tommy Lasorda,
I just wanted to add that it was an unfortunate event to see fans running on the field during a professional MLB game. I think that was a poor representation of Los Angeles Dodger fans, and I feel because of this act others should not be penalized. Also, the True Blue $2 promotion had no impact on the act that made 2 fans leave their seats and run across the field. The True Blue promotion is a great promotion for lower income families/people to attend and cheer a dodger game. Also, the promotional seats have no access to the field level inside Dodger Stadium. Therefore, removing the $2 seats on Tuesday nights is punishing the wrong people. We can’t blame the tickets sale price on the behavior of the 2 fans who ran across the field. Furthermore, I just wanted to say what an honor this is to have a chance to voice my view to yourself. Mr. Lasorda I appreciate everything you have done for the Dodgers organization and I hope fans like myself will have more chances to talk with you throughout the season. Thank you for your time.

Mr. Lasorda:

I am sorry to hear about this incident at Dodger Stadium – a few “corked bats” in comparison to the many great Dodger fans.

I am a long-time fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates (hometown of Hermitage, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh), yet I am a huge fan of you and the Dodgers as a close second. Furthermore, I lived in New York City for about ten years, and I developed a great appreciation for the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angeles Dodgers. Regarding your “Another Day, Another Hero” story, I present to you Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) – a yard safety super hero. About a year ago, I had a lawn mower accident that resulted in the partial amputation of my left foot. Consequently, I have been an advocate and promoter of yard safety, with the goal to prevent these outdoor power equipment accidents from happening to other people. Furthermore, I have been a renaissance yardman, utilizing various art forms to communicate my safety message. I have approached Major League Baseball about the possibility of dedicating one day of the MLB season as Yard Safety Awareness Day. Each, there are about 400,000 individuals who experience lawn mower and garden-tool-related accidents, often times resulting in severe and life-altering outcomes. Since baseball is America’s pastime and often played on natural turf, I ask for your assistance and consideration to facilitate this humanitarian idea. Please visit the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) website at http://www.rescuerick.com for additional information. Thank you for your BLOG. I have really enjoyed your presence and contributions to professional baseball over the years. Best wishes!

Richard Mudrinich

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

I was also at $2 Tuesday night with a couple of friends from work and also witnessed this unfortunate incident. I hope the Dodgers will not discontinue this promotion due to this ugly incident. The $2 Tuesday I believe gives many people who are on a tight budget, especially college students, a chance to catch a ballgame on a weeknight when most people don’t go out. It would be a shame if those two idiots were to ruin it for everyone. I have been coming to Dodger Stadium since my 8th birthday in 1982 and Dodger Stadium still remains my favorite sporting venue. I firmly believe that in spite of unfortunate fan behavior by Dodger fans lately, we still have some of the best fans in the game. GO DODGERS!!!!

Mr. Lasorda you called it! I grew up “bleeding blue” in your inspirational words and Dodger Stadium for me was always a special family event. My dad first introduced me to you & Dodgers when you were at the helm. He always said that you were a class act. Now I bring my kids to the stadium. We were there that day it was truly a shameful sight. Real baseball fans don’t interrupt games, interfere with the ball in play, or curse up a storm in front of kids. Love your blog – best of luck!
Anthony Tolman

I hope a few individuals who have obviously have no respect for life in general do not ruin this promotion, and i hope the dodgers don;t let it happen. there are certainly other ways to deal with the problem. remember u are at a mlb game in LA, not some mexican minor league game. have some respect.

It is a shame when you have (so called) Fans interrupt the game. That is total disrespect for all fans and players. I have been a avid TRUE BLUE Dodger Baseball fan since FernardoMania and I might be considered by many “THE TRUE DODGER FAN”. I am currently 26 yrs old and currently working on my biggest project. “THE TRUE BLUE DODGER MOBILE” It should be ready by next season, it is sure to turn heads. I also have 2 kids who I take to Dodger Games quite frequently. I do have something to add to the $2.00 Tuesday and $6.00 Pavillion and Upper Deck. Please Raise these prices immediately. My last couple Dodger experiences have not been great for my children to experience. Too many fights in the stands and too many hoodlums going to the games due to the low prices. Please keep the prices fair but at the same time, safe for all fans in attendance. Co-Workers of mine won’t step foot in Dodger Stadium and root for other teams because of what has happened in the past. DODGER Fans don’t need that and need to have a safe and entertaining experience, ROOTING for our 2004 NL West Champions, LA DODGERS!!!!!


You are L.A. Baseball. I loved you since 77, when I was 7. I grew up on a steady diet of Lopes, Russell, Cey and Garvey.

As far as the $2 Tuesday Promotion, it’s still not very cheap to go to a ballgame. Yes, the tickets are $2, but you can get some great upper deck seats between the bases already for $6.

No, while the ticket prices are cheap, parking is $10 and all the food and concessions are airport prices. I can’t say a family of four can afford to go to the ballpark if you have two kids who want to be like other kids that day. That means they’ll have to have parking, Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, cotton candy, maybe a foam finger, maybe a Tommy Bobblehead – guess what Tommy, the McCourts make out just fine.

We love you Tommy!

Tommy, you are a blowhard. If Dodger fans were the greatest, then how come you have behavior like this by even 0.001 percent? You dont see this in Philadelphia

I think it is time you retire from talking and go to an old folks’ home and mash your food. Oh and by the way, what did you think of Kingman’s performance?

The greatest thing about Dodger Baseball is it’s fans. For years the Dodgers have promoted a family environment with weekly give aways to children and families, community involvement activities and baseball championships. Growing up I was part of the think blue fan club and always got a chill when I walked through the gates at Dodger Stadium to hear the crack of the bat during batting practice and look onto the San Gabriel Mountains, no other place in the world I would rather be than at Dodger Stadium. Now my 11 year old son, wife and I enjoy our days at Dodger Stadium and the tradition that my father gave to us I now share with my family.

Thank Heavens for Dodger Baseball!

No matter the price of tickets ignornant individuals will always find a way to self promote.

Thank God that the Dodgers are now getting the LAPD as security!!! It time to show these knuckleheads that Dodger Baseball is for families and not low life **** who got some free tickets. This isn’t the old Los Angeles Raiders, We don’t need the reputation. We need to enjoy ourselves at Dodger Stadium and not get all worked up because someone else is wearing a different team. Dodger baseball is what makes baseball america’s favorite past time.

I am a season ticket holder and have noticed a dragistic change over the years. I am glad the McCourts are doing something about it to put these idiots away and keep them away from the ballpark.

Go Dodgers, Tommy your the best, Vin you are my idol and my children worship you, McCourts-Thank You for giving the fans the best experience ever !!!!!

Dodger stadium gets a bad rep! The latino community in left field is one of the best experiences in baseball if you can get passed the “heckling” Which I personally enjoy. Also they stopped beer sales in the pavilion. – Also be sure to visit *********************.com

Tommy, I absolutely love the dodgers, and have for all my life. I’ve never been so embarrased as when Stephen Dilbeck from the daily news said that Dodger Stadium (Hallowed Ground) was getting to be a scary place to take your family. Over the years, I’ve seen seatz and benches get torn out, I’ve seen fights, of course Ive seen the beach balls, and now these idiots running on the field. Of course people have run onto the field also, as long as I can remember.

I think its wrong to blame it on the $2.00 promotion/. Just because someone is low income dosent mean low class.

I think, though some will argue it, that the recent changes at the stadium are a reflection of society’s changing to a fast paced, “extreme” attitude toward everything, and unfortunately, we will have to anticipate it to only get worse.

Like all things, there is a root to the problem, and I dont think it’s selling tickets for 2 dollars.

We cant let these knuckleheads give us true Los Angeles Dodger Fans a bad name. Its our responsibilty to bring our kids up to be respectful of others, but also to have them learn that some people are just louder, rowdier, and more belligerent than others.

Dilbecks article said He told his children, “No more Dodger Games”. Hes taking his family to anaheim. First off, he can have the AL. Thats not important, but we’ve got to keep the stadium as family friendly as possible so we dont lose more good fans, like mr. Dilbeck, to a bad impression.

Chiefster, I am not a Giants fan, just stating the obvious. Lasorda is a senile old bag. I can rip him because we are both from the same hood in the 215.

I was at the one game playoff in 1980 and was emvarrassed by the fans in the left field bleachers. Whe Art Howe homered to make it 7-1 Astros debris flew from the stands and an announcement was made that the Dodgers would have to forfeit if it continued. The fans have a right to cheer or boo whomever they wish, but should not become a part of the outcome of the game. I hope that with added security and peer pressure from the families sitting near the rowdy few that we can see afordable major league entertainment for all.
Can you imagine any other team in L.A. offering $2 seats? Lakers? I didn’t think so.

Tommy, I have been a Dodger fan from the early LA days…my dad took me to games and it was something we always did as a family. 1988 was a highlight, having moved to Oregon, we watched onTV and ran up the phone bill calling back and forth to my parents…it was an exciting year for Dodger fans. Now I live in Hawaii, and when I travel back to the LA area, I always try to catch a game. My last experience was less than delightful, however, due to the embarrassing behaviour of some fans. I had 9 family members, from my auntie who is 85, down to my niece who was 10 at the time. We were all enjoying the game until several fans in front of us started yelling obscenities every time the opposing team took the field. I was amazed that the security people didn’t do anything…in fact they looked the other way. It broke my heart…here we were out in the pavillion, no alcohol section, and had to put up with such rude behaviour. I’m glad you guys are taking back the park. Hopefully I’ll get over there again some day and have a better experience. Anyway, you and Vinnie are my heros! Aloha from a very loyal fan named Laura!

Tommy. You are the best thing the Dodgers have going. You worked with players who WANTED to play ball not just see how much money they can make. Any person who cant live on $339,000 (Phillips) has no clue about life. Anyway, back to the $2.00 seat’s, why doesnt the Angeles have the same problems the Dodgers have. At the Angle games you don’t see the gang’s roving around the stadium as you do at Dodger games. The gang’s at Dodger game come in with their gang colors and gang tatto’s and have even seen them with bag’s of hard liqueor in plastic bags straped to their legs. One person in the row above us had tequella in his infints baby bottle. Your security people need to search all people not by looking at them but a complete pat-down. If they look the part they paly the part. If it offends them , so what. You need to protect your paying customers and not the $2.00 junkies.
Dodger Stadium is out of control. You need to get with the Angles and find out what they are doing right.

The Dodgers have been my team since Johnny Podres and the world champion ’55 Brooklyn Dodgers. I’ve always been proud that “my” team was always well respected in baseball circles, and that the Dodgers played in what was long considered to be the most beautiful stadium in the major leagues. The Alston years and the Lasorda years were wonderful times for Dodger fans. However, I’m saddened to find that the atmosphere at Dodger Stadium has largely degenerated to a “Raider” type mentality. I’ve been hearing about it since opening day. Too many fans are disrepectful or out of control. Many of the new “fans” are intolerant of anyone who dares root for the visiting team. Numerous others are foul mouthed, or simply looking for a fight. A lot of fans are tailgating, and so are drunk even before coming into the stadium. Tommy, you insult our intelligence when you infer that the problem threatening $2 Tuesdays is nothing more than people running on the field. Your boss needs to address the whole problem, inside and outside of the stadium. In the meantime I won’t be bringing my family to any Dodger games, and I fear that there are quite a few others that are coming to that same conclusion. I hope that the McCourts are truly committed to restoring the Dodger legacy, but I’m worried that that might not be their primary agenda.

Maybe Beer should no longer be sold at baseball games.I see so many drunk guys at games. They are there more to get drunk. Then to watch a baseball game.

Tommy, I think the Dodgers should post the costs on the jumbo board incurred by someone who runs onto the field:

* They are arrested, and charged with trespassing

* There is a $1,000 fine

* They may have to spend 30 days in the county slammer

* They have to perform community service

* They may have to pay an attorney $$ in fees to defend them.

(If they’re a season ticket holder, ar their tickets revoked?)

Dodger fans the best in baseball? Not when half of them come in the 4th inning and leave in the 8th. But what can I say, it’s LA. You can’t expect anything else. I am actually a bit of a Dodgers fan myself, but that’s more because of the Brooklyn “Boys of Summer” teams of the 1950’s that I love reading about (I missed them by about 35 years). Don’t get me wrong – I love southern cal, but you have to admit that a majority of the people that actually go to Dodger games don’t even know that the team isn’t originally from LA. I mean, you guys elected Schwarzenegger your Governor. There is nothing wrong with supporting your teams’ fans, but to say that Dodger fans are best is absolutely ridiculous. That would be Cubs and Red Sox fans, no question (ok, and maybe the Cardinals too).

Its disgusting that true dodger fans are associated with some of these people who are not dodger fans nor baseball fans but who ‘happen’ to attend dodger games. there is a difference. ive been a dodger fan all my life and i arrive AT LEAST an hour before game time and stay for the final out regardless of the outcome. the people running on the field, fighting opposing fans, throwing half full beer bottles at people(which ive personally witnessed at dodger stadium), are not dodger fans. they dont care about the game or the team. they care about causing trouble. it ruins the experience,and they have no business being there. putting a dodger hat on doesnt make them fans, and i truly wish theyd take it off so i didnt have to be associated with them and their behavior.

People that run on the field are looking for attention. I say give it to them. Stake them with their hands and feet in a spread eagle position between the mound and home plate for the rest of the game. Then bring in a sinkerball pitcher.

What is going on at Dodger Stadium? It was so boring last night (7/14/05) Very little music was being played. It was so “dead”. We cannot let the Slump Rule Us!!! Whats Up???

Coach Lasorda , who’s idea was it to take the names off the shirts? There are so many ballplayers that are new , we at home have no idea who they are. This is now and that was then when all players had was a number. Thanks Coach.


I have been a die hard Cubs fan since 1978. I remember the Tom Lamboa inncident that was at Comiskey a few years ago. I just thought the guy looked like a typical drunk. Than his kid ran out of the field with him. You know that really bites the big one.

Any ways to make a long story short. Tommy Lasorda is my favorite manager of all time. I used to love watching the baseball bunch when I was a kid.


Christopher Spahn

Chicago just 3 miles North of Wrigley

Once again, los angeles baseball struck out. Only this strikeout occurred last year when you traded Paul Lo Duca. In DiPodesta and Tracey’s comments, they lament not having a catcher and are looking for a hitter. Paul Lo Duca. Stability, leadership, consistency–you had it, and you GAVE IT AWAY. I say GAVE: What did you get? A LONG-TERM, overweight, un-baseball liability who, as a baseball player/pitcher, is a disgrace.

The comment by “goedhart” above says a lot. No names on the players’ uniforms and the home fans do not know who the players are. It is just as well.

I saw my first “los angeles baseball” game of the season tonight. After watching more than a hundred games each of the last three years, and after the wholesale destruction of Los Angeles Dodgers baseball, I couldn’t force myself to watch. Tonight I did; I wish I hadn’t. Jeff Kent is an island in a sea of no-name, no-talent people in Los Angeles uniforms. Even Izturis looked like a bum–not a DODGER bum, dem bums, but a “los angeles baseball” bum. Bradley and Kent coming up, one out, getting thrown out at second. Awful. You say, “Oh well, they lost by two. Doesn’t matter.” It did at the time. Very difficult to watch. Tommy, I know you are a company man. Please tell it like it is–for once.

Hey Tommy maybe we can trade the team Doctor. All of the health problems this year are just so sad. I started the season with great hopes.

John Schlegel is looking for the magic. In los angeles baseball, he is looking for the magic of DODGER BASEBALL. McCort/DiPodesta do not know DODGER BASEBALL. I think Manager Tracey has an idea about DODGER BASEBALL. Unfortunately, he has to take what is handed to him in the way of talent–or lack of talent.
At this point, to talk of playoffs is ludicrous. In September, los angeles baseball will “come alive” because the weak sisters of the NL West are almost as awful as los angeles baseball.

People will say, “Well, our boys really came back in September!” Who, as a DODGER fan, would ever be so naive to think that, let alone make such an inane statement.

I am not sure if anyone reads Tommy’s blog, or if someone does read it, if anyone cares. I don’t know how to contact anyone with power. I am just a small, used to everyday fan who happens to have watched, followed, rooted, and sometimes died with “dem bums” in Los Angeles.
The article on the DODGERS website today is right on the money. McCort/DePodesta. Then, McCort makes HIS WIFE President of the organization? Homer Jones, what a boondoggle! DODGER Baseball–los angeles baseball. Does anyone see or know the difference? Vinny does. Rick Monday does. (The first time I heard him this spring training refer to los angeles baseball, I could tell he almost choked to death on those words!) Tommy does. I believe Jeff Kent does. Paul LoDuca does. Adrian Beltre does. Fans of more than fifty years do. Mrs. McCort? Frank McCort? Paul DePodesta? No. No. And No.

Dear Tommy,
Baseball has never had a greater ambassador of good will and passion. Over the years I have loved to hear you talk about the game of baseball. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and great wit have enhanced every gathering you attend. When you talk to the young kids about the game, i always think back to the one thing that has stood out in my mind. I can still hear you telling all the players, “you gotta love it.”

Thanks for all the great memories and kind words over the years.

Your friend (and Reggie Busch’s running coach)

Shelly Andrens

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