Fatherly Advice

My father had five sons, and one day he called a family meeting, sat us down, and told us he wanted to bring his brother?s son, Mario, to America.  He told us to treat him as an equal because he was family.  When Mario arrived, my father told Mario he could live with him so while he worked hard, he could save his money and eventually bring his own family to America too. 

Mario was lazy; he did not work hard, he did not save any money and his trip to America was a failure.  When he returned to Italy, he blamed his failure on my father instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

I was so mad at Mario, I wanted to go to Italy, find him, and throw him into the Adriatic Sea for ruining my father?s name.

Later, my father sat us brothers down again and told us he wanted to bring his sister?s son to America.  I immediately jumped up and shouted in protest that I did not want to bring any more relatives to America.  I said I didn?t want to support any more lazy Greenhorns.  My father, in broken English, told me to sit down and shut up.  He said because Mario was bad should not deprive his sister?s son from coming to this country. 

Well, he came to America and lived in my father?s house.  He worked hard and raised a beautiful family with two sons of his own, who eventually became professors in Rome.

The same principle is at work at Dodger Stadium.  I do not Codeofconduct want Frank McCourt to deprive families of the $2 True Blue Tuesday promotion because of two bad guys who ran across the outfield, and one bad sports columnist who unfairly criticizes the McCourt?s. 

Under his promotion, a family of four can come to beautiful Dodger Stadium for only eight dollars!  We can not let two bad apples ruin the expereince for everyone else.

I want Dodger fans to know we are committed to making Dodger Stadium the most fan-friendly, family oriented environment in Major League Baseball.  We began a security upgrade program at the end of last season.  Below are few highlights of our enhancement plan:

      The most visible of the improvements will be the presence of uniformed Los Angeles Police officers at Dodger Stadium, which will begin at the start of the homestand on Friday, May 13.

      The Los Angeles Police Department approved a new policy that enables the Dodgers to have a police presence at the Stadium. In the coming weeks, we will be working with LAPD on a full deployment of resources.  In the meantime, we have taken steps to ensure that we will have a police presence at Dodger Stadium starting this homestand.

      An increased number of security personnel and ushers available will also be on hand in the stands to assist Dodger fans.

      The Dodgers? plan to take steps to better promote their longstanding guidelines regarding fan behavior, known as the Fan Code of Conduct, which is displayed in English and Spanish on www.dodgers.com. The guidelines state that any fan violating the team?s code of conduct will be immediately ejected from the ballpark and/or subject to arrest and prosecution.

      To heighten fans? awareness of the official code of conduct, there will be increased signage displayed at entrances and throughout the Stadium concourses, as well as new public address announcements and brochures.



Look, people shoot people on the freeway here all the time. Do you think you are going to get people to behave in a ballpark when you get them sauced?

The rowdy people who threw stuff on the field during the last homestand sat in the right field pavillion, where beer isn’t served. This incident had nothing to do with beer consumption.

If a fan has a problem with other fans’ behavior, s/he should notify an usher immediately. It would be a good idea to equip all ushers with radios so they can get assistance from security quicker.

This incident has EVERYTHING to do with beer consumption.

Many pavilion “regulars,” knowing there are no beer sales inside the stadium, come early and fuel up in the parking lot. These tailgaters invariably overindulge, because they want to drink enough to carry them through the whole game.

What we need is more security in the parking lot before the game, cracking down on public drinking. That might reduce the number of people who walk in the door already crazy from drinking too much before the first pitch is thrown…

First, let me compliment you on a beautiful site, Tommy. Nice job.

I’m not sure if it’s explicit in the Code of Conduct, but season ticket holders who violate it should have their privileges revoked. Any fans who jump onto the field should be prosecuted. Thay’re not ‘fans’ anyway; they’re just looking for attention instead of supporting the club.

I moved away from LA eight years ago, which was the first season in over thirty years that I hadn’t attended a game at Dodger Stadium. Unfortunately, I only return for the holidays to visit family and I miss the baseball season. I only wish I could be there supporting the Dodgers, and I wish those who do would remember how special it is to have that opportunity. I have a lot of great memories there. Let’s make sure that others can create theirs, too.

Tommy, as a college graduate student I am deeply appreciative of the $2 True Blue Tuesday promotion. I have a limited baseball budget, and an unlimited desire to watch baseball, so the promotion is perfect for me and my wife.

I hope that this event won’t repeat itself and that Dodger fans will become disgusted with savage behavior like that shown by these ne-er do wells by taking advantage of the promotion and making game attendance a family experience.

I am glad the Dodgers understand that Baseball and the working family go hand in hand just as much as Baseball and the corporate box.

Thing is – it’s not just the the pavilion – and it’s not just $2 Tuesdays. It’s everywhere throughout the stadium. I’ve been at games where guys have screamed at each other, and have about come to blows, because people were standing up in front and wouldn’t sit down when asked (and this was in the loge level – and those are not inexpensive seats). There was the shooting in the parking lot. Some of it is alchohol-related, sure. Some of it is that many members of society don’t show respect for others. I don’t know why it’s like that – but I do know that my husband and I no longer attend Dodger games. We’ll watch on TV and listen to Scully – but I’m not going to take the risk to go to the games.

Another thing are those stupid beachballs that interfer with the real fans enjoyment of the game, which the Dodgers have done nothing to stop. Does someone have to get injured because of them, before they will? I’ve seen people have their drinks spilled on them because someone hit a beach ball at them – that had the potential to ramp up into something, too. What about little infants at the games – they could be hurt by them, too.

They currently have a policy to simply have ushers come in and confiscate the beachballs immediately.

However, most of the ushers do not implement this policy seriously, and wait long lengths before they have confiscated the beachballs. By then, the damage is already done. People who want to watch the game have to suffer the obstruction of seeing children slapping around balls, all the while their parents or guardian are doing nothing to stop them. Dodger Stadium needs to be aware of this, and perhaps start levying serious penalties against this kind of conduct. I went to many games last season, and was appalled at how many beachballs I saw, and how many times they prohibited myself and fellow True Blue fans from enjoying the full experience of Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball.

I want to see the people who complain about beach balls do something to stop them. I don’t like them either, but how about you stop whining for a second and go over to Jefe, the big cholo whose little boy is hitting the beach ball around. Oh so you don’t want to tell some gang ****** to stop hitting a beachball and stop swearing? Then don’t expect some usher to do it.

I also feel that if you’re sitting in the bleachers, then please stop comlaining. Unless you have the I.Q. of a fly, you know what goes on in the bleachers. The toughest, drunkest Dodger fans go there and it’s rowdy. So don’t complain about it like you expected it to be like the Dugout Club where rich people get their Dodger Dogs served to them while they’re sitting.

It’s not so simple for the ushers to confiscate the beachballs – because the “fans” will bat them away from the ushers. Can’t hardly blame the ushers for not wanting to be made a fool of trying to chase them down. But they are the ones getting paid by the Dodgers to enforce the policies – not me. But once the ball is out, it’s hard for them to get to. Maybe the secret is to confiscate it when it’s being blown up.

However, at the last game I was at – I grabbed a beach ball that was being batted around in my area and stuck it under my seat until an usher came by and I gave it to him.

It’s not just little kids hitting the balls around – it’s “grown adults” (and I use that term loosely – only meaning that they are over 18) batting them around just as much, if not more so, than the kids.

And, as I said before, this experience was not in the bleachers. It was in the loge – I think the beach balls were coming from the level above. You shouldn’t have to pay $200 a seat in order to be able to enjoy the game without being bombarded with those “dreaded beachballs” as Scully calls them.

Tommy – please talk about how wrong it was for the McCourts to fire Ross Porter and for Depodesta to treat Joey Amalfitano like some homeless guy. Cmon Tommy, let’s hear the truth!!!

I am an elitist. I think only people like me and those I approve of should be allowed in Dodger stadium. I will not accept that society is full of people that are not like me. I also think all Latinos are gang-bangers. They should not be allowed in Dodger Stadium, unless they are on the team and they are good players. They definately should not be allowed to consume alcohol. When I was a baby, a clown scared me with a beachball. I think he was drunk, and Latino as well. I have never gotten over it.

If not wanting gang bangers at Dodger Stadium makes me an elitist, then I’m an elitist. Otherwise, don’t call someone like me who’s Mexican and has lived in Echo Park his entire life that “I think all Latinos are gangbangers.”


I and my eight year old daughter sat on the third base line at John Afleck Park when you managed the Ogden Dodgers. You probably do not remember us, but you use to come over and visit with us between innings. You told us that you would take these guys to the world series someday. Soon, you became the manager of AAA Dukes? And then when the old man retired you took over. I have always been a Tommy fan. I was there in 1981 (made a special trip with my father, rest his sole) and we sat in right field. When the Yankee Fans yelled “Reggie, Reggie, Reggie”, we were worried because we were behind at the time. Then, in the late innings we came back. Largely because Reggie dropped an easy fly ball. When Reggie came to bat the next inning, the Dodger fans yelled “Reggie, Reggie, Reggie”. You and Vin Scully have provided me with some of the most wonderful moments of my life. It just isn’t the same without you.

My daughter Amy, who is forty-two now, and myself had season tickets in the Frank Senatra and Don Rickles section (club) during the 73? 74? season when you beat the Pirates for the National League Penant. We were there when Steve Garvey hit that line drive to right center to win the game. Those were the days. Sure would like to see you again. How about an autographed picture?

Ken Matthews

13980 Knoll Hollow Lane

Draper, Utah 84020

Phone: 801-891-8631

I traveled from out of state to watch the Dodgers on the dreaded Tuesday. I have to admit that the experience has left me with the impression that it is better to stay at home and watch it on the television. Drunken fans, beach balls, fights and obscenities distract from what is happening on the field. I saw my first Dodger game in LA in the 60s. The caliber of fans (not just in behavior but in knowledge of the game) has deteriorated. It was uncomfortable to be there with the family.

We were there in 92 when the King verdict lit the city on fire. I had just about decided it was safe to go to Dodger Stadium again. Maybe professional sports is going in a direction that makes it impossible to have a good, family experience.

It is a crying shame the breakdown of fan decorum at games. But it is not new. It has been getting worse for a good numbers of years now.

It isn’t the $2 dollar Tuesdays, it isn’t the alcohol (remember it is sold throughout the park and the main problems appear to be in the right filed seats) it’s a breakdown of that invisible social obligation we all have, that those of us of a certain age where taught in civics class, to respect your neighbors and that while in public we all are obligated to act and behave in a way that is not detrimental to the common weal.

I was at opening day and sat in the RF Pavilion. At first there was good natured taunting of Giant fans and Giant ballplayers, but as the game rolled on it got worse. And worse…and worse. For a moment I felt as though I was at a local meeting of the southern chapter of Raider Nation. And, I’m not afraid to say this, the majority of those involved where members of my own ethnicity…Latinos. The abuse cut across all classes and ethnicities but the majority were latins. And it shamed me.

Having extra security didn’t seem to help either. They could only be in so many places at one time. Once they left the area I was in it started up all over again.

I tried to get one guy to stop his profanity laced tirade at the Giant outfielder (Tucker?) because of the kids in the area, but was threatened with a bruising by the guy. I kidded with him a bit and he calmed down but after about 15 mintues he started up again.

What’s the solution? Don’t know. Maybe have the game announcers ask fans to read the decorum rules and hand them out at each game to all fans. But what is definitely needed is more security in the parking lot checking up on the clandestine tailgating.


P.S. Tommy…you magnificent $#@!…I ate at your restaurant! (my apologies to the writiers of “Patton.”)

Sorry…here’s an addendum to my previous post.

Beachballs. I hate ’em.

But I have to admit that at least two I saw at opening day were pretty creative. Both were shaped like pill capsules and each had written on them “bonds”, “steroids” and “BALCO”. Very funny. And the second-to-the-last great moment of the game came when Milton Bradley picked up one of them and held it up high before tossing it over the outfield wall. Shouts of “Bradley” echoed throughout the stadium.

However…more seriously…the only way to stop beachballs is to stop it at the source.

99 cent stores.

Except for the two mentioned above ALL the beachballs had written on them “99 Cent Stores.”

Stop the flow at the source and the rivers will dry up.

Like I said…I’m only half serious!


So are the McCourts saying that fans who are on budgets are the ones causing problems? That’s what it sounds like!

So are the McCourts saying that fans who are on budgets are the ones causing problems? That’s what it sounds like.

I must be honest. When I was growing up, and the O’Malley family owned the Dodgers, I worshiped you. You were the icon of Dodger Blue, and Vin Scully was the poet who brought your passion to light and into our living room. I have since had the opportunity to meet you. I was your waiter at Il Fornaio just prior to you leving for Sydney to coach the gold medal team in the 2000 Olympics. You weren’t very friendly, and far from iconic. However, your family was very congenial, and almost apologetic for your behavior. Your devotion to the Dodger organization has transcended into blind ambition, and you have lost sight of what the Dodger tradition truly stands for. You have questioned the integrity of Adrian Beltre when Frank McCourt and Paul DePodesta made it clear that he wasn’t a priority. You critique those who challenge the new order, while failing to accept that the organization has blundered, with or despite your contribution. Mike Piazza was hastily moved on because he chose to reject a very lucrative offer, going public with his feelings of “disrespect” and you never once called your own godson out for lack of loyalty to the very team that drafted him out of obscurity. You never take credit for your reliance on Terry ForsterandTom Niedenfuer in situations that go down in infamy, nor do you accept responsibility for the departures of Pedro Martinez, John Wetteland, and Paul Konerko. You once were royalty to me, now you are reduced to “shop man.” I have lost much respect for you, and wish you would quietly retire into oscurity before you legend fades away.

Dodger stadium is the worst ballpark in the majors.

The fans are beliigerent and rude and frankly, it’s not a park I’d take children to. I went to a game and saw opposing team’s fans ejected for causing a disturbance. You see, the Dodger fans would curse and throw beer at these individuals. Rather than punish the beer throwers, the innocent patrons were removed for causing a commotion.

Aside from that, the beach balls are a joke. They still do the wave there! What is it… 1980? And what kind of ballyard plays Take Me Out to the Ballgame TWICE? I’m a Giant fan and was attending with a Cubs fan. When the second play came on, we wondered, “What the ****?”

Since the Raiders left town, Dodger stadium is the place for the thugs to go.

I am a Latina and I love Dodger Stadium. I wont let a few bad apples spoiled my fun. I go quite often to the stadium alone, with friends or family. Our Lady of Chavez Ravine is still a beautiful place to be. It is our first heaven on earth with Vero Beach being the second heaven on earth.

So far I have popped two beachballs that have landed on me. I’ve been booed for it but so what they get over it.

I’ve been a Dodger season ticket before, now I just sit anywhere. This year it’s been the Paviliom, top deck, blue level, field level and loge. BTW, the added security is doing a great job.

Another thing, the 99 cent store advertises the beachballs as stadium balls saying “take them to the stadiumm” I emailed them about it.

I was in the Left Field Pavillion that $2 Tuesday with my cousin and 5 girls under the age of 10. We had a blast. It was unfortunate that the “running” incident occurred, but I think security handled it well. I’ve been a season ticket holder and I attend numerous games during each season and I have never observed any of the negative things that you people are posting about. It is the diversity of the fans and the excitement from their reactions that make Dodger Stadium what it is, which is why we average 50,000 fans a game — winning or losing. You want peace and quiet? Stop whining, go down South and watch the Angles. This is L.A. This is Baseball.

That’s exactly what’s goin on, a bunch of whining. ‘There are too many beachballs. There’s too much alcohol consumption. There are too many Mexicans and I can’t tell which ones I should be afraid of. Peaople are yelling things I don’t like, including obscene language. Wah! Wah!’
About the most annoying thing I see at the games is people looking back at other people disappointedly because of how they choose to enjoy the game. The people sitting around you prob paid the same as you. Is your hard earned money somehow more valuable than theirs? Does your **** come out of your butt smelling like Roses as well?

You get out of Dodger Stadium what you bring, so take your crappy attitude to Anaheim. PLEASE! On second thought, I just realized its a waste of time to argue with small-minded people so nevermind…

viva Lasorda

To reply to this post, I’m surprised that there is a $2 night yet the parking costs..anyway, what kind of crowd did the current snobby Dodger fan expect. Where did these people come from. In the Paleozic era (1988-1994) when I got into the Dodgers and MLB games again, I used to shout things at Fernando, Kirk Baldy..I mean Gibson, Scioscia and all of you and your fans who were like me then (like earlier in the ’80s). To vex the bluest of the blue I would wear an “enemy” jersey under my then over sized Dodgers jersey or jacket. I would cheer the loudest when the other team was announced or came out and “showed my true colors” and boo the “Boo Crew” only occasionally I got bathed in beer and popcorn and hit by souvenirs. But it was in fun. They knew I was joking because I had my Dodger on the whole time. Others followed suit. The group of fans who sat in at Chavez Ravine were a family. Then after the strike in 1994-95, the Dodgers became evil. The games were getting boring almost like going to a CRICKET match. The slience was deafening, even during the Nomo era not too long ago. I agree that no fan shoud run into the field unless it is okay by Dodger management. But the current complainers were the same hypocrites who saw the “Fever Pitch” movie and thought that was cute. Oh but it wasn’t so cute when fans like that show up in person. Some jerk asked me to keep it down because his son could n’t hear back in 2000. The child was noisy and paying attention elsewhere. Another time a debutante kept jeering at me as I tried to start a wave. To top it off the “gang member” types were the worst of all, TELLING ME TO SHUT UP, like if they were back in jail.
The person greenracer7 is way wrong about Anaheim stadium. Has this person gone there lately? With all the punks and skinheads running around being chased by police and staff! There are more “Mexicans” that you can really be afraid of there. LIKE ME. Kidding. No but those people treat baseball like soccer and the other “races” like it like that!

Changing the topic a bit… Tommy I saw you this past weekend on Sports Zone on Channel 7 (5/15/05)and claimed that pro baseball was a game for the fans and not the owners. Depends on who you ask.Orginally, I am from El Paso, Texas and was a big Diablos fan (as well as the occasional Albuquerque Dukes game, most on radio). I last year got on a campaign to keep the El Paso Diablos (AA-Arz.) in El Paso to no avail. Fortuneately the independent Central Baseball League, came in and installed the former Amarillo team. I got a hold of CBL management, Mike Wolff and his staff and made them a list of concerns that plagued the old El Paso teams, the stadium was too far, too expensive, etc. The CBL management answered immediately that they would address these concerns with the new El Paso club. The new Diablos are becoming like the old Diablos, despite their decent record. As you and anyone reading are aware there is a new independent league, Golden Baseball League, and I visited the offices of the Long beach team the Armada. The staff there treated me very well as well the Fullerton Flyers club and league officials. They listened to my concerns from the previous, Western Baseball League, they took notes and listened intently of what would make me go to their games when the Dodgers are elsewhere and I need my baseball fix. The previous Long Beach team’s management got me riled up and quoting Confucious when one of them said “whatever makes you happy” after buying both of their fitted caps after asking which was the most popular on the ‘net. On PBS there is an occasionally filler program dealing with Minor League baseball and one of the indie league officials straight out said “we get letters from cities and fans to do this or do that….we won’t it’s a business.” We all saw that attitude when Atre Moreno tried to change his team’s name back to Los Angeles Angels. When the Angel fans cried foul and the courts listened, the awful compromised name of “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” came out.

Tying it all together: WHO’S game is it really???

I was at the game on Sat afternoon VS the angels and someone got onto the field from, what looked like, the field seats near the foul pole line. I don’t know if he was drunk, probably, but security quickly ran him down. We never hear what happens of these people though. Are they arrested, or simply asked to leave and to never return?

Oh and…

Ushers don’t do squat! There are people cursing and ushers just walk on by, ignoring it. They need to inform someone once of the stadium policy, if they break it again, security comes by and tosses them. But it’s not happening, the ushers just aren’t being aggressive enough.

Even though there is a no tolerance policy, who’s around to enforce it? Certainly not the ushers, they are only around between innings. And sparse even at that. I certainly don’t feel don’t feel safe enough to report a bunch of rowdy foul mouth, 200lb latinos to security!

Wow…first off, I want to say what a big fan I am of The Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda, and this website…I was “born” a Dodgers fan and have been one for the past 23 years…it’s very sad to read some of these comments posted though…I have always said LA has the best fans in baseball and it saddens me to see the way some of you have been talking….I am a female, white, and live in “the OC” where Anaheim stadium is a **** of a lot closer to me then Dodgers Stadium…But I truly enjoy going out to as many games possible throughout the season in LA…Baseball to me is going out to the stadium with your friends and family, grabbing a Dodger dog, a couple beers, some peanuts, doing “the Wave”, tossing the beachballs around when they come your way, and occasionally a “little **** talking” to the ever so dreadable Giants fans…all while watching Izturis make an amazing double play, Bradley smoking one out of the park, and Gagne coming out to go 1-2-3 for another Dodgers win…It is truly an amzing experience everytime I come to the Park, and in 23 years my friends, family, and I have nothing but great memories…we have never had a problem with what some of you have called “gangbangers”..and let’s not forget that the “shooting” was in the parking lot, and was a GIANTS fan that drove out from the Bay area that shot a Dodgers fan…. so in response to ron@ronlim.com – when I went to SBC Park last year in september for the Giants-Dodgers game, I have enough class to say that I enjoyed the park…it was beautiful…but your fans were just as obnoxious, throwing “garlic fries” (which is way worse than peanuts)and drinks at MANY Dodgers fans….don’t be naive and close minded to think that it only happens at Dodger Stadium…I’m sorry that you can’t appreciate baseball for what it is and gone to the game and enjoyed yourself rather than trying to find something to complain about here on Tommy Lasorda’s blog…but back to my main point….I agree with you Tommy, and that we shouldn’t get rid of $2 dollar Tuesday and punish all Dodgers fans for a couple of idiots running on the field…it happens in all parks, remember Chicago having the same problem??? I hope some of the snobs that said they will no longer come to Dodger Stadium realize that it is THEIR loss only to miss out on the incredible games that you see when you come out to Dodgers Stadium. Besides the fantastic game, you see a beautiful sunset between the hills and palm trees, the view of downtown LA shining bright with lights at night, and the “Think Blue” sign out on the hills….it truly is amazing…while I love watching/listening to Vin Scully when i cannot make it out to the games (he truly was given a gift to be able to announce as great as he does) there still is nothing like seeing it live in person for yourself…..this is LA Baseball….Think Blue!

Last year my buddy, a Giants fan, went to a Dodger game. Wearing his Giants jersey proudly, we was booed and hissed by a large group of cholos in a parking stall near his. Every single one of them had a beer in hand. So much for no tailgating.

Needless to say, when he got back to his car after the game, his car had been keyed up. Clearly, there isn’t enough security in the parking lots either. This year I still see drinking and empty cans strewn about the parking lots. And what’s to stop the next guy if they see that and think it’s OK. They should boot people from the parking lots, BEFORE they get to the game, for such actions. It’s a shame to not allow tailgating, but it’s a different time now.

I’ve been a fan of Dodger Baseball since my very first game with my grandmother. It’s a special place for me, and was made even more special last year when I was able to see our boys come back in the bottom of the 9th and beat the Giants for the NL West Division Title.

I live in the bay area, so I take a lot of flack for being a dodger fan, but I wear my blue proudly. I don’t pay attention to those who heckle me, and I don’t find it necessary to be obnoxious to those around me when our boys are winning (unless it’s all in fun).

There isn’t a problem with Dodger Stadium, there is a problem with fans everywhere. Every park has drunken idiots, people who are obnoxious, as well as very kind and friendly people.

I’ve been to many a game at SBC Park, and seen Dodger fans kicked out after being taunted by Giants fans. Their ushers don’t do much either. Neither do the ushers at Oakland’s ballpark, who surprisingly seem to have the calmest fans (must be all the losing).

I don’t go to games to see peace and love in the stands or on the field. We’re watching games that mean something to both the players and the fans. They play hard, and we cheer harder. Some people get out of line, and others are quite good natured.

This is L.A. Baseball!!!

If you can’t stand the heat…stay out of the stadium!

It upsets me to hear all of these dodger fans are angry with these latest situations at the ballpark.I was in the stands the night of the $ 2 Tuesday when the fans ran out onto the field.
Dodger stadium is near and dear to my heart. I was a child sitting in the stands during the 1988 NLCS series and it will remain in my memory as one of the greatest experiences in my life.

Unfortunately these occurances have happened and either the dodger community can do something about it or not. I am upset at the fans that are stating that it is the fault of “Latinos” or booze. Lets call a rose a rose!!!!

These persons are thugs. Whatever thier nationality, however stupid thier clothes and tattos are. The do not belong in a family enviroment that i remember as a child.

I feel that Dodger administration should fly to New York and go to a yankee Game. They will see the greatest security force in the MLB, the NYPD. There, officers will escort “with force” any persons not behaving themselves in the stands. The NYPD stand at the end of each section along with fireams, Batons and, less lethal weapons.I love Yankee stadium because people make it fun. They yell scream, and heckle to o avail. However if they break the rules thier heads are introduced to a baton, and they are escorted from the stadium and banned.

These occurances at the stadium are completely unneccesary and can be avoided with these simple steps. Besides i would trade a cracked skull of a thug for a beach ball any day.


why stop at crackin skulls? why not shoot em dead? ya know, remove em from the gene pool alltogether. if an innocent bystander happens to be in the way, that’s his bad luck. Dude, you would make a great President.

I was at Dodger Stadium last Saturday for the Angel game. I had a real difficult time trying to figure out whether I was at a rock concert, a Raider game or the WWE. I had my grandson with me and the language and conduct of the drunken fans around us assured me of one thing. Dodger Stadium is definitely not a place I would ever take him again. Maybe if I could afford the rich seats it would be different. We don’t find this to be the case at Anaheim. Boy do I really miss the days when going to the game at Dodger Stadium was something I looked forward to doing. I have been following the Dodgers since the old coliseum days and todays organization cannot compare to what the O’Malley family gave us. Sorry Tommy but I think we are falling the way of the dinosaur.

in response to tomegan1944@msn.com…i too was also at a Dodgers game last week – with my grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts, my sister, and my two nieces. While we could not afford the “expensive seats” either, we still had a wonderful time at the game. My grandpa kept “score”, my nieces ate cotton candy and sprayed us with the “water fans” to keep us all cooled down…and before the game my uncle and i got to walk out onto the field to take pictures of of our favorite players for photo day. The whole time i saw family’s smiling and having a great time together all day – i know mine did too. I am sick and tired of people saying that Anaheim is sooo much better for families…i live in the OC and go to Angels games when they are playing the Dodgers and the same beer is served there too and the same amount of people are drunk there too…it’s a sporting event for crying out loud….yes, while we may not have the “waterfall” in outfield or the “sushi bar” for the snobs in orange county….dodger stadium still has a family atmosphere…i will continue to go with my family and take my kids there one day too cuz i am a true Dodgers fan, i’m sorry your grandson will miss out on great Dodgers baseball on account of you being confused if you were at a rock concert….


Great blog ! Any MLB club that has a $2 day is worthy of my respect. I wish I could travel from Kentucky just to see you guys play my Cardinals.

You are also welcome to send me any articles you think would fit on my site at http://www.thementalfitnesscenter.com.

Good luck, live long, prosper.

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I know we kind of warn out this topic already but I so wanted to add my 2 cents to this because of what happened to my wife and I and last outing at Dodger Stadium when the Dodgers played the Minnesota Twins on Hollywood Stars Night. At first it was pretty cool, my wife and I enjoying the stars game and then when the actual game got started, there were young kids (Young Adults) who sat in front of us and yes they were drinking beer. Most of the game the guys and their girlfriends kept yapping throughout the game and it irritated my mother who accompied us. In the middle innings the dreaded beach ball was going around. My wife saw me I was starting to get irritated because I was trying to watch the game at the same time looking out for it. I did not want to get hit by one of those things. I paid good money to watch a game not watch a beachball get knocked around. Then the beachball hit my wife and she took it and held it and the fans were so unforgiving trying to get my wife to give them the ball. One guy went so far as to lean two rows over and snatched from her. Remember those girls I mentioned earlier? They were making fun of my wife throughout the game. I felt so bad for her at the same time so angry these people would ruin our experience at the game.

To be honest, I really don’t know how one could control the fans behaviors. I so believe Beer is one of the problems but the fans themselves and how they conduct themselves at the game is another. They just simply don’t know how to sit down be with their family and watch the game.

Funny as I type this I’m worried about our next outing at Dodger Stadium against the Cardinals in July. I am worried that our next visit will be just as worst as our last one and if this is the case, this will definetly be our last..

I really enjoy your stories. “The Father sat us down” could not come at a better time for people to read.

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your loyality to Colin.

RG Gunderson

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! Didn’t like my comments, huh. I knew that you, the company man you are, wouldn’t like a real assessment of los angeles baseball. Your removal of my comments does not change the facts: DePodesta’s dismal decisions, LaCort’s dim vision of what the DODGERS are really about, Brad Penny at 7-9, overweight, a disgrace to a baseball uniform, let alone a DODGER uniform, pining for leadership when LoDuca was there to handle the pitching staff, no-names, no talents replacing Beltre while paying an aging star Beltre’s salary, the star of the future, underappreciating Milton Bradley who is a firebrand (of course, the laid-back los angeles baseball does not want that), and on and on. My next opportunity to get to Holman Field for spring training will not happen until 2007. I look forward to meeting you and to seeing if los angeles baseball can become DODGER Baseball again.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! Didn’t like my comments, huh. I knew that you, the company man you are, wouldn’t like a real assessment of los angeles baseball. Your removal of my comments does not change the facts: DePodesta’s dismal decisions, LaCort’s dim vision of what the DODGERS are really about, Brad Penny at 7-9, overweight, a disgrace to a baseball uniform, let alone a DODGER uniform, pining for leadership when LoDuca was there to handle the pitching staff, no-names, no talents replacing Beltre while paying an aging star Beltre’s salary, the star of the future, underappreciating Milton Bradley who is a firebrand (of course, the laid-back los angeles baseball does not want that), and on and on. My next opportunity to get to Holman Field for spring training will not happen until 2007. I look forward to meeting you and to seeing if los angeles baseball can become DODGER Baseball again.

Mr. Lasorda – I am a longtime Brooklyn/LA fan. I just wanted to let you and other reads know that you represent the Dodgers, MLB, and life as an American than needs to be recognized. Many in the corporate world should use you as a “role model.” Having said that, please get our beloved team back to its traditional ways of “winning” – you can do it if no one else. Thanks for being the biggest supporter of the best sport in America.

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