Cesar Izturis

In 1974, my first year on Walter Alston’s coaching staff, Dodger fans amazed me as they wrote-in Steve Garvey to the All-Star Game.  I will never forget how touched Steve was by the support he received.  He was tremendously honored, and equally deserving.

This year, we as Dodger fans have a duty to vote Cesar Izturis into this year?s All-Star Game.  He is, without a doubt, the best shortstop in the National League.  In fact, I would have to go back to Pee Wee Reese to find a better defensive shortstop in the history of our franchise to compare to Izturis. 

Cesar is like a vacuum.  His range is outstanding, and he makes amazing plays.  If something is hit his way, you can rest assured he will make the play.  His hands are soft and his feet are quick.  He definitely gets my vote.

The All-Star Game is our way of giving back to the fans.  It is our way of thanking the fans for all the support they give to baseball.  The starters for each team are picked by the fans, and rightfully so.  However, when voting, remember Cesar Izturis has not gotten the recognition he so richly deserves.

Not only is Cesar a talented, special ballplayer, he is an outstanding young man who wears the Dodger uniform with dignity and character.  He is humble and hard working; he shows up to the ballpark everyday with the attitude of performing better than he did the day before. 

Cesar is like a breath of fresh air.  He plays baseball like my wife shops?all day long.

The Dodgers have not had a starter in the Mid Summer Classic since Mike Piazza in 1997.  We have an opportunity to change that with Cesar Izturis.  Since last week he has moved from sixth place in voting for shortstops to fourth by receiving 98,000 votes.  Let?s keep up the good work, and continue to vote for Cesar until he is the starter.  He only trails Nomar Garciaparra, who is in first place despite only playing in 14 game this season, by 52,209 votes.

Through mlb.com, you can vote on-line 25 times per email address with which you register.  So thanks for reading my blog, now start voting for Cesar and all your favorite Dodgers until we have a starter. 

Thank you.


Hi, Tommy!

I’m a firm believer in voting early and often – especially for Dodgers.

The one attribute Cesar has that you don’t mention is that he looks like he’s having fun playing. It’s a joy to watch him at work.

It is June 08,2005.Cesar Izturis is a good shortstop.If he wants to be a great shortstop he has to hit far,far better with men on.He is excellent defensively.The gentleman that can teach him is right next to him,Mr.Incredible, Jeff Kent.
All of us in life have weak points,which we have to work fifty times harder to produce.

The question is,how bad does he want it?

Hi Tommy,
I am in absolute shock that Cesar Izturis is not higher in the all-star voting. He is consistently underrated at the national level, and I can’t see any reason why that should be the case.

Cesar has given 110% this year, stepping up his offensive output while retaining his defensive capability. If there was a way I could vote more than the maximum allowed, I would.

Cesar deserves to start this year, and I hope that our fellow Dodger fans could fight voter apathy, take 15 minutes out of their day (which was about how long it took me to vote 25 times), and get Cesar in the game.

DON’T VOTE FOR IZZY…WE NEED HIM WELL FOR THE WORLD SERIES!! ARE YOU GUYS NUTS? Vote for some guys on the other teams, so that they can get hurt in the All-Star game instead of OUR BOYS! IZZY IS AN ALL STAR!!! THE DODGERS ARE ALL-STARS!!!

We need to get rid of fan voting all together. Or at least take away our power, making our votes only 25% of total votes. There are too many idiots out there who recognize a big name like Nomar and vote him in despite him being injured…two years in a row! I can’t stand **** like that. I vote for the true all-stars, not just people on my team. There’s no way you’ll see me voting for JD Drew or Jayson Werth this year, but we gotta start voting more and more for Izzy, Bradley, and Phillips!

Make the players’ vote count. Fans are under pressure by the marketing ploys of ballclubs front offices. In most cases certain teams do not deserve to have their favorite underachieving player starting in the All-Star game because of past popularity. Izturis is deserving. So is Eckstein. But not Nomar. G-whiz.

hey tommy,
I am a 16 year old dodger fanatic that has been coming to games since i was 2. and in all my young life, i have never seen a dodger with more heart, talent, tenacity, and overall defensive prowess than izturis. there is no reason that he shouldn’t be voted to the all-star game this year. for a man like NOMAR GARCIAPARRA, who not only played just 14 games, but in those games bat only .157, with no home runs, and only 4 RBI’s, to be ahead of izzy at any time is just a crying shame. and as long as I am talking to you there is another thing i wanna get off my chest, how people can vote Albert Pujols ahead of Derek Lee. No matter how great Pujols is this year (dont get me wrong i love the guy),how can you vote pujols in front of a possible triple crown winner in Derek Lee. some fans should not be allowed to vote. THANKS FOR LISTENING TOMMY

Ever since the fans started voting for the All-Stars I have lost interest in the game. I would like to see the selection process returned to the professionals…. peer players, coaches, managers and sports writers. If that happened, there would be no need for Tommy to campaign for Izturis and for LA fans to vote multiple times.

Tommy, you are the man!

FOOLS! Poor Izzy iz out with a pulled hammy for a while amd Skip ain’t going to play him! Imagine if he plays in the All-Star game and pulls it again! OH WELL!! As for freepablo432 don’t call Nomar an idiot if he recognizes HIS name (an accomplishment in itself) and stuffs the ballot box!

I have lost all respect for Tommy Lasorda. He is the ultimate kiss *** for the new Dodger owners and GM and it sickens me. Nothing he says has any credibility as far as the Dodgers are concerned because his words are so slanted toward painting a rosy picture of the team and management. I feel so sorry for poor Coach Tracy, this man is doing the best he can with such a crappy team. The arrogance that Depodesta shows fans is like Bush’s arrogance of his many mistakes he wont admit to concerning Iraq. The truth is it was a huge mistake not returning phone calls to resign Beltre, and letting LaDuca and Mota get away. What the **** was DePodesta thinking when he didnt resign Cora? This ******* Kent is a cancer on this team and it is rotting like a dead fish, from the top down.

You are the best. You are absolutely right, we need to vote for Izzy, not only because he plays for the BLUE but because there is no one better at what he does. He is a lot of fun to watch.

Tommy, tried to get your ear at Vero Beach last year, but you are too busy a man. Been a Dodger fan since birth(1940)and cried many a blue tear in the late 40’s and early 50’s, but cry the hardest now each year that Gil Hodges and Steve Garvey don’t get elected to the Hall of Fame. Comments? Lou Bach, Schenectady, NY(old BlueJay fan)

If there’s one mistake Paul Dipodesta has made this year it is failing to acknowledge the importance of defense to the “Dodger’s way of playing ball.” Cesar Izturis is the first real shortstop we’ve had since Alfredo Griffin. I know we needed run production and Jeff Kent has done a solid job at second but consider all the plays that he doesn’t make that aren’t technically “Errors” but are plays that Alex Cora would have routinely made. It adds up to runs. I don’t blame the Dodgers for not signing Adrian Beltry after a banner year. He gave us mediocrity for 4 years before 2004. But to go into the season with NO third baseman??? And the number two position on the field is catcher. We had no catcher until an eleventh hour deal brought Jason Phillips in to play the position. And a great catcher he is not. I don’t think you can do this (Put together a major league roster) like it’s a fantasy league “Fun” thing. We need solid hitting…solid defense and most of all: Pitching! Dan Evans was the best general manager the Dodger’s have had since Al Campanis. Last time I checked, he was scouting for the Yankees. I expect Frank McCourt will give Dipodesta one more year but after that…let’s call Dan and, hat in hand, humbly ask him to take over. He’s a good judge of talent and understands what it takes to win.

Tommy, Bring in Bobby Valetine
He’s your man, and you know it.

You trained him.

Paul Boone

Hey Tommy
Tim Wright here from Spokane.

Now I live in Anchorage and have for 20 plus years.

I as well as my Brothers Dan, Bobby, Larry and Brother inlaw IraJoe FIsher are asking if Bobbie Valentine will be the new manager. We all look back on those days in Spokane and tell many folks about the relationship Dad had with You and the players. I have see Bobby in Hawaii in the mid 70’s While I was in the service.He would have tickets for my on his upper tire. Then I saw him in Porta Reco in 1989. He waved off the cops and we chated for 15 minutes. We are hope to Booby in the Dodgers uniform for more then your 20 plus years.

Hows is your wife and Laura Doing?

Hope to here from you soon

Tim Wright

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