Dugout Delegate

When Martha Miller, who called me on behalf of the preisdent, asked me to represent President Bush at the World Expo 2005, I was so excited for another opportunity to do something for my country, and the president.  People often ask me of my best moment in baseball, and I immediately talk about the 2000 Olympic Games when I managed the baseball team to its first-ever gold medal.  I say that because I did something great for my country.  So naturally, being a Presidential Delegate at the World Expo gave me the same opportunity, and patriotic fervor.  Olympics_10

120 countries were present at the expo, which lasts for 185 days.  Each country gets their own National Day, which features their exhibit at their respective pavilion.  Our delegation had a chance to see many of the exhibits, which was educational, and inspiring. 

The U.S. exhibit is named, ?The Franklin Spirit,? after inventor, statesman and founding father, Benjamin Franklin.  To see his many inventions and discoveries, and how they continue to play an important role in

America today is incredible.  I wish every American youngster gets the opportunity to see the exhibit, study Franklin?s life and use his wisdom to improve our society. 

Benjamin Franklin?s spirit, devotion and knowledge are still with us today.  He was the embodiment of the American spirit; progressive, thoughtful, courageous and bold. 


Our delegation was able to communicate with many other delegations and relate that America continues to stand for freedom, and how we continue to bring democracy to those in need.  I was so proud to see hundreds of thousands of people visit our pavilion and absorb the exhibit and all it represents. 

It made me proud; it made me proud to be an American.

The Honorable Margaret Spellings, Secretary of Education, was the head of our delegation.  She did a tremendous job inspiring people.  To see how she touched people was inspirational.  Her speeches were intelligent, and her delivery, precise.  She is outstanding!  Also included in our delegation was the Honorable Tom Schieffer, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, The Honorable Lisa Gable, Commissioner General of the U.S. Exhibition, Gary Nakamoto, CEO of Base Technologies, Jeff Eubank of the U.S. Department of State and Christian Vanderbrouk, Protocol Officer for the U.S. Department of State.  All of them gave tirelessly of their spirit representing our country.

Next time you go to a ballpark, as you stand to honor our country with the singing of our National Anthem, remember what a privilege it is to live in the greatest country in the world.  Remember what it means to be American, and how you can help your fellow American prosper, succeed and be as happy as they can living in the land of the free.


Tommy, when you met with Bush, did you ask the little coward how he had daddy arrange to get his *** out of combat during Nam and even after the arrangement he went awol for 3 months?
If you could, the next time you see the Liar ask him if he is still pushing the tall tale that Sadaam was responsible for 9/11 and has WMD now that the Downing Street Memos are out. Your so proud to be associated with this rat Tommy which shows your lack of character too.

This guy is too chicken to post his real name. Of all the countries in the world, none compares to America. I’m a Mexican-American and there’s nowhere else I would call home. What has he done for his country. I’ve been a fan of yours since I was four years old, I’m 29 now, and there is no one who deserves more respect in LA than you. If this guy is so tuff why does he mouthed off like he’s got the inside scoop? Homeboy you don’t know nothing. My thoughts are you’re a closet American. You only come out when it’s safe. If we were ever invaded, this guy would be the first to hide. Tell ’em like it is Tommy. And by the way you must be an Angel fan. A True Blue fan.

Of course he didn’t use his real name. It’s called an “e-mail adress” you idiot.

Tommy, keep your political BS out of this blog. THIS IS LOS ANGELES. You really think we want to hear about Bush Jr.?

And don’t bring up a true American like Benjamin Franklin after talking about representing a dolt like Bush. You could bring up someone who started a phony war that has killed 1,700+ US soldiers and 22,400+ Iraqi civilians and they would still sound better than Bush Jr.

Oh wait, same person.

Tommy, it is difficult at times to use the phrase “honor
America” when singers treat it like a jazz tune to be improvised. IMO, the best renditions are from people like the singing bus driver and most other amateurs. (I used to enjoy the Expos coming to town becaus the Dodgers frequently invited an opera singer to perform the Canadian anthem In French as well as “The Star-Spangled Banner.) I hope that when the Dodgers honor the 1955 team that Carl Erskine will play the anthem on his harmonica.

A few years ago, I was in Washington for a conference and some of my friends and I visited Fort McHenry. I also saw the work being performed to restore the original flag. Both these experiences made me think differently about the anthem.

Tommy, I LOVE THE NEW HAIR AND GLASSES but the suit is kinda…poofy like on Seinfeld. I would rather have “God Bless America” as our National Anthem though. The SPB is still the best anthem IN THE WORLD!The Japan Bears in the GBL came to Long Beach and Fullerton all this month and their National Anthem was too war like as is Mexico’s (when I saw them play soccer on TV)for example. Each country has its charm and uniqueness which re-enforces the fact that
WE RULE!!!! To all those anti-UN loons out there, remember that the UN HQ is where???? USA USA USA USA !!!! When it moves (which I know it won’t) then I’ll join you in Montana.



Those commercials where the family is shown “having fun” at Chavez Ravine where the “husband” and “wife” chestbutt (or whatever it’s called) after a Dodger HR is creepy. WHY? Because not only does it look like they were paper cut outs but also reminded me of…..”Milli Vanilli”. If there is a “Milli Vanilli” night, that would be the most un-PC promo ever. Imagine!

I love the Dodgers,I bleed Dodger blue,and I will always love you for not only being a Dodger,and a true American patriot,but for something else.

When you beat the Cubans in the Olymics,and said that you did it for the Cubans in Miami,I knew that you (now that Ronald Reagan and the Duke are dead)just might be my favorite American of all time.

You see,I’m Cuban,and when you beat those **** commies,and did it not only for your country,but for the Cubans here…God bless you buddy.You are the greatest.


Thank you, Mr. Lasorda, for your commentary and all your contributions to this country. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep up the great work! Like you said, we live in the greatest country in the world: The United States of America! We know one of the greatest assets this country offers is freedom of speech. I thank God for it and all the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

Tommy – Great article. They couldnt have picked a better person to represent the USA. Lets get ready for 2008 in beijing? Hope we can work together again. We have a lot to do and its only 3 years out! Lets bring back the gold again!


I was a big fan of the Dodgers in the 80’s, as well as a Tommy Lasorda fan. Two years ago, I had the “opportunity” to meet Tommy. Let me just say he is one of the most egotistical jerks that I have ever met; who cares what he has to say about anything! He is so full of himself that I doubt he cares about anything or anybody else; much less his country. When he helped win that gold medal, let me assure you it wasn’t for his country. It was for Tommy and that huge ego!

for all the people that say gwb needs to be out of office needs to get out of america for a while and see what a truly great country we live in. if people talk bad about the leaders in other countries they are put in prison or killed, not in america. tommy your a great american, we all appreciate you. go dodger blue

To all you haters out there, Tommy isn’t endorsing anything but our great country. He’s not using his blog to support the war, or his opinions of WMD. He is simply stating he is proud to serve his country. And what better person than Mr Lasorda? He is one of the top represetitives of America’s greatest pastimes.

Thank you, Mr. Lasorda, for not being afraid to say what you believe. I grew up a Dodgers fan through both good and bad years, and always thought of you as a great class act. Not only are you that, but also an American patriot as well. Thank you sir, for your optimism, patriotism, and contributions to Dodger and baseball history, and also America.

Tommy, pleeeeease cut this political BS. You are to probably have the 2008 Republican Convention in Anaheim, so say all that stuff then. It’s a shame how us Dodger fans and the country are divided over politics, and I’m very saddened by the Olympics being about politics and NOT the games. Anyways, I want to say that when it comes down to the sport, we’re all one. We come together in record numbers to root for our favorite team. But Tommy, I know you mean well, I appreciate everything that you’ve done in the Dodger organization for 50+ years, but baseball fans (like the millions of Americans) have different views about stuff like religion and politics. BS about politics and religion separate us the fans, and shouldn’t even be dealt with. Keep this blog about the game we all love. Again, I know you mean well. We all love you Tommy regardless!

Mr. Lasorda I have always been a huge fan of yours and never have gotten the opportunity to meet you even though you were very close with my grandfather and many of his friends. I dont believe much of what these people are saying and I know your a great man for the United States and for society. However I want to let you know I enjoy all of your stories, but on a personal note, I was wandering if you had recieved my letter from Italy? Please continue your stories I enjoy them all. Ciao Mr. Lasorda

Tommy’s post was beautiful. And i’m certain Tommy you are not bothered by these anti-war idiots because you that to be anti-war and revolt against the President in this country is the product of lunacy.

Political BS? Tommy was asked to represtent the President of the United States at the World Expo. He never commented on how good the president is nor did he compare him to Benjamin Franklin.

And for the guy who said Tommy is simply an egotist: this country was built by egotists and a selfish idea. If you have a problem with that perhaps you’d prefer the torture chambers of China or Korea.

Tommy, you’re the greatest. These anti-war lunatics have no respect for themselves or this country.

And for

Do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk? I turn the “Big Dodger in the …” bull you preach.
And cat the junk about what a “good guy” Dubya Bush is. The “man”, and I use that word with caution,is a lier and a theif. He stole 2 elections making some Americans wonder if we will ever have a “honest” election again.

Bush is the number 1 threat to world peace (LA Times public opinion poll in 2003).

I do not look forward to this idiot making us all part of the “once great American landscape”.

Even if you are a pain in the neck when you talk, stick to baseball and leave politics out of it.

BTW is it true Frank McCourt has no money? John Bellanger

Hi there Mr. Lasorda. I have owned season tix now for 4 years. The first three were great. After Mr. you know who purchased the team on credit, the last year was terrible. I hope he’s happy with the team he pieced together. I am so dissapointed in the fact that he let Jim Tracy and the best coaching staff go. I will now be a devoted Pittsburg( that hurts to say) Pirate’s fan. I can’t say I will keep my seat this next season, what seats ? He tore those out too. Tommy, come over to the Bucs side, it’s much safer and alot nicer. I will always be very fond of you and the once great history of the Dodgers. I hope you miss the left field line visor blonds……..Alison Cate

Tommy Lasorda remains the most-hated manager in major league history. His endless and disgusting Dodger management ***-kissing (no matter WHO owns the team, so long as HE has a job) resulted in management shoving one-year contracts down his throat, which he joyfully accepted. It also meant that OTHER MLB managers, those with MUCH BETTER records and ALL those with worse, had to fight like **** to get MORE than a one-year manager deal, because their bosses would say, “Hey! Look at Lasorda! He’s a ******* American hero and HE takes it every year!” Yep, he took it every year. And still does! Speaking of ‘taking it’, Lasorda NEVER mentions his son, “Spunky” Lasorda, who tragically died of AIDS. Lasorda and his wife could do SO MUCH to help families with members involved with the AIDS crisis by speaking out about his own family’s experience, but he’d rather grab every single dollar he can for spreading his All-Americanism around the world, embarassing all of us.

Dear Tommy,

This is Matt Hollingsworth from Bakersfield, Ca. My Father is Jeremy Hollingsworth. As far as I know he played baseball with you for the Dodger’s Rookie team. I know this is a shot in dark, but If you could e-mail me and give me an idea of what kind of player he was, why he quit playing, and his attitude on and off the field it would make my day. Whether you have positive things to say or negative….it doesn’t matter.

Thank you

Matt Hollingsworth

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