Mid Summer Classic

I just returned from the All Star Game in Detroit, where I had such a good time.  The atmosphere was great because of the tremendous support of the fans.  They packed the place for the Home Run Derby, and of course the game itself. 

I would like to applaud the commissioner on his decision to give home-field advantage of the World Series to the winning league.  Many people are curious about that decision. 

In the past few years, the game has lacked the intensity the fans crave.  The players didn?t look as if winning was important, and the managers were concerned about playing everybody.  Consequently, the games lacked excitement, and, even worse, since everybody played one of the games ended in a tie. 

The commissioner was criticized heavily, and bore the burden of the blame.  For an All Star game to end in a tie is just wrong, but the commissioner did not have any other choice.

Bud Selig felt he has to inject energy into the game and give the fans the game they want.  He understands people go to the game to pull for their league and see the best players in the world compete against each other.  He understands the fans want to see the splendor and spectacle of Major League Baseball.  So he had to create importance for the players and coaches.

Baseball?s all star game has been so far superior to those of other major sports.  Because of how the game was played, fans eagerly anticipated the Mid Summer Classic every year.  I was fortunate enough to manage in four all star games, and in each, I told the players that I was not there to play everybody; I was there to beat the American League. 

The players realize they are all-stars.  They represent the game of baseball at its best, and know they have to perform their best at all times.  They have to play the game with all the drive and determination in their hearts.

The results have been tremendous.  The last couple of years, the intensity has risen, as the players and managers want home field advantage.  We represent the greatest sport in the country.  We must do everything in our power to continue baseball?s growth and prosperity.


You’re kidding me, right? Talk about kissing Bud Selig’s ***. The All-Star Game is STILL boring as ****, only now the National League gets screwed over come October.

Mr. Free Pablo, I cannot believe that anyone could talk this way to Mr. Lasorda. You probably do not understand him or know what he stands for. Clean up your language before you post another comment, please. It would be wise to realize that baseball is a game and that there are more important things in life. God, Your Country and Your Family come before baseball. Get a life young man.

It’s been 25 years since the Dodgers hosted an All-Star Game. Other cities have had the Midsummer Classic twice since then. What will it take for us to get the game here again?

I wonder how much league pride really exists. The only difference these days is the DH. Even the umpires aren’t divided into NL and AL anymore. Interleague play has cut off some of the mystique of both the All-Star Game and the World Series. Players move around so much they don’t really get identified with a league like they used to.

My question is this: If the Dodgers were in position to benefit from home-field advantage, would we really want our chances to host a critical Game 7 riding on whether a reliever for the Rockies — or some other team that won’t get a whiff of the postseason and therefore has nothing at stake — could get the big out?

If you don’t think Pablo is right check the TV audience. Even lower this year than last. “This one counts” makes no sense, as the All-Star team has nothing to do with the one team that will represent the league in the World? Series. It will be more meaningful when you get rid of Inter-league play. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of the DH and let everyone play baseball again instead of reserving spots for those who should move on to softball.

For once the All-Star game was with deserving players and not just Rickey Henderson, Gil Hodges, Dave Winfield, Darryl Strawberry, and Ken Griffey Jr. and the same popular bunch of familiar names, some of who haven’t played all season(or in Barry Bonds case AT ALL).

We were there! My buddie, his son and myself. First, Fanfest was great with the Homerun Derby batting cage and the Video simulation of hitting Nomo in a Dodger Uniform.(He was the only Dodger linked to the machine). Pictures with the World Series Thophy.The Homerun Derby with Bobby Abreu hitting shots all around us in right field.We just missed grabbing one of his balls. Then there was the Allstar game with the flyover of the Stealth Bomber.
The introductions of both Leagues players. The National Anthems of USA and Canada.Finally the Mid Summer Classic with Baseballs finest on the field. It is very cool to see our Dodgers playing in an Allstar game / Home Run Derby in person. Not to mention seeing other Dodger fans at the Allstar Experience.What I have mentioned only scratches the surface. The Allstar Game Experience should be on the list of events for every baseball fan at least once in their lifetime.

I am full of dodger blue but feel like Count De Podesta is ******* it right out of me. Please! what happened to the stability at the managers position that Walter Alston and Tommy Lasorda brought to the organization. When will we see the minor league system produce a new string rookie of the year candidates. I for one are a realist and feel the only person that can bring back DODGER BASEBALL back to the organization and restore DODGER TRADITION something that the game of baseball has forgotten is are ex-dodgers that have lived it. Lets bring back a manager that still has blue in his veins, where is Oral Herschiser and Mike Scosia? Oh thats right we passed on them, as for Ron Cey, Davey Lopes, Steve Yeager and Dusty Baker??? I sure hope that the new owner of the dodgers Frank McCord remembers to have his silver bullet ready before Count De Podesta attacks the next manager. I hope for the organizations sake that De Podesta doesn’t hire a manager all strung up much like the puppet manager that his mentor has up in Oakland. My finger are crossed and clinched tight till we sign Terry Collins who? Was he a Dodger? Maybe they should do search and try to hire third cousin of a ex-dodger twice removed that has just graduated from Princeton or one of those Ivy League colleges so De Podesta can work with him.

Dodger fan since 1959


What do you think about the new owner’s idea of building/reconstructing new seats with the idea this seating upgrade will increase the attendance? Like you, I am a old Brooklyn Dodger fan and I believe the way you increase attendance is to have a winning team. Your comments please.

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