Dodgers WIN

Something new has been added to the experience at Dodger Stadium.  It is something that will bring new fans to the ballpark, as well as reintroduce long-time fans to the greatest game in the world.  It is a program established by Jamie McCourt, which I know will be a tremendous success.

The program is called Dodgers WIN, which stands for the Dodgers Women?s Initiative and Network.

WIN will offer women special access to the game experience through events and ongoing programs, including baseball clinics, seminars, and forums involving Dodger players, coaches, and staff. TheJamie_headshot_2005_1 program will also play an active role in promoting community involvement and educational programs, while providing women with invaluable professional and social networking opportunities.

When Jamie told me about her idea, I wanted to get involved right away.  I?ve always said that we have the greatest fans in the world, and when we, as baseball executives, have an opportunity to bring the game to the fans, we must sieze that opportunity. 

Jamie invited me to one of the WIN clinics, and the overflow of women who participated was outstanding.  We had Jeff Kent and Odalis Perez instructed the women, and everyone not only had fun, but learned about the game of baseball.  Now, when these ladies return to Dodger Stadium with their family and friends, they can talk baseball all day long.  In fact, they will end up teaching some of the things they learned at the WIN clinic.

Years ago, baseball had Ladies Day, which offered discounted tickets to women.  However, Ladies Day has been gone for a long time.  WIN takes the idea much further because the ladies who attend learn the game.  And not only do they learn through conversation and observation, they learn through participation. 

In all my years in baseball, I have never seen anything like WIN.  I salute Jamie McCourt for her vision and dedication.  I salute all women who are interested in learning about baseball.  Last, but certainly not least, I salute Dodger fans everywhere!


Because baseball has become so corporate these days, I really do appreciate the Dodgers for having created further opportunities for womyn to be involved in baseball.
Many womyn like myself are very passionate about the game, and would even like the opportunity to make a career out of working in baseball.

I also think that if the Dodgers want to bring back the family/community atmosphere we have to focus more on doing grassroots-type of community outreach in neighborhoods that are not always represented, and also in ways where it is not simply about giving out tickets, or making apperences, but about creating programs for the community, particularly programs for youth.

These programs could encompass such activities as enabling youth to volunteer within the Dodgers organization, or even sponsoring more programs for youth, so that those programs that are being cut have some way of being funded.

I currently work with youth, and I have seen the impact that afterschool programs make on them. Not only that but the majority of the students that I work with are young ladies that live in what you would call the “barrio” or in the “ghetto”, here in San Jose. For some,they have the potential to be amazingly, strong womyn, but the need to have the support is extremely neccessary in order to enable them to reach their potential.

I understand that there is so much to be done, but if we come up with some creative ways to include many communities, as I said who are not represented, such as young womyn there is no telling what impact it may make in the heart of Los Angeles.

Unfortunetly I no longer live in Los Angeles, but one of my many dreams is to connect baseball to youth, and seeing how interested the Dodgers are in doing more work with the community, I hope that (when I do return to Los Angeles) they take a different road by making baseball more about the community and its fans rather than about making money.


What a great idea to bring an understanding of the game to women. Not only will they now be involved in this great sport but will also bring a different point of view and perspective to discussing and following the Dodgers.

As a Dodger’s fan living in NY it may be something that all major league cities can learn from. Maybe the Met’s or Mr. Steinbrenner are listening!

Tommy, when your boss’s wife starts a program like WIN, its not like you want to be involved, you HAVE to be involved.

I don’t know what the hype is about the WIN program, the hype in the east coast is the D’RAYS! We’re developing a tradition of winning that dates back to the Wade Boggs days (which he will be putting on the Tampa Bay cap for the Hall).

Tommy, you and I know that the Dodgers only reflect on the past; but the Tampa Bay Devil Rays reflect on the future. Come join Donny Zimmer again if you want to be a coach on our ballclub. We’d love to have you around!

Rocko Baldelli, Baez, and guys like Delmon Young will look up to you and Zimmer! Come join the winning tradition which is the Tampa Bay D’RAAAAAAAAAAAAYS!

Anyways, the WIN foundation will do well all around the Dodger ballclub. Our neighbors, the Marlins, have a women’s program too. The Rays have a women’s program too, much like the one you mentioned. Keep women involved in baseball. But lets start with REAL baseball–D’RAYS baseball.

Our slogan is “Watch it happen”. Come join a winning tradition Tommy, one that’s NOT the Dodgers–the Rays are the talk of the MLB. Later Tom!

The D-Rays are a winning tradition by always placing in 5th place? Wade Boggs is going in as a D-Ray? Did you take stupid pills?

36-66 = Watch it happen

Hi, Tommy!

I participated in the WIN clinic earlier this month, and even though the last time I participated in a bseball-like game was when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn , and had to limit my participation because of a vision problem, I had a great time. I’ve made some suggestions about what a future clinic might offer, and plan to attend the WIN breakfast in September. All the instructors were great. I even got to give Jeff Kent two words: Go Bears!


I just discovered your blog here the other day and find it very fascinating to read. I truly enjoy watching baseball and learnign about it as much as possible. I grew up as a neighbor to a baseball scout and I was hooked right away. You are much respected around here in the Norristown area! Royersford,PA resident here!🙂

I feel that WIN is a great way to teach women the art of baseball.I have been a Dodger fan since the age of five,and although I had lived in L.A County for most of my life(I now live in Riverside Co.)I had never been to a Dodger game.You see, most of my family had no interest in sports, and the idea that a girl could enjoy a sporting event was never considered. If it weren’t for two good mentors,I probably would have shared in my family’s ideals.Sports were never watched on T.V, so I would end up hearing about the games when I got to school the next day.The two aforementioned mentors, who worked @the school, discussed the importance of sports to any child, boy or girl, who had a second to listen.Now, I could say, that I am passing the love of baseball to my two younger sisters.And my mother, after meeting a now former Dodger, has a growing appreciation for the game.And good news, good news, after 20 years of wanting to go,I, along w/my mother& two sisters,went to a game for my 25th birthday on July 29, and L.A. won over the Cardinals!

How do I find out about the next clinic? Thanks for your help!!

How do I find out about the next clinic? Thanks for your help!!

Like, Jamie, like maybe you could get Derek Lowe’s wife and his new girlfriend to attend one of your groovy WIN clinics?


I am a season ticket holder and a woman. I find it hard to believe that women in southern California need a clinic to learn the basics of BASEBALL! I find many of Mrs McCourt’s comments condescending. Please field a team that is that is more in tradition with Dodger history. Please treat us (fans) the way the O’Malleys did. Tommy, stop groveling. It doesn’t become you. You used to have enough character to speak up when someone damaged the Dodgers. The big Dodger in the sky says shame on you!

How exciting! Perhaps some of the women who attend these clinics should ask Jamie if they could play for the Dodgers too! Couldn’t be any worst than the team they’re putting on the field right now.
Jamie, you and your hubbie have a lot to

concern yourselves with right now (i.e. your team is in the dumper and every change you’ve made to the stadium experience is horrible.) BUT I will give Jamie this much: if you can’t get the team to understand the meaning of the word “WIN” then give it a new meaning…Dodgers Women?s Initiative and Network. Now we don’t have to worry about the score fo the game. Thanks Jamie, I’m much relieved.

I have to agree with mareoa’s point, Tommy. What gives? You don’t really need the gig, you are loved and respected by so many Dodger fans, yet you seem to sell out to these carpetbaggers. It’s so unnecessary. Vin is respectful, but he has not crossed that line of pandering. Hasn’t gotten anywhere near it, in fact. And you can bet if (when) the McCourts go too far, he will keep his reputation intact by having no part of their nonsense.

Wow! Women playing baseball…what next children playing baseball?? The main reason there isn’t/aren’t women in pro baseball is because there’s NO MONEY in it! There was even a baseball card set with nude and scantily clad women “playing” baseball..AND THAT FAILED! Coors had the SILVER BULLETTES team..THAT FAILED ALSO! Again let the gimmick leagues have a womens team first, so how it does. You know Mc Court see, Mc Court do!!

Hi Tommy,love your column! I also respect the fact that you take time to do this, even though you’re guaranteed to catch a lot of flack from people who disagree or just don’t like you! The WIN program is fine, and those that don’t like it, don’t have to participate…but I see nothing wrong with making it available.
And while it’s true that with players jumping from team to team, baseball ain’t what it used to be, I still agree with you. BASEBALL IS THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD, and this is the greatest country in the world! And thanks to the internet, I can still keep up with my Dodgers from Oklahoma! Long live Lasorda!


Tommy please keep in mind that the Dodgers need a new manager and we need to let GM Paul DePodesta work his magic.



Hey, Tommy! I was really enjoying reading your ‘blog, but it’s been nearly two months since you’ve written something new. I know you’ve got a lifetime’s worth of great stories to tell, as well as a unique perspective on current events in the game. How about more regular posting? I know life gets busy and it’s tough to make time to write here, but a lot of people (most especially myself) would love to read what you have to say.

Looking forward to more,


I find it interesting that the Dodgers feel the need to start a clinic to explain baseball to women. On the East Coast it seems that there are almost more women fans than men fans…and they know a lot about the game. I find it almost sad that in 2005, the Dodgers feel the need to start this program, because it seems to assume that women DON’T know about baseball.

The dodgers must first of all go after Lou Pinnella. he has the experience of winning a world series and of working with young talent to get the most out of them as he did with the devil rays the second half of last year. i hope the dodgers pursue him and if not him them perhaps kirk gibson or orel hershiser. young retired players make good coaches. go after burnette!!

Hello Tommy, It’s pretty ironic that my name is Jamie to. We met back in 1990 at Centinella Hospital in Ingelwood Ca. I was 18 at that time having a miserable year. I just had the Tommy John surgery done on my right elbow. Your wife was a few doors down from me, she had surgery on both of her knees. Flat on my back and pumped full of drugs I could not believe my eyes. You walked in my room with my father and introduced yourself to me. This was the most amazing thing that would ever happen to me. You sat down next to my bed and talked baseball with me for 20-30 minutes. The next day was the highlight for me when you knocked on my door and said “Jamie is that you” not sure if you were in the right room or not. I’m sure I responded with YES it’s me come on in. I was shocked that you even remembered my name. You came in with a few pieces that were signed by you and continued to talk baseball. Those 2 days were the most memorable baseball moments for me since. Thank you for all of the encouraging words they still mean the world to me even after 15 years. There is so much more I could say about this story and what it meant to me, but there is not enough room on this page. Thanks, Jamie

Wow, Jamie is pretty hot!

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