Goodbye to an Old Friend

I am sorry to see the passing of my good friend, my long-time bench coach and true Dodger, Monty Basgall.  Monty was well-loved by everyone who new him, and he will be sorely missed. 

Monty_basgall_1 Monty wore the Dodger uniform with pride, dignity and character.  He signed his first professional contract with the Dodgers, but played most of his career with the Pirates.  However, he served many different roles in the Dodger organization.  He was a scout, a minor league instructor, a major league instructor and my bench coach; he was my right-hand man.  His tremendous knowledge of the game was a true help to me, and I will be forever thankful for his help in the dugout. 

Monty was an outstanding infield coach.  He played a very important role in developing our record-breaking infield of Cey, Garvey, Lopes and Russell.  Monty spent endless hours on the diamond teaching the guys how to play their respective positions, as well as how to play as a unit. 

Monty was the epitome of what it means to be a Dodger.  He was a man of integrity, he loved the game of baseball and he was a champion both on and off the field.  His example is one we can all learn from.  His contributions to the game, and to our organization, are endless. 

Thank you, Monty, for your friendship, love and support.


I recall seeing Monty Basgall playing for the Hollywood Stars befoe major league baseball came to Los Angeles.
Could this be the same Monty Basgall?

Mr. Lasorda what a nice commentary about Monty. Monty was my great uncle and growing up we would sit and watch the Dodgers play. We were not watching the game, we were watching for our Uncle Monty on TV. Since we all live in Kansas his trips home were few and far between so seeing him on TV was always a treat. As we travel to Arizona later this week for the funeral I think of many great memories of Uncle Monty and I know that he is in a much better place now.
Debra Staab (Hays, KS)

Mr. Basgall’s passing was more than a shock to me. I never met Coach Basgall but living in Sierra Vista, Arizona (Fort Huachuca) I had always hoped that one day I would see him around town. I am in the US Army and stationed in Egypt. Prior to my arrival here in Egypt I decided that I would break the unspoken rule about getting autographs. In June I took my 10 year old son to Monty Basgall’s home in hope of possibly getting an autograph and maybe even hearing some classic baseball talk. Unfortunately every time I went to his home he was not not there.

My son called me last week to say that his baseball coach had told him that Coach Basgall had recently passed away. My son and I now both realize that time has denied us of yet another great baseball story teller.

Coach Lasorda, if and when you are ever in Arizona we would like to invite you to our home to talk baseball.

“Think Blue”

-SFC Rafael Monge

MFO TF Sinai

Unit 31520

APO AE 09182

Dear Mr. Lasorda (aka Mingo):

The McCourts know nothing about baseball.

DePodesta knows nothing about baseball team chemistry as part of the 100% solution.

Michael Lewis knows nothing about DePodesta.

LA Dodger fans know nothing about boycotting poor managerial decisions leading to substandard results of placing fourth in the weakest division in major league baseball and down from first place in ’04 but almost lost the NL West in the same year due to DePodesta’s “Art of the Poor Deals.” All at the expense of Dodger fans.

But I do know one thing for sure. McCourts will retain the back office statistician (DePodesta) to hire more expensive geriatric jocks who won’t be able to play at least a 150 game season all the while making Dodger Stadium into a media circus while continue stripping the identities off of the back of all their ballplayers wearing what was once the best looking uniforms in the majors!

From one Dodger fan who hasn’t been this upset since Garvey wasn’t re-signed.

Yours truly,

Bruce Rodela

Sparks, NV

Dear Mr. Lasorda,

I know nothing about placing my comments on this years Dodger performance under the correct section!

But I send Godspeed to Monty Basgall’s family.

Again truly yours,

Bruce Rodela

Sparks, NV

I agree with Jim Tracy; De Podesta and the Mc Court’s dismantled too much of a team with good team chemistry and momentum from the 2004 season. I am sorry that it was Tracy that had to pay for it.
I bleed Dodger blue but am not blind.


Your remarks about our dear friend,Baggy, were right on the mark. I too watched him work with that great Dodger infield and what an outstanding job he did! I am very sad about his passing away. Guy

Dear Coach LaSorda,

I was born and raised in MidWestern Kansas, my father was a hugh Dodger fan and a hugh Monty Basgall fan. He would take me to StLouis in the early 50’s to see the Dodgers (Newcomb, Reese, Hodges. Furillo, Campanella, etc) and as I mentioned in another response I was a Dodger fan until they fired Billy Russell. My dad passed on in 1983 and was a Dodger fan until his last day. He would have appreciated your comments about Monty. Thank You for my Dad.

Hey skipper, I too remember Monty and the great years the two of you had with a great team. I still remember the “Lil Blue Bicycle” a name given the Dodgers by the Reds. Ron Cey, Bill Russell, Dave Lopes, and Steve Garvey made up the best Dodger infield ever to play the game. I know others won’t agree with me, but I guess I feel that way watching them play every Sunday home game at Dodger Stadium.

Let’s hope 2006 produces another great team.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this. I grew up in Sierra Vista, AZ, where Mr. Basgall spent the last several years of his life. In the late 80s and early 90s, I was fortunate to meet and spend several hours with Mr. Basgall when I was a student. Now in my early 30s, the time I spent with him in his home is some of my favorite as a boy. We few native Arizonans over the age of 15 or 20 rooted for the Dodgers as our hometown team too, and he was Dodger Blue incarnate for me. I now live in Scottsdale, and hadn’t heard of his passing until recently, and feel like I somehow blew it by not being there for his service.
As baseball changes, a little bit of the greatness of the game passes as we lose people like Mr. Basgall. We all miss you, my friend: those of us who knew you, and even those who didn’t – because we all benefited from the class and quality you helped make a part of the game we love.

I just thought I would let those of you who knew Monty Basgall know that his son died Monday, August 13th after a three week battle with cancer. I am Monty’s niece and thought that those of you who knew Monty would of also known his son Craig. Aunt Nita is still living in Sierra Vista but she is suffering from Alzheimer?s and is pretty much unaware of anything going on around her. Craig’s funeral will be on Thursday, August 16th in Sierra Vista, AZ. It seems Uncle Monty now has someone setting next to him in that dugout in the sky!!

No one can degrade us except ourselves; that if we are worthy, no influence can defeat us. Do you think so? jordan

All men are liable to error; and most men are, in many points, by passion or interest, under temptation to it. Do you think so?

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