A Message to all Dodger Fans

Spring_2005_a_2I speak for the entire Dodger organization when I say we feel badly that we could not give you a championship season, which you so deserve. Due largely to injuries, we were denied of our goal, which was winning. The most important goal we have every year is winning for our fans, because, as I have said many, many times, we have the greatest fans in all of baseball.

Frank and Jamie McCourt want to win. We are all ready for a long off season of hard work, putting a balanced, winning team together for 2006. We have many exciting rookies, some of whom you have watched for a good part of the season, and some whom are in our farm system waiting to get a chance to play at Dodger Stadium.

We thank you for your continued support and love of the Dodgers. I leave you with a saying in this country; if you don?t pull for the Dodgers, there?s a good chance, you may not get into heaven!


Dear “Uncle” Tommy,

What became disappointing to me this season was the team chemistry on and off the field. Last year many one run games bouced the Dodgers way, there was an attitude that if we have one out left to score then we can win, the team executed well, were managed well and were supported well, injuries did not seem to be an excuse. This year, in the final months, I witnessed pathetic execution of bunts, poor decisions that failed to advance runners that were on first or second with no outs in close games and walks followed by poor pitch location that had game losing consequences. I know this chemistry can be recreated, I have faith the McCourts want to win, and this will trickle throughout the organization. I look forward to next year!



Dear Mr.Lasorda,
Let me begin by saying that you are the best.Leading us to consecutive pennants in your first two seasons as our manager and then winning the whole “enchilada” in ’81 & ’88,by making the players believe they could win.During your 20 years as manager,I witnessed more “miracles” by the Dodgers than I had ever seen!and i believe it was your infectuous gift to motivate others that turned defeat into victory.

I saw my first Dodger game at the coliseum in 1958 at age 5.Now at age 52 I am a knowledgeable(Vinny was kind enough to teach me the game of baseball over the radio the past 47 years)Blue-Bleeding,Giant hating,loyal fan and if history tells us anything….The Dodgers WILL BE BACK! GOD BLESS!


Walt Goodwin

(e-mail) goodyspc@aol.com

Dear Tommy, You’re the best representitive the Dodgers could have. The Dodgers won’t be great again untill Depodesta is history. That man has no clue how to build a winng team. Best wishes M

Enough is enough. How much ineptitude must we put up with? Between McCourt and DePodesta and Tracy… And I don’t want to hear about injuries; you managed teams through injuries. This organization is being mismanaged from the top down.

You simply MUST come back to manage the team.

Pam Miller

Dodger blue all but bled out


Can we please start the “Fire Paul DePodesta” campaign. Will you chair this campaign? His bonehead decisions ruined an excellant ballclub that the fans really got behind. The excitement of last season has all but completely disappeared from Dodger Stadium. I know that you are an employee of the Dodger organization need to say all the “right things” but you helped this organization acheive greatness and you’ve got to know just how bad things are right now. Please suggest to the McCourts that they get rid of “Wonderboy” Depodesta and the robot-like Jim Tracy. Give Mike Scoscia a call for the love of God and see if he can help inject much-needed enthusiasm in this disaster of a team.

If any of you fans out there want to share you misery, check out the best site on the internt: dodgerblues.com

I don’t run this site, but God bless the person who does.

This year was a great year for me regarding the Dodgers. Earlier in the year, MLB let the fans take part in their “I Live for This” campaing. I went, tried out and was lucky enough to be voted as the most passionate Dodgers fan. I knew that I would not be an embassador for the Dodgers and I was not expecting anything in return. So when Frank Mc. Court and Tommy Lasorda both went to say hi to me at the Dodgers Angels preseason game up in the reserved level, with tickets I bought myself, away from their plush Dugout seats with lcd screens, I was brought to tears. They said hi to me, my mom, and my guest. It meant the world to me.

Later on that week I got a call from Frank Mc. Court inviting me to throw out the opening pitch to a game. September 7 was the day I chose being that they were playing the Giants. Even though I overthrew the pitch it will be a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.

This year I traveled to Chicago to watch the Dodgers and the White Sox, I went to Arizona to see the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks, and as I speak I am packing my bags and heading south to wish my DODGERS a great winter. Last year was San Francisco and Oakland. I am a baseball fan, but most of all I am a Dodgers fan. I try to go to at least 20-30 games a year, and no I am not well off. I am a 24 year old college student who works two jobs to put myself through college. Even though it is hard I try to go to as many Dodgers games as possible.

I invite you to look at the commercial on iliveforthis.com and see my story, that, as well as many other stories is what gave the Dodgers the second highest attendance total in history.

I was there the whole last week of last season, parking on the bottom of the hill because I could not afford the parking and go to all the games hoping to watch the Dodgers clinch the west. A dream for me being that my parents could only afford to take me to maybe 1 or 2 games a year. I was there for both playoff games, I cried when the Dodgers won that warm night and I cried when the Dodgers lost the next night. Not because they lost but because I had promised myself as a child that when I got older and could afford it, I was going to take my mom to a playoffs game. The look on here face was well worth the tuition money I droped for the tickets. ****, even though the Dodgers were down 0-2 to the Cards I still went and waited in line for the NLDS tickets. If the Dodgers made it I was going to be there.

When ever you ask your self what Baseball means to people. Stop and think to yourself, baseball is not a sport to people it is a way of life. Baseball is not an American pastime, it is a World pastime. This sport does not belong to “us” it belongs to them, the kids that play with card board boxes for gloves and branches for bats.

Luis H. Perez

for this kind of a season, you should not speak on behalf of the Dodgers for their losing season by ALL means. De Podesta should give us ANSWERS! He needs to speak!

I hold Paul De Podesta 100% responsible, and I demand that on Opening Day 2006 against Atlanta, that he publicly apologizes to the 56,000 fans for dismantling a potential World Series contender.

What better way to celebrate opening day than playing the Braves. Many people forget that in 1991, the Dodgers lost the NL West to them by 1 game.

But the fact of the matter is, I am so happy that people like Dave Roberts, having been able to WIN a World Series ring with the Sox, and putting the Dodgers and the Giants out of postseason play. That’s sticking it right at De Podesta’s face!

I think if Paul Lo Duca went to the World Series this year being a Marlin, and Shawn Green winning the division with the D’Backs (being the ‘MVP’ type players, that is), then Paul De Podesta would certainly have been shown the door.

It probably was an embarassment to dawn the Brooklyn uniforms for the 2 games this year. Personally, the Dodgers should have dawned their Las Vegas 51’s jerseys for a while there. I think the best rookie player was Oscar Robles, by far. I bet you anything that he’ll be the starting shortstop on Opening Day ’06.

One more thing, Paul De Podesta is really not the GM of the team, it’s his computer. The Dodgers NEED a GM that can use it better than him, other than him checking his myspace profile (he has one fans, by the way), or keepin up with his ***** subscription.

And for 2006, please oh please bring back the True Blue Tuesdays? Not to diss Luis H. Perez, but he’d agree as well that the $2 Tuesdays and the riots in the pavilions HIGHLIGHTED the best of Dodger Stadium in 2005, and it’d be great to see $2 baseball. It’s really not worth thousands of dollars to sit in the Dugout Club n’ see the ‘Team formerly known as the Dodgers’ (51’s).

I promise this will be the very last thing here. Fire De Podesta, and fire TOMMY HAWKINS. Why is a basketball guy running a baseball organization? The reason I’d like Hawkins fired is b/c he told KFWB that True Blue Tuesdays were no more! AHHH!

Dear Tommy,
I’m an Astros fan, and over the past couple of days, I’ve been remembering last year’s final series, where he Dodgers were playing the Giants. That game where the Dodgers got 7 runs in the ninth, and allowed the Astros to gain control of the Wild Card. I’ve not met someone I could really thank for that,so thank you Tommy, Steve Finley and Dodgers, thanks for giving us the shot.

Yours Truly,


Tommy, Tommy, Tommy;

I echo the sentiments of several other posters who have expressed somewhat eloquently their disappointment with Depodesta. However, I must add that Frank McCourt cannot be allowed to ‘dodge’ his own healthy share of culpability in this mess of a season. He continues to make a joke of a storied franchise, and I for one want no part of him or his silly little family front office. So, I’ll be doing the previously unthinkable: getting ready to support the Los Angeles Angels in their quest for (another) championship. More than the Angels, who I don’t follow, but who I will know much better by the end of October, I will cast my support to Arte Moreno, a class-act team owner, who not only does what he says (Frank: read “unlike you”) but feels and acts like a winner. I can only hope that more Ddoger fans will follow me, as if we continue to turn out and financially support these Red Sox transplants, the ultimate restoration of the Dodgers franchis to its past glory will only be pushed further into the distant future. Sadly, my hopes for a brighter future outside of FOX have been dashed. Go Angels – Los Angeles Angels!

LA baseball bleeds Dodger blue, not Angel red. But look at the way the Angels have been playing ball. Coach Mike is teaching them the Dodger way, playing with their hearts. We used to play like that. What happened? Unlike some of the bandwagon fans, I remain a true, blue Dodger fan. See ya at the stadium.

Bandwagon, shmandwagon. Grabowski, Edwards, Rose and all those other legendary Dodgers fielded by these nincompoops thank you for your unquestioning loyalty to the team, and or your contributions to the F&JMC mortgage fund.

hay TOMMY!

Can you come back and manage? I am sick of having 16 DIFFERENT dodger teams taking the field every year … I am not buying the excuses tracy gives about that issue eather. PLEASE send TRACY back to where he thrives, Albercracky. for he is not a ML MANAGER.

DePo has some more moves to make, hopefully he will get some more compedance in the managerial position.

isn’t it sad when your left saying


I miss you as manager. Your passion, charisma, love for the game, sense of humor is missing. Paul DePodesta has none of what you and the late great Al Campanis have/had. I have been calling for the hiring of a DODGER manager ever since Bill Russell left. Why don’t the Dodgers go after Kevin Kennedy. He bleeds Dodger Blue. Why not Mickey Hatcher, or Ron Roeneke, or even Kirk Gibson? We need Dodger people that grew up in the organization when it was still a great and winning tradition. Right now we have a Cub as manager, a Athletic as GM, and a Red Sox, as owner. Come on! Where is the Dodger Tradition?! Tommy, you know better than this. Your stature has to account for something. We already have seen what losing all the old Dodgers have done from Piazza to Sciosca to LoDuca and Roberts. It’s time to go back to Dodgers Tradition. You always sing that song Tommy and I’m singing right along with you. This organization needs a shot in the arm as it did back in 1988 and it’s got to start with the GM, Manager, and owners.

Thanks Tommy for all your best over the years. Now, kick some sense into your associates.

Your Dodgerhawg

Hey Tommy,
The Dodgers are way better off without Tracy. Now get the GM to look at someone to light the fire. As for the Fake “Dodger fan”, don’t go away mad, just go away. The Blue crew doesn’t need imitators or imposters in the stands. It’s easy to go find a team that’s doing good right now and jumping on the wagon. Being a true fan is painful at times, but the rewards will come soon.

Hello Tommy,
I am sure that the owner and the GM want to win, but I do not think they know how. They dismantle a first place team, trade away the LoDuca, an all-star catcher who was a leader, and now they let go the best manager they have had since you were managing. I had high hopes for DePodesta, since he was trained under Billy Bean. However, I would sure like to know where this organization is headed. The Dodgers were once a proud organization who won championships. Now we are the laughing stock of baseball. Jim Tracy is the best and only man that is right for the Dodgers. I am sure who ever DePodesta hires will only help to put the Dodgers in last place. I have been part of the blue crew my whole life and organization has not been the same since the O’Malley’s sold the team.I would like to think the Dodgers have a chance next year, but with the GM we have I don’t have much hope anymore. I will always bleed blue, I just wish they wouldn’t make hurt so much.

Dear Mr. Lasorda (aka Mingo):

The McCourts know nothing about baseball.

DePodesta knows nothing about baseball team chemistry as part of the 100% solution.

Michael Lewis knows nothing about DePodesta.

LA Dodger fans know nothing about boycotting poor managerial decisions leading to substandard results of placing fourth in the weakest division in major league baseball and down from first place in ’04 but almost lost the NL West in the same year due to DePodesta’s “Art of the Poor Deals.” All at the expense of Dodger fans.

But I do know one thing for sure. McCourts will retain the back office statistician (DePodesta) to hire more expensive geriatric jocks who won’t be able to play at least a 150 game season all the while making Dodger Stadium into a media circus while continue stripping the identities off of the back of all their ballplayers wearing what was once the best looking uniforms in the majors!

From one Dodger fan who hasn’t been this upset since Garvey wasn’t re-signed.

Yours truly,

Bruce Rodela

Sparks, NV

Hi Tommy! Thanks for all you do to represent baseball throughout the world.

Despite living in Pennsylvania, I’ve been a Dodgers fan ever since I got into sports. I’ve witnessed their ups and downs. And I believe they will return to prominence eventually. But I’m VERY disappointed with Mr. Depodesta and his handling of the Dodgers this year, including getting rid of manager Jim Tracy. They say Tracy is not being made a scapegoat, but the actions say he is! Tracy did an excellent job, considering they were undermanned ALL year. Depodesta should listen and learn from an experienced guy who has WON when he had decent talent. The Dodgers slide started LAST season when Depodesta traded away quality talent–Lo Duca and G. Mota, and didn’t get good value in return (look at the performance of Brad Penny and Hee Sop Choi, for example!)…..then he allowed Adrian Beltre to get away, after he finally reached his potential, finally “had his groove on,” and was ready to be a steady, quality performer . Instead of paying Beltre, he paid big bucks for a guy who has a KNOWN HISTORY of injury: JD Drew, an injury waiting to happen. And he also KNEW Milton Bradley’s history…….

In short, I think Depodesta needs to LISTEN to a guy like Tracy and KEEP him, not get rid of him. What should’ve happened was for the Dodgers to keep Tracy, give him players who can stay healthy and play, instead of trying to say a buck here and a buck there with “questionable performers” like JD Drew, Choi and the like.

They should’ve given Tracy the same respect they gave you during the tough times……

Tommy, how can you continue to pander to the McCourt jesters? Did you actually write this column? How could you blame this horrible season on injuries? Have you no loyalty to the players they traded? Have you no character left? You know they would have canned you just like Tracy. You can repeat all your old phrases about how you care about the Dodgers but we don’t believe you any longer. I was sitting with several other season ticket holders at the end of the season. We all agreed that you would make a pact with the devil if it meant keeping your job. Alston would have walked away with his pride. Even little wimpy Jim tracy showed more character than you. Stop preaching that you love the Dodgers. You just love your paycheck! That’s a sad end to your Dodger reign.


Answer the man!

Dear Tommy,
As a Dodger fan for more than 40 years I can honestly say that this has been the worst year ever for me & thousands of other LA faithful.

After decimating our team & ‘rebuilding’ with inferior materials at cut-rate prices our once ‘class of the majors’ franchise looks like an inept, ‘start-up’ expansion team.

I’m still holding onto my season seats but, when McCourt sells-out our stadium name(& sadly, I’m confident he will)to some corporate deep-pocket I will finally have had enough.

It’s time for you & Vin Scully to leave because neither of you should be further associated with this owner.


Seeing some of the posts that claims this was the worst season witnessed, I beg to differ when as a season ticket holder being witness to the ’92 season with the losses amounting to 99 that was the worst! What I do want to express is the continuous thread through most of the posts is that the management of the Los Angeles Dodgers is one of big talk, small deals and lowered expectations.

The honoring of the ’55 Brooklyn team this year at the Stadium, showed us “younger” fans the talent this franchise once attracted and molded and won with. The one thing that Don Newcombe stated that was revealing was that the ’55 team was just that— a team! Pulling on that rope all in the same direction and winning that one and only championship ring for Brooklyn. It sent chills through me that the Dodgers have had these types of players in their organization and they were quality people also!

I have seen the fire of Gibson, the speed and daring of Lopes, the toughness of Scioscia and Yeager and the grittiness of Hershiser and L.A. has had the ability and leadership to win in ’81 and the miracle of the ’88 season. We had the building of possible contender last year but LaDouca, Beltre, G. Mota and Roberts weren’t “Dodger worthy” for whatever reason(s). Now, we have AAA and AA rookies, injured veterans, inconsistent starters, a wobbly bullpen and even ” Blue Heaven” Dodger Stadium has been turned into a large, ugly and in your face advertising billboard!

In closing, I don’t mind the rebuilding mode, all teams have to go through that stage. I understand budgetary constraints have to be dealt with to attract and more importantly keep quality players. But Tommy, this is Los Angeles the second largest market in the U.S. Fans expect quality for their money. We are not a small market city and the front office of the Dodgers should not put out a product that reflects that type of market! We deserve better than that and in fact demand it from the Dodger organization!

It is a shame that Jim Tracy is the fall guy in this. He is a good manager. It is DePodesta who should be removed.

I am sick to my stomach today. I ‘m nearly 29 years old and have lived in Southern California my whole life. I’ve been attending Dodger games my whole life, sharing great moments with my dad and grandfather over the years at Dodger stadium. I watched on TV and cheered in 88 when Gibson hit his legendary home run. I was in the stands when Dennis Martinez pitched his perfect game at Dodger Stadium for the Expos and I refused to cheer for him as I would have rather seen the Dodgers win the game. I lived through FernandoMania as well as NomoMania. I still have my 88 world champions t-shirt, numerous pennants, even a replica 88 world series ring given out at a game the following year. Some of my fondest memories growing up in Southern California were making the trip out to the best stadium in baseball. If I have children of my own, I can’t wait for the day that I can take them to Dodger Stadium. However, you will not see me at Dodger Stadium, or my children (should I be lucky enough to have any) until Paul Depodesta is no longer involved with the team in any capacity. The new ownership that continues to support him will not receive a penny from me. I have put up with losing seasons before. I have put up with managers that I didn’t like (after your tenure). I have put up with players I didn’t like before. But not one of them ever made me even consider turning my back on a team that has been near and dear to my heart for as long as I can remember. Until now. I can honestly say that I am typing this with a lump in my throat, and watery eyes. I have loved this organization my whole life, but it now seems as foreign to me as the Toronto Blue Jays or New York Mets. Yesterday’s news made it clear to me who is running this team, and it’s no longer a team that I choose to root for or be a part of.

So, Tommy! Have you gotten the message? The Big Dodger in the sky has moved on to Anaheim. He doesn’t like what he sees and has fired you as his spokesmodel. He says that even a Giant fan can get in to heaven under the right circumstances (tough but possible). But He will ban anyone who panders for the dollar!

You’ve got to answer all of us who are writing. You say you love this organization. Love doesn’t turn its back on the fans that you say keep this team on the field. I have never heard you agree with the fans who are angry. This is the time to take a stand Tommy. You didn’t even stand in the way when Peter Chernin traded your own godson. I still hurt from that one. Tommy we love you out here and we are counting on you to raise some **** in this organization. Please take a stand and let us (the true Dodger Blue) know what is going on. You’re not running for political office. Stand up and say what’s needed. The Dodger Organization must hear from you and so do we. We deserve it.

Hey there Tommy,

I really dont know what happened this season. From what i remember, the Dodgers were #1 in the division. ESPN had them ranked #1 and SI did a story on the Dodgers. But all of a sudden we end up with a pile of injuries, and we finish with almost the same record as the Devil Rays. I really had high hopes for the Dodgers making the playoffs. But like almost every season (expect 2004) we just dont make it.

I cant be sure whose fault it was. Depodesta could be a big factor in it. He pretty much tore apart a team that had great chemistry. (I still think trading Lo Duca was a mistake.) And also signing JD Drew to such a massive contract wasnt such a great idea also. He has a history of being on the DL a lot. I thought we learned our lesson with Dreifort.

I dont know if i can really point the finger at Tracy. This was pretty much the only bad year that weve had with him as manager and he did lead us to the divisional title back in 04.

What i blame the most for the 05′ season is injuries. I think back to early on this season when almost everyone was healthy. Like i said before, the Dodgers were in first place and had everything going for them. Then it just went downhill as the injuries piled up.

I hope 2006 would fare better for LA’s team. Because of Tracy’s departure, we should consider have Lou Pinella as out new manager. That would be great.

To the last commenter, WE CANNOT consider Lou Pinella as the next manager. He lives in Florida, and besides he will always be remembered as a Yankees outfielder, who beat the Dodgers in ’77 and ’78. Furthermore, he is also remembered as a manager for two seasons- in 1990 with the Reds (after the Rose scandal), and 2001 with Seattle.

Fans, do not be surprised if the next manager is any of the Dodger coaches, not including Glenn Hoffman, we ALL know how he did as a manager.

The people who I think the Dodgers should interview for the managerial position are: Kevin Kennedy, Cito Gaston, Kirk Gibson (yes, that Kirk Gibson, whom many forget he is a coach with the Tigers). Also, Tom Kelly (former Twins manager, and 2 time World Champion with the Twins)…

Hey Tommy, why don’t they interview Dusty Baker? Remember that LA Times column that said he always wanted that job?

By the way, always go to DODGERTHOUGHTS.COM, and DODGERBLUES.COM because they fill you in on everything, and they come from REAL (I mean like REAL) Dodger faithfuls!

Oh Tommy, is that whole thing with the Left and Right Field Pavilion renovations true? Rumor has it that McBroke wants to have a Dodger hall of fame out there, and full stadium access…true??

Tommy, Thanks for all you’ve done for the Dodger organization. Tommy, we have to get a True Dodger as manager!!! Tommy, why don’t you tell that young kid who has no idea what he’s doing, to hire a Dodger who grew up or played in the organization. I think an ideal scenario would be to hire Kirk Gibson as manager, Hershisher as pitching coach and Tommy, yes, you, think about coming back as a bench coach. I cannot think of a better way. Gibby, Hershisher would demand respect, which is unforuntately lacking in baseball and would learn from you, a true Dodger. Respect is important as a manager. You see it very rarily in baseball. Scoscia is a man who has it, and Gibby would to. You had it and I tell you what, you have Gibby, Hershisher and you on the bench, it would bring back the fans and that PRIDE to Dodger baseball. It’s a no brainer and get that kid to do this. I cannot think of one Dodger fan that would not be happy with this. Tommy, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!! Get us back to the winning ways and pre- FOX era. The Dodgers were the classiest organization in baseball and with you three in the dugout, you would take it back to the Glory days overnight.

Kevin has a great concept. Gibby as skip, Hershiser as the pitching coach, and you as bench coach. This truly is a no brainer. They/you are all available. We don’t need or want Terry Collins (no people skills and too volatile). Jerry Royster? Come on. Ron Washington? Art Howe? These aren’t Dodgers. DePo wants to work on the cheap. We need Dodger heart. What do you say Tommy. I hope that you are extremely candid with your comments to all that have contributed to this blog.


I have been a loyal Dodger fan and The Dodgers have been a major part of my life for 33 years. I am excited in February and heart broken at the end of the year, when ever it ends, this year was harder then the 100 loss season. I understand to a point that injuries were the main reason we ended up in fourth place. The part that I have an even harder time accepting is the fact we played in a division that was very winnable, the Padres finished 2 games over 500. 100% of the blame lies at the feet of DePoseta and the McCord?s. Do you in your Dodger heart believe that the O?Malley would have stood by and just wasted the season away? No, they would have made a trade or solidified the line up, instead there was a revolving door from the dugout to the field and no one knew day to day where they were playing. If the were going to use A. Perez at 3rd then leave him there and quit moving the players around, they are kids that need to get use to playing in the big leagues and it is added pressure when you are being moved around.

Jim Tracy was a good manager and if Management had treated you the same way we would not have had all those glory years and memories we had. I hope Jim Tracy gets the support from the team he joins and I hope he ends up with a ring. We need to bring back the Bleed Dodger Blue mentality of the 70?s and 80?s. Davey Lopes would be a perfect fit.

DePoseta needs to go back to your Play Station Fantasy league, I though Fred Claire was the worse G.M the Dodgers had ever had. I wish now we had him back.

This might be L.A Baseball, BUT it is not Dodger baseball.


What an idea. Once again there would be Dodger Blue blood runing the ship. We should also add Lopes at third and keep Wallach as hitting coach. Look at Beltre, he is nothing without Wallach.

Tommy – first things first: my life has been enriched because of you – your eternal optimism, your humor (the Jim Healy tapes of you still make me cry, I laugh so hard – and I’ve heard ’em a million times!) and your loyalty to the Dodgers are great examples of life lessons…But Tommy, please know that you’re not fooling anyone with this “the McCourt’s/DePodesta are dedicated to winning” BS…McCourt just wants to build condos in Chavez Ravine and lure an NFL team here by (soon) proposing a “new” Dodger Stadium…and that Ivy League computer geek is THE WORST…this is the most embarrassing Dodger era ever…please please please look to the Angels for a managment model – they are set to be contenders for a long time because they (1) spend/have the money for the best players (Vlad, Colon etc) (2) have the right manager (3) have a true baseball guy as GM…I love you, Tommy – always have, always will…but come on, this is a disgrace!

As a long time Fan (now 37 years old)and remembering all the great moments the Dodger franchise has brought us, I am very thankful. As those who do not look to the past for guidance are doomed to repeat it. Let us reflect on the old O’Malley days. Cudos to Jim Tracy. We all remember what the Lasorda teams taught us. It may be prudent to look for some of the offspring to lead us into the next era of Dodger baseball. GET DUSTY BAKER BACK TO LA! He understands the history and could lead a great revival of the Blue Crew. Thanks For listening

I would pay twice the money on all levels of the Stadium to see this:

Kirk Gibson as the manager.

Orel Hershiser- Pitching coach

Davey Lopes-1st base coach

Ron Cey- 3rd base coach

Steve Garvey, Manny Mota, and Tim Wallach be the coaches.

Sure, it’s every Dodger fan’s dream to see those legends coaching. But hey, WE’RE in the DEPO-McCOURT era.

The fans do not deserve this. This whole “losing/trading off your core players” role belongs to the LA CLIPPERS!!!

Tommy, do we have to be the CLIPPERS of baseball? Do we have to be perennial losers?

I absolutely KNOW you do not mean what you say in your blog entry. Deep down inside, you want to do something about it. You want to have that GM job, and it is YOU who wants to make a change, but you can’t because if you expressed how you really felt in this blog, McBroke would have you fired by now.

McCourt and Sterling (the Clippers’ owner) are really good friends, unfortunately. FANS YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS.

McCourt has learned from Sterling that the LA Dodgers can STILL MAKE MONEY WHETHER THEY ATTEMPT TO WIN OR NOT, JUST BECAUSE OF THE LA MARKET. This is the dirtiest secret in sports, and I think him buying the team is not for the benefit for us, but rather an investment for McCourt.

I think the Dodger faithful are ‘enslaved’ to the McCourts. The fans come out, and spend big bucks (and I mean we’re going from $6 to $250,000 in luxury suites, and $215 in dugout club seats). So they come out, and for what? To see the other team bust open the games? To see the likes of Pujols, Bonds, and Green homer?

What is this, Tommy? The management would do these stupid moves by accident, would they?

No, I think this organization, under the McCourts, cares about all the money the fans spend, the incomes, and revenues. Many fans forget that HE BOUGHT THIS TEAM ON CREDIT! no wonder he doesn’t have the money.

Tommy, you personally are in part responsible for the Dodgers’ being known as one of the greatest franchises in all of sports. You praise the upper management as if they have brought the Dodgers back to respectability. Last years West title was not theirs, the pieces were allready in place. How can a team let go of a player like Adrian, after the breakout year, that you personally knew he was capable of? Look how long it took to replace Ron Cey. It did’nt happen until Adrian was called up. He was so young but the organization did’nt give up on him because he showed signs of greatness. You were one of his biggest supporters. Last year was the first time in a while that Dodger fans had a legitimate MVP caliber season to witness. He exceeded everyones expectations.It was without question the best single season performance by any Dodger, I have ever seen.How many times did he take over a game and win it on his own? He was a Dodger from the beginning. How can it sit well with you that he is gone and his replacement shouldnt have even made the team?What’s next, trade Izturis?Maybe Depodesta could make another brilliant move and get Tony Graffanino to play short . You have to stop acting as if you agree with what is going on and use your influence to wake these people up. The Dodgers are the biggest joke in all of sports right now and that does’nt go over too well with those of us who truly bleed Dodger Blue. The upper management has nothing to do with past Dodger sucess, only current Dodger failure. In all of the terrible moves that Depodesta has made, Jeff Kent is his only sucess. He wont be remembered as a Dodger. Where are our future stars and fan favorites going to come from? Better yet, where will they be the following year?

Tommy, I agree with all the others who have said that you made so much of the Dodger organization what it is today! Get out there and be the TOMMY we’ve all come to love and respect! A

On a daily basis, I have to fight to make people where I live understand that – I live in San Francisco and they LOVE TO SEE THE DODGERS FAIL! A really good friend of mine told me that this was his favorite DODGER year since 1992! Now do you think that was a complement???? Of course not!! Help our team – I KNOW YOU CAN!

all i keep reading is tommy this, tommy that. all these people posting are just crybabies. but noone has said what i know you want to hear. think now, what does tommy love more than anything in the world? better yet, what DID tommy love doing more than anything in the world? MANAGING the dodgers, that’s what.

if 75 year old jack mckeon can lead an inexperienced marlins team to the title, tahn why not the greatest manager and greatest motivator in the history of God’s green earth?

tommy,i hope i see you back in the dugout next year, managing the dodgers, where you belong.

you have unfinished business. i’m tired of idiots like tony larussa getting all this credit fro the subpar job that he consistently does.

and what do i hear? alan trammel! terry collins! jerry royster! all failures, all probably good, responsible MEn, however, it takes a certain MAN to manage the dodgers.

and i know, many of the so-called dodger fans who read this post will deride, deride, deriede, however, their are those like me who live in reality.


The Dodgers finished as the 3rd worst team in the National League and the 6th worst team in baseball, overall.
Injuries, somewhat unagressive managing and a late season slump hurt BUT the dismantled 2005 championship team was the single most disasterous decision by ANY Dodger team in it’s history.

Baseball is won on the field and in the front office with all parties pulling together from ONE SIDE OF THE ROPE. I learned this from you, Mr. Lasorda, a long time ago.

Maybe it was time to change managers and maybe not. The loss of Eric Gagne was terrific and the lack of big hits from the corners left a massive hole in the effort to win. Starting pitching giving up multiple runs in the early innings was a terrible disapointment.

The decisions on all of this started with the General Manager and Mr. DePodesta needs to own up to what he has done – destroy the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mr. DePodesta, what we saw this year was pathetic in terms of past Dodger history. The Dodger players worked hard no thanks to you. The Dodger fans supported the cause – NO THANKS TO YOU. You are at least the 6th worst GM in baseball and I can only hope that the ownership will realize this before you get rid of Kent, Izturas and Weaver.

Tommy, as a fan I am tired of hearing how “devoted” McCourt is. If he was “devoted” he would not have gutted the entire 2004 roster and put that Class A team on the field this season.
Fans are “bashing” Depo, but the buck(funny thing to say about McBroke) stops at McBroke<s door; he approved of the gutting and the results. McCourt is way in over his head and so is Depo.

McCourt should not even be in baseball and you know it.

You pucker real well for McCourt and I for one, am tired of hearing you “Bs” the fans about McPhoney.

We also know how you “bad mouth” Depo behind his back, because the same stories keep reserficing.

You might even want to reture to Managing yourself, as you cannot stop slinging “it” and McCourt buys into it. But I am surprised that you keep kissing McBroke’s ***

This team will never be the same until McPhoney is out of town, which will not happen in either of our lifetimes. Why not say the truth? Why BS the public? McCourt is bad for the Dodgers and bad for baseball period.

You say “if you don’t pull for the Dodgers there is good chance (you) will not get into heaven”.
That statement offends me personally. I cannot believe you would insult people’s intellegence that way.

First, sir, this is not a site where we support religion(“Seperation of Church and State…”) and, secondaly, you insult every fan of every other sport in the world, not to mention the USA.

There are many people who do not believe in the “concept” of “Heaven”, myself includeed.

And to sugest that that “concept” is believed by everyone, everywhere is a “slap” at the face of “Freedom of Expression” and “free will”.

However, I understand this may have been ment as a “joke”, in which case you have insulted the “Religious Communitee”.

Please remember, this is a “Politicaly Correct” society and people must not say or write things that are not “PC” and heaven is not PC, as a lot of people do not believe in it.

Just thought I’d mention that little know fact to you.

“Of course that’s just my opinion. “But, I could be wrong”, but I’m always “PC”.


John C. Bellanger

Lakewood, Ca

Dear Mr. Lasorda,
I come from a very rich and sincere Dogder fan back ground. Born and raised in Missouri where my father became a Dodger fan when they signed Jackie Robinson. Rooting for the Dodgers, players like Robinson and Koufax, brought both pride and a certain social awareness into our home. I considered both my father the two most unlucky fans ever. He was at the game when Bobby Thompson hit is shot and I was at he ’85 game when Ozzie Smith hit his. During both seasons, the term “wait ’til next season” applied. I’m sad to say that this no longer seems to apply.

I won’t jump on the band wagon and begin bashing the front office. Funny, but coming from the mid-west, where there are very few Dodgers fans, any Dodger fan or member almost seems like family. My only comment to Mr. McCourt and Mr. DePodesta is to stop making decisions that only support the comments that have been made on this blog. They are the two people with the most control over which direction the Dodgers take. Please take charge, or leave it to someone who will.

My father passed away in “85 and I would have given anything to have him there with me during the 1988 World Series. However, I’m somewhat releaved he wasn’t here to see this season.

All my best and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.


Tre Lohmeyer

St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Mr. Lasorda,
Dodger fans have nothing but respect for you and your history as a representative of the Dodger organization. Your loyalty to the team is unquestionable and without you we would lose a certain degree of reflectability.

However, hearing you constantly defend and support the new owner and Paul is extremely offensive, at least to me. This new organization is absolute chaos. Now, with the departure of Tracy and Gagne, and soon Kent what are we left to think. We are no doubt turning into a small market, minor league staffed team. I am a loyal and dedicated fan, but this is beyond loyaly. Supporting this new turn is disloyal to the Dodger name. I hope fans take responsibility for this. By paying for tickets theym in part, own stock in the team. What better way to show their dissatisfaction than by choosing to not support.

For all of you who may not remember, when Tommy was put into the Hall of Fame, one stipulation was that he could not manage – as no managers who are currently managing are in. If he chose to manage they would take him out of the Hall. Now, what would you prefer – Tommy in the HOF where he belongs, or should he give that up to manage again? I think the answer is very clear – KEEP HIM IN THE HALL WHERE HE BELONGS! Now to see him as Commissioner – that would be AWESOME as I think that there is no one who loves the game more than Tommy!

I support the Dodgers no matter what kind of season they have. My father taught me to be a TRUE baseball fan and support my team even in their worst year. As much as I don’t like the path the organization has taken, like Uncle Tommy, I bleed DODGER blue and always will. ANYONE WHO WEARS DODGER BLUE WILL BE ON THE TEAM I CHEER FOR!!!!

Tommy, once again, thank you for everything!

Tommy, you hit it right on the button! Everyone involved with the dodgers know that they deserve a championship more than anyone. We’ve been longing for a World Series Ring since 1988. Quite some time I might add. I am with the Dodgers until the end; rest assure they will make the playoffs next season. Go Los Angeles Dodgers in ’06. Unitl than let’s watch some ’05 playoff baseball!


I have one simple question. Maybe you could pass it on to Depodesta for me.

How many World Series has moneyball won?

Hint: It’s the same number of championships the San Francisco Giants have.

Not bringing Tracy back is a big mistake. I wouldn’t be surprised if that egomaniac Depo names himself as manager. Either that or Pinnochio, because it’s pretty obvious Depo wants a puppet in that dugout.

How I long for the days when the O’Malley family owned the Dodgers. I miss you in that dugout as well.


A heartbroken die-hard Dodger fan.

Hi Tommy!

We still love listening to you after all these years. You really ought to think about a Podcast. You’d be a natural.

I’d love to see the Dodgers seriously go after Mike Scioscia. Does anybody really believe he’d want to stay with the Angels if he had an opportunity with the Dodgers? Get real!

Orel Hershiser or Bobby Welch as pitching coach too. We need a return to the great Dodger tradition!

Frank MCcourt, if you say you really want to win,the first and only step is to rehire the perfect man for the job,none other than Jim Tracy!
Then you will see a true Los Angeles Dodger Revival,on the field,in the stands,and even with you,the management!Then,and only then,will the proper foundation will be set,all the rest of the good will follow,and that’s the only time you will have true peace of mind,and everybody will fall in love with Los Angeles Dodger management and all joy will be back in Los Angeles Dodger Town!As for Eric Gagne’s comments,not correct!We don’t need this and we don’t need that! It is the rehiring of Jim Tracy that will set the proper foundation!All peace and joy to everyone and let us never,never,never forget There”Ain’t no mountain high enough or valley low enough” this Los Angeles Dodger Team can’t overcome!

I still believe that Frank MCcourt, Paul Depodesta and
Jim Tracy could still work this out as its says in the good book,The Holy Bible, that a threefold cord is not easily broken!

Hi Tommy,
You are the best! Let’s find someone to manage the Dodgers with your passion and spirit. I would love to see one of the Dodger legends leading the team. Give us Mike Scioscia, Orel Hershier, or Kirk Gibson. Give us someone that knows what it feels like to win and can fire up the team.


i’m going to give you another example of how i live in reality. you bring up that bs about tommy having to relinquish his hall of fame status if he wants to mange again.

so far as i am concerned, that is ridiculous and contradictory. i remember shortly after tommy retired, george steinbrenner wanted tommy to manage the yankees. and tommy was very interested. if you don’t believe me about that, ask tommy yourself. anyway, after this news was leaked, yogi berra, the bitter, jealous and failure of a manager that he IS, came out publicy, bashing tommy. he said something along the lines of “if he comes back to manage, that’s the ultimate disrespect to the hall of fame!” now, if you ask me, the only person who disrespected the game of baseball in that particular situation was yogi berra: he wasn’t sticking up for the game–jealous phony that he is he was using some disgusting sort of guilt manuever on tommy; he was jealous because he was fired by the boss and he didn’t want tommy to get another opportunity–the opportunity he never got. he was sort of like a little boy who immaturely deprives another boy from having fun because…..you get the point.

i remeber that back then and it still angers me today. if tommy came back to manage the dodgers, to do his work, the work he loves more than anything in the world, and the hall of fame in response treated him like that loser pete rose, then the hall of fame is not worthy of the name hall of fame. tommy loved his work;that’s why he did it so well for so long.

so again i speak hypothetically: if tommy comes back and the hall of fame takes his name out, then it really shouldn’t make a difference. even if tommy’s name is not in the hall of fame, he is a hall of famer because he IS. will anyone posting on this blog not consider him a hall of famer? i didn’t think so.


I know all about our Los Angeles Dodgers since 1955.
You want true knowledge into this situation!You read,read,

very carefully!MCourt,Depodesta you love statistics right!Depodesta,you cannot defeat me

but you will defeat yourself!You love your statistics,but you don’t do your homework!The only 2 men to win the World Series were Walter Alston,and believe me,he had hard times and Tommy Lasorda!



Tommy let me say this to the other so-called baseball fans…Hey if you are disgusted about “Moneyball” start your own league or pay more attention to your kids’ leagues/teams. MLB like all other “Pro Sports” are entertainment. As the WWE puts it, “Sports Entertainment”. True you can’t script October, but it is still just a show. Think of the Dodgers like D-X or Legion Of Doom in the WWE. The players are just merely “actors”. Baseball is not “real” in the sense that although the games are not fixed, baseball is a game you couldn’t fix like wrestling. Kirk Gibson couldn’t hit a home run when told to. Even Canseco with his steroids can’t hit a HR each time. You can’t even pull that off on PS2 MLB games! Mc Cort and Peter O’Malley before him are like Vince Mc Mahon, just businessmen trying to put on a billion dollar show. And we are ******* to fall for it each time.

Baseball is not “real” like in the original “rollerball” movie, which is hard to find a copy of, where teams compete for global domination. “RoboJox” had a similar theme as does “Battlefield Baseball” and “Shoalin Soccer”. If the D’s didn’t win so what? I’m not saying to stop cheering for them, just fill your time elsewhere until they can entertain us again! SEE ALL YOU SUKCERS NEXT YEAR!

First off, for those of you asking Mr. Lasorda to answer for this year’s problems, you should be ashamed.

Second, I admit that DePo made mistakes. I think the albatross of a contract handed to Derek Lowe was awful, for example. However, I don’t want to hear the argument that he broke up a potential World Series contender. Who would you wish he kept? How did Steve Finely, Alex Cora, and Jose Lima do this year? Did Beltre earn his $17.5 Mil this season and were Shawn Green’s numbers worth $16.7 Mil? And LoDuca’s numbers (which are really just a batting average, nothing more) are not worth the 3 yr $18 Mil handed to him by the Marlins. To think this year’s Dodgers would have done any better than last year’s if the team was kept together is a ridiculous argument.

Eric Gagne, Odalis Perez, JD Drew, Milton Bradley, Jose Valentin, Brad Penny, Antonio Perez, Jayson Werth, Cesar Izturis, and Wilson Alvarez all missed SIGNIFICANT time. That’s a CY Young closer, a 2004 MVP candidate, the whole outfield, the left side of the infield, and two starting pitchers. Not many clubs would get over that level of injuries.

I think the Dodgers will come back strong next year. And with Bonds healthy again, this could an old fashioned Dodger/Giant battle to the end in 2006.

First: Thanks Mr. Lasorda for teaching Mr Scoscia all he knows. And thanks for being a great inspirational leader. One trait of leadership is honesty and I have to be honest. I think the Dodgers have given up on me – so like Mike – its off to the LAngels I go. No, I’m not deserting the Dodgers – they’ve deserted me – a paying, hard working, dedicated, fan – long ago. I think many others feel this way and will follow.


I stopped following the Dodgers when they fired Billy Russell. He was, I thought, a loyal dodger that assisted you for years. He should, I think, have been given a better opportunity. When the Dodgers return to the Old ways, of hiring Dodger Blue managers, such as you, then I will return to the Dodgers as a number one fan. What do you think?

About 75% of the above posts are generic posts simply regurgitating the hatred has been printed in the LA Times. Any fans interested in some facts that the Times didn’t mention should read on.
First off, count_sutton’s post is right on. In the past 20 years, the Dodgers have never experienced this level of injury, especially to such crucial players as JD Drew, Eric Gagne, Cesar Izturis and Odalis Perez. If even TWO of those 4 had been healthy, the Dodgers would be NL West champs again.

The Dodgers are not losing many players to free agency this year; those they “lost” or traded last year, were underperformers across the board! Also, think of this: the Dodgers spent $25 MILLION this year on 2 players that weren’t even on the team – Darren Dreifort and Shawn Green. That’s more than 1/4 of this year’s payroll. That’s $25 million to be used this offseason to lure a hot bat or some more pitchers to add depth to a totally competent staff.

And the departure of Paul Lo Duca, one of the only ex-Dodgers to perform well this year, is a blessing in that the team discovered Dioner Navarro, the Dodgers’ catcher of the future. That kid has TALENT, and has more potential defensively and offensively than Lo Duca has.

Oh yeah, and the Dodgers have the 2nd best minor-league organization in baseball, which has been greatly strengthened by many of DePodesta’s trades. Take each of the above paragraphs into account, combine them with the AWFUL Padres organization, AWFUL D-backs organization, and once Bonds retires, AWFUL Giants organization, and the Dodgers will dominate the NL West for years to come. Hats off to Depodesta to realize how mediocre the 2004 team was (after their atrocious playoff performance) and to make bold, unpopular moves to make this organization STRONGER in the long term.

Viva los Dodgers.

True Blue Dodger Fan

An addendum to my above post – I’m willing to take bets on next year’s season, as the Dodgers WILL win the division. And I look forward to reading all of your posts at this time next year as they are back in the playoffs, and see how many of you are BACK on the bandwagon!
Look past this season. It was a disaster not because of management, but because of INSANE injuries. The Times will be singing DePodesta’s praises two years from now, trust me.

someone mentioned wwe on this blog recently. i believe they made the argument that vince and mccourt are one and the same, which is absurd considering vince has a monopoly on his business, while frank is merely one of the owners nobody living outside of los angeles even knows exists.

and to say that we are all bleepers falling for IT everytime is only true in a sense. in a sense only because back when i was an adolescent, watching the ULTIMATE WARRIOR wrestle was not a rip off. then, paying all that money for the pay-per-view was werth every penny. as was dodger baseball when tommy managed the dodgers.

today, perhaps those who pathetically dedicate their lives to their favorite baseball team(i mean those who do so without receiving a paycheck) are being ripped off.


and i guess franky and vince do have this in common: they are both in charge of running an establishment which was once great. however, contrary to what they believe, they don’t give the fans what the fans WANT.

the dodgers need headlines, BIG headlines. if news leaked that tommy was returning to manage the dodgers, this story would lead sports center; it would be so shocking, almost like the gibson homerun. diehard dodger fans would jump up and down, cheering, singing, crying, just like they did on that october night in 1988. brought back to life?

the dodgers hire alan trammel. who? when milton bradley or someone like milton bradley decide to behave like a wild animal in the jungle, what does alan trammel do? ??? ??? ?????? exactly. he does nothing. he tells himsself everything will be okay, he’ll calm down eventually. or, like eric wedge, he cries to the gm, “he cursed me, trade him away.”

but what does tommy do in that situation? “listen you bleeping donkey, you make 5 million dollars a year. i’m not taking any more of your bleep. you’re gonna shut up and play baseball.” the yelling persists, and milton is subdued. why? because tommy, unlike stiffs like alan trammel, commands respect.

how many of these managers overlook this, which is vital. how many of them allow their players to openly disrespect them.

the guys who are recommended for the dodgers position by depo do not command respect. perhaps on the first day of school, but give it a month or two and the students are running the class, and the kids learn nothing.

of course it wont happen. tommy will never sit in that dugout again and the ultimate warrior will never run down that aisle again. but at times like this, i allow myself to dream.

I see Jim Tracy in a Pittsburgh Pirate uniform and you know what we have lost the way as a human race!It doesn’t matter anymore if the Dodgers do well!Tommy,how would you look in a Pittsburgh Pirate uniform?We have lost the way!We have lost the way!

Mr. Lasorda:

I want to cut a strip of grass during the World Series to promote yard safety awareness.

I am a long-time fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates (hometown of Hermitage, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh), yet I am a huge fan of you. Furthermore, I lived in New York City for about ten years, and I developed a great appreciation for the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angeles Dodgers.

I present to you Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) – a yard safety super hero. About a year ago, I had a lawn mower accident that resulted in the partial amputation of my left foot. Consequently, I have been an advocate and promoter of yard safety, with the goal to prevent these outdoor power equipment accidents from happening to other people.

Furthermore, I have been a renaissance yardman, utilizing various art forms to communicate my safety message. I have approached Major League Baseball about the possibility of dedicating one day of the MLB season as Yard Safety Awareness Day. Each, there are about 400,000 individuals who experience lawn mower and garden-tool-related accidents, often times resulting in severe and life-altering outcomes. Since baseball is America’s pastime and often played on natural turf, I ask for your assistance and consideration to facilitate this humanitarian idea.

Please visit the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) website at http://www.rescuerick.com for additional information. Thank you for your BLOG. I have really enjoyed your presence and contributions to professional baseball over the years. Best wishes!

Richard Mudrinich

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

Im one of those long time Dodger fans who can only afford to take the Family to a few games a yr. But as a true Dodger fan and fading away very quickly, I agree with Kent and Gagne, if McCourt and Depodesta do not make the right moves to put a winning PRODUCT on the field i will ask for a trade also,for all the Dodger fans who pay for tickets out of their own pockets, teach the McCourts a lesson and hurt them where it counts, lets see if Frankie can make his 80 Million dollar Payroll with less than 1 million fans coming thru the gates. My request to All Dodger fans boycot the McCourts and hurt them where it really hurts his Pocket Book. STRIKE the McCourts, the games are free on TV, save Gas money, Concession Money and Buy a 12 pack for 14 dollars instead of two beers, Help the So Cal economy, stay home listen to Vin Scully and watch the McCourts go broke.

I hope your keeping up on this site and reading all the comments. You are the meaning of Dodger baseball, and the man that kept me a fan after my Dad made me one at an early age. I don’t live in California, so I don’t make it to Dodger stadium often, but I was at Wrigley for the classic rendition you sang of Take me out to the ballgame! It couldn’t have been sweeter! Anyway, I know a good friend of yours that you helped to get the Rag ball company off the ground, and he’s been a great person to me. He has given me autographs from you, and I am grateful. I just wish the next time you are in Illinois you visit Toluca, let Chet know, and I’ll buy ya dinner at Monas or Capponis! Tommy, we need a winner. This is not Dodger baseball we have been treated to the last couple years. Atleast you taught Mike the right way to manage. His players bust their *** for him, just like the 88 team did for you. We are not the Brewers or Royals. We are the six time champion Dodgers with the greatest fans in the world. And though I don’t get to Dodger stadium often, I go to Milwaukee, I go to Chicago (my eight year old son cried when Brazoban gave up the walk off home run in the ninth to the Sox this year), I go to St. Louis, and I go to Cincy. I support this team with some of the most idiotic fans (Chicago) just ripping me for showing my colors, and my son has to endure that and ask why they are like that. And I tell him every time- “Son, they have never seen their team win anything. A division title doesn’t mean a thing without the ring! Second place is the first place loser.” He bleeds Dodger blue, and will for life. God bless you Tommy- you gave me the best memories I’ve ever had as a Dodger fan. Tell Frankie we need a winner. This managerial move is huge. We need fire back at Chavez, and help us get it! You are the Man! Gotta go. Stay off the slim fast and eat up the linguini! Hope to see you in Illinois sometime! Bleed blue for life!


My very best regards! I’m glad you’re keeping an eye on the Dodger tradition on behalf of all of us. You and Vinny are the only guys out there to give us the continuity we need – with all the changes.

I would love to have seen Orel standing on the dugout steps this next season – he would have been a good counter-move to Mike’s tremendous success in Anaheim. Good publicity, too: Once a battery mates, now cross town rivals…

We’ve got to win one! As you’ve always said, we need to taste the sweet fruits of victory! Go Dodgers!!

Yeah, Yeah , Yeah:

Thanks Tommy for the Car Salesman speach. Bottom Line: Dodger fans are the greatest. We keep on showing up, buying those beers, buying those jerseys, spending a boat load of cash, screaming for our Dodgers.

What do we get in return?

Instead of a competative team, a bunch of nickle ***** ( no offense, really) but c’mon guys. You need to spend 100M wisely to have a real chance pf winning. I’m sure our payroll will be about 70M next year.

They know we’ll keep showing up spending that money and they will spend just enough on our team to keep the money coming in.

Screw you Tommy and Frank.

By the way Tommy, instead of seeking the next photo op, take some time and respond to these posts. Not everyone is kissing your A**

We need a real team, not PR.

HOOPMN6FT8: You got the right idea, bro!

Dear Tommy,
I am being pushed away from the Dodgers. That is what it feels like. I have grown up going to and supporting the Dodgers my whole life. i AM A SEASON TICKET HOLDER!

I live seven miles from Angel Stadium and will not support them. I would rather drive the forty miles to Dodger stadium. However, if you insist on lying to me about the McCourts and that creep Depodesta, I promise you I will not spend the thousands of dollars I spend every year at the stadium.

Thank the good Lord you people still have Vin Scully keeping a significant portion of us loyalists there. You have no idea how hard it is year after year hoping, spending the time and investing your heart. To be undermined by “the Franks” “Disposdesta” and now you! Speak the truth man!

Well, the fans get it….why doesn’t the Dodger organization? DePodesta is clueless, and his infamous trades in summer ’04 were just the beginning…he needs to find another line of work…how about writing a book about how to ruin a winning team?

I started bleeding Dodger Blue in 1978…but after DePodesta worked his magic, I stopped following the team…I was in tears when he traded our beloved players…here is the bottom line Mr. DePodesta….Money Ball is a stupid idea…what about chemistry, heart, passion…look the words up…anyone who watched the 1988 World Series knows that heart, drive and good managing can win a series…which is what we had last year…before the DePodesta mess.

I moved to Chicago last November…and changed leagues…on a whim…was so heartbroken I started following the White Sox….guess I got the last laugh…

Oh, and another really stupid move….letting Ross Porter go…

I thought Rupert Murdoch was evil….but this group….jeeze….bring the Aussie back!

Please Tommy, give the Dodger fans what they want. Give us one of the former Dodger Greats to manage our team. What could be better than Orel or Kirk charging out of the dugout. Bring back the days of Dodger greatness.


I wonder what the Dodgers would have been over the past several years if you yourself hadn’t mortgaged the future by trading Konerko for Dennis Reyes!

Mr. Lasorda:

After 27 years of being a Dodger fan, when I think Dodgers, I think Tommy Lasorda. There is one major puzzle piece missing to the current Dodgers, one that has been missing for a long time, yet one that was instrumental in your success with the Dodgers. There was always a “Sparkplug” who generated excitement on the team, and with the fans. There was Sax, Gibson, and Hatcher to name a few who were great players, maybe not always household names unless you were a Dodger fan, but they made things happen,and there was a sense of excitement about every season and every game, regardless to winning or losing. While I am sure it is the McCourt’s goal to bring a winning tradition back to Chavez Ravine, I can’t help but think that on many levels they are too excited foremost about being owners of a Major League franchise, and replacing “Baseball” people with people who don’t know the difference between the Dodgers or Lakers. Furthermore, Mr. Depodesta has made some of the dumbest mistakes of any GM, and proves day after day he is not experienced enough to be in charge of one of the premier baseball franchises. The Dodgers are a broken club, from the top down, and their needs to be much needed life injected back into the organization. Could you or any of us imagine a coaching staff of Gibby, Hershiser, Hatcher, Sax, and let’s try to steal Mike S from the wanna-be LA team? They are some exciting former players who weren’t always the best, but knew how to win and make fans want to go for the “ride.” I don’t know how much say they let you have, but I think they need to sit down, shut up, and let YOU steer the ship. We all know you’d do a better job.

Hey Tommy – Come back and Coach for us!!! If not, why don’t you choose someone you think would benefit the club – you know more than “they” do.

Mr. Lasorda,

I’m not a Dodger fan, but I’m a baseball fan that just simply loves a good game and the great moment they produce. To real reason I’m posting: Please advise your beloved Dodgers in their hiring practices. Tell them hire someone young and fresh to manager the team not someone who was fire or let go just last week by another team. Don’t hire a name, like they did a couple years back with hitting coach Jack Clark. I’m not a baseball insider, but I do know Jack Clark never hit for average, so what would make anyone think he would be a good hitting coach. Dodgers would have been in the thick of things two years, when they had one of best if not the best pitching rotation in baseball. Think about the White Sox “Ozzie” and the Indians “Wedge” Oh one other note I grew up a Yankee fan, while grandmother bleed Dodger Blue when you were the manager of the short corner guys Garvey and Cey!

Take Care and give a shot out to the Soldiers that still bleed Dodger Blue!

Tommy, I know I speak for many many Dodger fans when I say that the best thing the Club could do to put us back on track is to have you suit up and manage the team again. There isn’t a better baseball man–in or out of the game today. Good luck finding anyone who can motivate a team the way you can. So please DePodesta, stop screwing around and bring back Tommy. He can’t make it happen from a desk! Put him back in the dugout where he belongs!!!!
Jim Patton

Mr.lasorda, the world series is about to begin and I wonder when I will again see the dodgers in the fall classic. like many others i grew up here in L.A. and have always been a dodger fan. growing up seeing the on field chemistry of garvey, lopes, russel, and cey..with you howlering how the umps were always wrong..its was classic..man i miss those times..now that im a family man with two children and a loving wife..its my turn to continue the dodger tradition with them..unfortunatley the dodger tradition i knew as a boy has morphed into something i do not recognize anymore..how can i tell my kids that the dodger organization deserves our loyalty when the decisions made after the o malleys sold the dodgers are more Money driven then Winning driven..Mr Lasorda it must be difficult to continue playing spin doctor when inside you, your gut and soul must be wrenching at the decisions made by the dodger organization..it must be difficult to see a division winning team end up a 20 game sub 500 team..have the racism stick pointed at players..please use some of that dodger blue blood you have and whip up a winning potion that i know you still have inside you..I will always be a dodger fan..win or lose..but i hate having my heart handed to me every season…respectfully a dodger fan


Bring back The Bulldog!!!

Now we have “the Franks” and “Dispose-desta” interviewing Hershieser and Gibson. That would be great if it meant something, but it is all show and tell so that they can tell us all, that they really tried to find the best guy. They already have their man, somebody who’s a rookie, somebody that can tow the company line and collect a small check without arguing.
Hey “Franks”! Sell the club! the Dodgers are bigger than both of you. The fans deserve better than all your money ball games.

I heard the Angels outdrew the Dodgers this year in attendance for the first time ever…huh I wonder why?

maybe because your monkey Despo has no understanding of why people come to see their team. Tommy, for sake of us all explain it to those idiots. I know you know better. Be a hero in LA, save the DODGERS! I still have faith in you, though you have sinned with this last letter you wrote us.

Now we have “the Franks” and “Dispose-desta” interviewing Hershieser and Gibson. That would be great if it meant something, but it is all show and tell so that they can tell us all, that they really tried to find the best guy. They already have their man, somebody who’s a rookie, somebody that can tow the company line and collect a small check without arguing.
Hey “Franks”! Sell the club! the Dodgers are bigger than both of you. The fans deserve better than all your money ball games.

I heard the Angels outdrew the Dodgers this year in attendance for the first time ever…huh I wonder why?

maybe because your monkey Despo has no understanding of why people come to see their team. Tommy, for sake of us all explain it to those idiots. I know you know better. Be a hero in LA, save the DODGERS! I still have faith in you, though you have sinned with this last letter you wrote us.

Dear Mr. Lasorda…first of all I would like to echo so many of the fans on this blog who view you not only as a true hero to baseball but you are truly the heart and soul of Dodger blue and it has been an honor and a pleasure to watch you in action over the years. My father lives in Columbus, Georgia and became a Dodger fan at an early age. After I was born I heard my father talk so much about the Dodgers with conviction and excitement that I had no choice but to become a Dodger fan also.
One of the things that I have always been proud of while being a Dodger fan is that the Dodgers always had great pitching and great players that they raised throughout their farm system. One of my biggest frustrations with the Dodgers has been that just when our players get to the point where they are reaching their potential, we trade them away and then have to start back over from scratch. I understand that one has to always look to the future but what about winning a championship in the present. If you always trade the talent away you’ll never mature to the point where you will have a good cohesive unit that will bring in championships.

With that said, my father and I have talked and we believe that either Dusty Baker or Orel Hershieser are the right choices to be the next Dodger manager. Dusty Baker had already said that he was interested in the job and you will have to admit that what he has done with San Francisco and the Chicago Cubs has been impressive. He has good managerial experience and we believe that he would bring the same type of management passion that you had when you were managing. We also think that Hershieser would be a very good pick because of his great experience in pitching. If you look at the two teams in the World Series now and I would argue most of the teams that have made the World Series you would notice that their pitching staffs are superior. We need to make sure we have a healthy and lethal pitching staff like we have always had in the past. We believe Hershieser would bring that focus back to LA. Also, I remember back in the day that Hershieser spent a lot of time around you and I think that he will use a lot of what you taught him…just like Mike S did.

In closing I really wish that you could come back to the dugout to manage the Dodgers because I really miss your passion and your presence in that position but I understand and concur that you have served your time and it is time to let one of your proteges like D Baker or O Hershieser carry on the Dodger blue tradition. God bless you Mr. LaSorda and may God bless all Dodger Blue fans. I look forward to returning to the playoffs and eventually the World Series! — Go Dodgers!

The only way this owner will ever build a winning club , is either by accident or when he sees nothing but those pretty pastel seats empty. This will force him to build a real ballclub ,not some cheap untalented ****. Stay away from the stadium until it gets better, otherwise it will never get better. Hang in there Tommy . M

To Anyone who wanted Depodesta fired:

You were wrong, and you got what you wanted. You may be Dodger fans, but you don’t understand baseball. With DePo’s help the A’s win more games than any other franchise in baseball on average.

Beltre sure was great in Seattle, right? Who would have ever thought he’d return to the exact same form he had from 2001 to 2003?

Lo Duca’s .380 slugging pct sure helped his team make the playoffs.

Your minor league system is stocked. Minor league talent is cheap, they are stuck working for nothing. You will be reaping the benefit of a great minor league system and with that $100 million payroll you can afford to waste money on a Beltre.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

But I’m glad you fired DePo. I’m not a Dodgers fan, so maybe he’ll get hired my team. That would be fantastic. Even if he leaves after only a couple years for a bigger job, he’ll have helped the franchise enormously.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, if you had anything to do with getting rid of DePo!!!! I’ll actually stay a Dodger fan and not start pulling for Mike S’s Team to the south. To me baseball is about team chemistry. Last year they had it. I wouldn’t have cared if they never made it to the playoffs as long as they played with the zeal and joy they did before DoPo tore them apart. And they did win, and could have won even more this year if they had still been the same team. “Manchesterterrerier” above says I don’t know anything about baseball if i cheer DePo’s departure. Well, I know what I like to watch on the field and it’s a team that loves playing the game as a team, as a game and not just a high paying job. That’s what I saw before the team was torm apart. And to be fair to DePo, it still seemed to exist at the beginning of this season, but fell apart as the injuries mounted. Nevertheless, the chemistry that was there, and was working to create wins, is something that only the great General Manager in the Sky can create. And once it exists, any mere mortal general ganager who is so arrogant to believe he has some statistical, numerical process that can trump the power of positive energy and team chemistry, in terms of creating a winning team, is only deluding himself. Mr. Lasorda, you are proof of that. You are the master of the power of positive thinking. Maybe DoPo’s system would have worked if he had a manager like you to create the energy needed, but he didn’t and he destroyed what was working. His arrogance from the beginning was foul smelling and bothersome. Dodger Stadium looks brighter and is smelling better already! At least for now I will still THINK BLUE.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, if you had anything to do with getting rid of DePo!!!! I’ll actually stay a Dodger fan and not start pulling for Mike S’s Team to the south. To me baseball is about team chemistry. Last year they had it. I wouldn’t have cared if they never made it to the playoffs as long as they played with the zeal and joy they did before DoPo tore them apart. And they did win, and could have won even more this year if they had still been the same team. “Manchesterterrerier” above says I don’t know anything about baseball if i cheer DePo’s departure. Well, I know what I like to watch on the field and it’s a team that loves playing the game as a team, as a game and not just a high paying job. That’s what I saw before the team was torm apart. And to be fair to DePo, it still seemed to exist at the beginning of this season, but fell apart as the injuries mounted. Nevertheless, the chemistry that was there, and was working to create wins, is something that only the great General Manager in the Sky can create. And once it exists, any mere mortal general ganager who is so arrogant to believe he has some statistical, numerical process that can trump the power of positive energy and team chemistry, in terms of creating a winning team, is only deluding himself. Mr. Lasorda, you are proof of that. You are the master of the power of positive thinking. Maybe DoPo’s system would have worked if he had a manager like you to create the energy needed, but he didn’t and he destroyed what was working. His arrogance from the beginning was foul smelling and bothersome. Dodger Stadium looks brighter and is smelling better already! At least for now I will still THINK BLUE.

I say @#$% the McCourts, who may be the biggest imbeciles of any current professional sports organization… And that is saying something. I just found out. I want to puke. What goobers. First they screw up the stadium, then they court Platschke like he was someone worth knowing, then they fire longstading employees and install their family. Screw ’em. I wish the McCourts on the Giants. ****, I’d fork money over to see that happen, but I won’t be watching the McCourt Clowns next year. Tommy, lookout, you’re next.

Tommy, I am a young Dodger fan so don’t remember anything you did in the 80’s. All i remember is that you made bad decisions as an interim GM in the 90’s, and that when given a chance, you seem to always talk about the esoteric ‘Dodger-way’ of doing things. Can you please explain how the Dodgerway fits into the recent firing and also the future of the team?

I was very saddened to hear DePodesta was fired. I firmly believed in his abilities and his vision. You apparantly didn’t, and maybe that’s why he was unfairly denied a chance to succeed. If the Dodgers do succeed next year, it would be classy of you to give both him and Mr. Evans some credit. They both did a fantastic job of rebuilding.

By the way, you were called a ‘BitGod’ recently, this is not an appointment of diety.

“Tom Lasorda, the ultimate Bitgod” – Management by Baseball


I am a young Dodger fan so don’t remember anything you did in the 80’s. All i remember is that you made bad decisions as an interim GM in the 90’s, and that when given a chance, you seem to always talk about the esoteric ‘Dodger-way’ of doing things. Can you please explain how the Dodgerway fits into the recent firing and also the future of the team?

I was very saddened to hear DePodesta was fired. I firmly believed in his abilities and his vision. You apparantly didn’t, and maybe that’s why he was unfairly denied a chance to succeed. If the Dodgers do succeed next year, it would be classy of you to give both him and Mr. Evans some credit. They both did a fantastic job of rebuilding.

By the way, you were called a ‘BitGod’ recently; this is not an appointment of diety.

“Tom Lasorda, the ultimate Bitgod” – Management by Baseball


To Whom it may concern & Mr. Lasorda,

Its amazing how so many people can over look so many things when it comes to baseball and all its workings. I’ve been reading a lot of these comments by all of these Dodger fans & I’m digusted by what some of them have to say. True Dodger fans have a certain class and dignity about themselves and their team. All teams go through change. Some is forced, which I believe happened to us in our ’03/’04 season. True that the trades were bad by Depodesta, but the hiring of him was a only telling us what the future held. I believe that was a poor and thoughtless decision by Mr. McCourt. Our team was the true definition of Baseball. A crew of selfless men playing the game together. Depending on each other to overcome obstacles that seemed impossible. But thats in the past. What the future holds is unknown, but as Dodger Fans we must stick by our team. Support is what people need in times of change. Although it seems Mr. McCourt has realized his mistakes, hopefully now he understands what Dodger baseball is all about. We can only wait & see, & I will wait.

And Mr. Lasorda…I don’t know how much influence you have in decision making, but please do your best on making our team the best. You know what that logo on those jerseys represents. We shouldn’t have let Tracy go. He was a great coach for us & knew how to play the Dodger way. Last year we should have never let go of Lo Duca. Not only a fan favorite, but a loyal man in a time where thats hard to find in the MLB, he was also a great catcher that really knew his pitchers and how to get them to pitch quality games. We could really use that w/ the staff we have now. The staff we have now is great. I’m nobody special but I believe I know the game. It’s not all about stats. The Yankees have proved that for us. It’s about heart and the team.


Mr. Lasorda,
I appreciate all you have done for the game of baseball but sometimes you just make be sick. In particular I am referring to your last paragraph:

“if you don?t _pull_ for the Dodgers, there?s a good chance, you may not get into heaven!”

That’s bad enough although the comment itself isn’t what bothers me the most. It’s the fact that the word pull is a link to the page to buy Dodger season tickets. It’s just gross and pathetic on so many levels. It is as if all your BS is just to sell Dodger tickets. Sad…


I just discovered your blog. This is great!! I am a big fan of the Dodgers and of yours as well. I am happy your involvement has increased as I think that you are the link to the glorious past. Besides my kids being born the 1988 season is the greatest moment of my life. I would be very excited to see Orel and Kirk and even Bobby Valentine back in the Dodger organization. It would also be great to see the Dodgers become trendsetters in the hiring of the first women GM in Kim Ng. She is qualified and has earned the respect of her peers. Tommy, I encourage you as a long time Dodger fan to help restore the lustre to this once great organization. As I realistic fan I do not expect to win the World Series every year but I want to be competitive. When I was younger I used to walk around gloating about “my” Dodgers. It has been a long time since I have been able to do that. Please Tommy, help us fans!

David J Flores

San Clemente, CA.

Mr Lasorda
I am a diehard DODGER fan living in SF Giants country. I have bleed Dodger blue every year since I was a kid. Now in my late 30’s us dodger fans are due a championship, with a true leader. I saw where bulldog Orel Hershiser was interviewed for the manager position. I say give the bulldog a shot. We need someone like him since you cant step in to save us. I loved watching and listening to your interviews growing up, and have followed your path any chance I get to watch ya speak. I think bulldog being that he played for you and I am sure he learned alot from you could be successful taking us there. Depodesta was a joke. To trade Loduca, Beltre. That hit hard, and as much as the new owners say they want to win, they need to wake up. You are the man, the true leader, the one who has lead several dodger teams to the promised land of championships. I really wish the good lord up above in his decked out dodger blues would grant all fans one last chance to see you manage our team to one more championship, just to prove to all those who doubt that the dodgers and tommy lasorda are the best EVER. Not that we have anything to prove because you have done that already. I miss watching and cheering for a dodger team that the fans could truely wrap their arms around. The trades, hurt big time. I say bring the following to the tables, so we can all sport our dodger blues at the end of next season and have the right to say we are the champions. I say make this happen. Loduca back catching, John Olerud at first, Kent if he can get over this b.S with Bradley at 2nd, Izzy at short, beltre back at third, drew in right, since he didnt do squat in center, or at the plate, big mistake but if we have to have him leave him in right field, leave bradley in center, yes he is a problem child, but he can whip *** when we need to unleash the hounds. As for left field, give Jose Cruz a shot. And Tommy if you cant manage, hunt Dusty Baker down if the bulldog is out of the question. How awesome would that be. As for pitching our staff pisses me off at the moment. Penny didnt do what I thought he would, Lowe was or could have done better I am sure, if he had back up. Weaver I am glad to see leave. I hated seeing these guys smiling when our team was losing and cameras would catch them laughing and joking as our team fell in standings, etc. Perez, I watched his press video when the dodgers resigned him. He was a disappointment. We need to get dodger pitchers with HEART. Guys he go out and give that **** 110 percent. Not that they dont, but when you watch a ball game and hear about the injuries, I think of Curt Schilling who bled for his team and it showed during the championship games for BOSTON. I am not a big fan of his but he showed HEART and a determination to get out there and win for his team. We need more schillings.

Tommy we need your heart, your swift kick in the dodgers *****, excuse my french.

Make it happen Tommy.


Steve “Gar” Garcia.

Fairfield Ca.


You’re needed in the dugout, as at least an interim manager.

First, you’re the best man for the job. Second, this prolonged manager search makes the team seem like a pariah, after mediocre candidates decline or withdraw from consideration.

Look at the managerial challenge this way:

It’s like the character said in “Raging Bull.” Take this fight and if you win you win, and if you lose you win.


I wish to bring to the attention of Tommy (and all Dodger fans) the tragic circumstances surrounding the final resting place of Don Drysdale, in hopes that the situation can be remedied.

After he died, Don was cremated, but instead of his ashes being buried, scattered at sea, or returned to a relative’s home in a dignified urn, Don’s remains now sit in what appears to be a cardboard or metal box, along with hundreds of others, on the shelf of a dingy little room (in the basement of Forest Lawn) with chipped paint – it looks worse than someone’s hall closet. You can see the sad location at this URL:


It is a tragedy that a man of Don Drysdale’s standing should have his remains stored on a shelf in such pathetic conditions.

I would like to call on Tommy Lasorda and anyone else who respects the memory of Don Drysdale to see that his remains receive a proper disposition.

Shame on whoever has allowed this to happen…

G’day Tommy from downunder,

I sincerely hope you are planning to visit Australia before the WBC starts. Our country is in dire need of more media coverage about the WBC, On the TV News or TV Chat shows as well as in the newspapers and on the internet locally.

Australians are still mainly Cricket lovers and Baseball is considered a minor sport here. In saying that many young Aussie players are signed Pro in the USA each season and our own club http://www.asl.baseball.com.au has 5 junior players signed Pro the last 5 years. One of which, Dave Sutherland has a bright future ahead in your own Dodger organisation.

I get sick and tired of negative comments about the WBC…. some fans just cannot see the big picture about World Baseball. I love your positive outlook about Baseball and life in general.

I’m a Baseball player from the 70’s and Coach Juniors now and play a bit still in Australia and was lucky enough to live in LA a few years and attend many Dodger games when you managed. I loved watching Orel Hershiser bat butcher boys and pitch, Kirk Gibson, Mickey Hatcher and was there one day when Ramon Martinez hit a Home Run and the 20+inning game in Houston one night on TV when you had Mickey Hatcher pitching !!!. My wife grew up in California listening to Dodger games on the radio with her dad and my workmates uncle in California was Transport manager for the LA Dodgers for many years since the 1960’s.

The Dodgers are MY TEAM ( except for Australia of course). I was especially honoured to meet and chat with Roy Campanella one day on my way into Dodger Stadium.

I hope you get to come to Australia Tommy and preach the WBC and Baseball gospel ( Do you still bleed Dodger Blue???)


Glen Long


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