End of the Season

The close of the season came yesterday, as the Chicago White Sox beat the Houston Astros in the World Series.  I would like to thank the 74 million fans across the country, and around the world, who attended a ball game this summer.  I hope you enjoyed the season as much as I did. 

The World Series was an amazing one, as the White Sox broke an 88-year streak of not winning a championship.  The White Sox symbolized baseball at its finest, as they had a balanced roster of guys who played in an unselfish manner.  Many teams win, but to be considered a true champion, the winning team must do so with integrity and class.  The Sox showed both characteristics on their way to winning the trophy.

I would like to congratulate Jerry Reinsdorf, Ozzie Guillen, all the players, and the loyal fans who tirelessly supported their team.

I would also like to extend my congratulations to Drayton McLane, and the entire Astros organization for giving the fans in Houston their first World Series.  Phil Garner did a fantastic job.  Unfortunately, his team was not able to get the hits when they needed them the most.

Ultimately, his team joined the other 29 teams in Major League Baseball.  But, as they used to say in Brooklyn, wait until next year.


Hey Tommy

I think Ozzie proved that you don’t need prior managerial experience to produce a winning team. Now used all your persuasive charm with Mr. McCourt to bring Orel the Bulldog back to LA-afterall he was born and bred a Dodger and I know he still bleeds blue.

You wouldn’t have anything to do with DePodesta’s dumping, would you? I remember how big you were on loyalty, when did that change? You had a couple of bad years (remember 1992? I sure do), thank goodness your owner wasn’t so fickle.

Screw you Tommy. And screw Bobby Valentine while you’re at it. They should have kicked your old antiquated carcass out to the curb when they had the chance. Now you’re going to run this organization you claim to love into the ground. I can’t wait for the next Shaw-for-Konerko stroke of genius. You and McCourt can go to **** as far as I’m concerned.

**** Valentine.***** McCourt and **** the LA Times.

I forgot **** Camille Johnston.

Thank you Tommy and Frank McCourt for firing one of the worst GMs in all of Major League Baseball. Frank- here is your chance to right so many of the wrongs that have occured under your regime. Don’t screw it up.

thbrown is right. Let’s all welcome the coming return to the stone age. Give us back our witches and magic elfs. Hooray for Geocentrism!


I doubt you actually read this but I’ve had respect for you my entire life. If what Peter Gammons says is true and you are the principle reason DePodesta is gone, you’ve lost any respect that I have ever had for you.

You’re unfortunate decisions as the G.M. of this team killed the Dodgers. I have little hope that your replacement would be any better.

Hey Tommy,

At what point are these idiots who own the team going too far in your eyes? They let DePodesta do all groundwork for finding a new manager then fire him.

And are you paid per compliment you give Jamie McDork? I’m a lifelong Dodger fan who has had it. I have no doubt you ran DePodesta off. He wasn’t great, but he did deserve better.

From Russell’s firing, Konerko’s trade to Milton Bradley and JD Drew, it’s been one “great” decade.

“Think Blue”? Screw Blue.

Tommy, i love you. i mean it, i absolutely love you. can i say it again? I LOVE YOU!

OMG, i think i got it! do you remember hershiser’s words about the interview with the dodgers? he said he wants to be either a manager OR a GM. i believe depo was threatened by this and probably did the interview over the phone for that reason.

gammons wrote an article, but i haven’t read it. i don’t know what he meant, but it would be heaven if we had hershiser as the GM and valentine as the manager. it would be the dynamic duo! wow, i’m excited.

Dear Old Fart,

You had something to do with DePo’s firing?

He’s one of the best GMs in baseball. He’s not just “ok.”

The Dodgers may do well without him, seeing as how he left your minor league system stocked.

– Disgusted

Hey tommy,

I believe that Depo definitely deserved at least another season to prove himself. You just don’t fire a GM after one bad(injury-plagued) season like that. I, as well as many others, think that this was a terrible, terrible move. Maybe the heads of this franchise and the “advisers” can think before pulling the trigger and not just act out of arrogance.

I am impressed. The McCourt?s have finally done something for this ball club that the fans wanted and remember without the fans he is not going to be able to pay for the remodel of Dodger Stadium. DePoseta ruined the Dodgers and the path this team was going. Do not stop the search for a manager, hire the bulldog. If the G.M can not get along with Orel then he is not the G.M for the Dodgers. We need to get back to the Dodger Blue way of life. I do not like October with the Dodgers in the playoffs and it has been a long time and is hard for me to remember the last time I really enjoyed October. Tommy Lasorda gave Dodger fans a lot to hope for and set the bar of expectation high. Milton Bradley gave Dodger fans something on opening day that was suppose to be the building blocks for the season and then the injuries bought us back to reality, or did it. Dodger fans are a lot like the Yankee fans (At least during the O?Malley years). We were excited the days leading up to the trading deadline; we looked forward to the off season and what they brought us for the up coming season. McCourt?s, need to do some home work in the off season. Do not get me wrong, I realize that in time all things change, but why should we settle for being last in a division that 3 games over 500 would have won the division and with that kind o record we would have been out in the first round like the Padres. All true Dodger fans want hope for the new season and smart good baseball decisions for the Dodgers and there fans.

Mr. Lasorda,

I’ve always had affection for you. You’ve obviously suddenly gained great influence over the future direction of the Dodger franchise. The McCourts have demonstrated nothing but sheer ignorance and vanity in how they approach running the team, so your role is crucial.

Given that, here’s what fans need to hear you say:

“I made a mistake trading Paul Konerko.”

“I made a mistake dismissing the potential of Pedro Martinez.”

“I’ve learned from these stupid blunders, and will not advise that the Dodgers repeat them now. Specifically, I will make sure the McCourts continue to recognize, as they did when DePodesta was here, that trading our blue chip prospects for over the hill ‘name’ players might be a PR dream but is bad for the long term future of the franchise. If I see Frank or Jamie heading in that direction, I will come to them and say, Frank and Jamie, I tried that before, and I failed, and I’m still miserable about it. I personally cost the Dodgers at least two division championships in this decade because I so devalued Konerko.”

Tommy, I don’t know if you can do this. But if you did it, and did it publicly, the sting of this unjustified firing would be much eased.


Tommy, DePodesta wasn’t allowed to continue with his vision for a reason. What is the REAL reason? Will someone come out with some truth please?

Bill Russell… Fred Claire… Paul DePodesta… ever get tired of stabbing people in the back, Tommy?

I guess the Big Dodger in the Sky is OK with treachery.

Somehow, I think at his age, repetitive motion disorders aren’t much of a concern…

“DePodesta is out of a job, stabbed by the oldest of the old school, Tommy Lasorda”

Read the rest here:


Tommy, I am a young Dodger fan so don’t remember anything you did in the 80’s. All i remember is that you made bad decisions as an interim GM in the 90’s, and that when given a chance, you seem to always talk about the esoteric ‘Dodger-way’ of doing things. Can you please explain how the Dodgerway fits into the recent firing and also the future of the team?

I was very saddened to hear DePodesta was fired. I firmly believed in his abilities and his vision. You apparantly didn’t, and maybe that’s why he was unfairly denied a chance to succeed. If the Dodgers do succeed next year, it would be classy of you to give both him and Mr. Evans some credit. They both did a fantastic job of rebuilding.

By the way, you were called a ‘BitGod’ recently, this is not an appointment of diety.

“Tom Lasorda, the ultimate Bitgod” – Management by Baseball


Mr. Lasorda,

I have had the pleasure to hear you speak on two occasions, one when I was coaching college baseball at Mansfield University (you spoke at the national convention) and the other time was at the Mid-Atlantic Scouts Banquet in Baltimore. We actually had our picture taken together. The stories that you tell and the passion that you share for the game of baseball is unparalleled. The fact that you took the time to congratulate the Chicago White Sox is a testament to your passion for the game of baseball. I do hope that I can listen to your stories in person at least one more time. Thanks for being you! Shane

glad to see you back in a position of prominence with the oranization. please remind Mr. McCort that this is the Dodgers and help him hire a GM and manager that understand what it’s like to wear BLUE. if as some have reported that you were a part of DePodesta’s dismissal it could well be the best day of work that you’ve done in a long time. thanks again

I love reading all of these comments by these Sabermetric geeks who worship Paul Depodesta. The McCourts finally make a good decision (maybe with a little help from Mr. Lasorda) and these computer nerds start getting their panties in a bunch. Depodesta should’ve never been hired in the first place. The only reason the Dodgers did well in 2004 was because he inherited a great ballclub from their previous GM Dan Evans. Starting at the 2004 All-Star Break, “Paul” began his calculated destruction of a playoff-caliber team and turned them into the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. By the way, stop ******** about the Paul Konerko deal. Look at what he did with the Dodgers and with the Reds after he was traded and tell me that wasn’t a good trade. He had ONE good season, magically the year his contract was up. If the Dodgers go out and pay a ton of money to sign him, they will be making a huge mistake. Tommy Lasorda knows what it means to bleed Dodger blue. The longer his input is taken seriously, the better off the Dodger organization will be.

What is all this about how horrible it is that DePodesta was fired? What has he done at all to garner any of your loyalty besides tear apart a Division winner? All I see is negative comments with nothing to back it up. I just wish McCourt had done this sooner and perhaps we’d still have one of the best managers in baseball. Thank you Tommy for all your years of dedication to the Dodger organization. There are still plenty of us who appreciate you and your hard work. Don’t listen to these knucklehead who don’t have a clue and have nothing but negativity to spread. I have the unique perspective of being a Dodger fan who lives outside L.A. so I get to see the games through the eyes of other broadcasters through my MLB package and I see the respect they have for you and our organization. I’ve also heard the comments about how Tracy is one of the best managers in baseball. Its too bad we lost him, but hopefully we can get things back on track and I think this is the first good step in that direction.

What is all this about how horrible it is that DePodesta was fired? What has he done at all to garner any of your loyalty besides tear apart a Division winner?

I guess you were satisfied with getting knocked out in the first round, then…


I saw your interview with Rob Fukazaki on Sports Zone last night. I thought the clip of you “telling it how it is” was great. Most importantly, Paul DePodesta is gone, and whoever did the dirty work should be exalted and praised, whether it be McCourt or you. According to you, however, you had nothing to do with it and you said you would “sware before God.” Obviously this actually means something to you, so I put my full confidence in you. The big Dodger in the sky is not someone you take lightly. Tommy, keep doing whatever you are doing. What the Dodgers need now is a proven winner, not another Paul DePodesta. Thanks for always remaining loyal, through thick and thin. I will do the same.

Oh and for the last poster, the 2004 season is long over. We need to focus on how to fix our faliures in the 2005 season. We dropped out 1st tound because we lost LoDuca, Mota, and other top quality players, thanks to Depo.

Can we pull Mr. Hart out of retirement? Mr. Hart, Mr. Valentine, and Mr. Hershiser would make a great team……………Tommy, Thank God you are still close to the Dodgers…………..Mr. McCourt was wise to consult with you……you are what the Dodgers are……………I think of the Dodgers, I still see Tommy trotten out there, the bright whites, the manicured green sod..Hang in there Tommy, we will get there……….

LA Times Steve Henson article:

“I would be shocked if he [Theo Epstein] touched the Dodger job,” said a front-office executive who knows Epstein well. “He’s not going to go into a situation that one of the 10 people he trusts most in the world says is completely dysfunctional.”

Dear thbrown@ucdavis.edu, sabre3@starband.net, firbulig@hotmail.com, info@rchawleyco.com, etc.,

read this Jon Weisman entry about Dodger Tradition


You lot are obviously uninformed about the Dodgers current situation, either because of the brainwashed poor-writing of a certain LA Times writer or just plain ignorance.

Lasorda, you are only a cheerleader, not a decision maker, nor should you be a behind-the-scenes advisor. Tom, if the back-stabber rumors are true, the glory you brought us in 80’s means nothing to me considering that you may have just destroyed a plan-in-progress for an emerging dynasty. Chances are that McCourt will hire a GM who will trade away all our Jacksonville Suns stars that DePodesta worked so hard to keep intact. You truly are Wormtongue of the Dodgers organization, and I hate to say this, but the sooner you meet the big Dodger in the sky the better.

You’ve brought nothing but shame upon this once-glorious Dodgers organization that the great statistician Branch Rickey once led.

Dear Tommy:

I have always liked you and I really hope that the rumors that I read about you in the papers following the Depodesta firing are not true. The thing that has always concerned me about you is that you have seemed to me to not place a great value on rookies. I think that the Dodgers are on the verge of a dynasty with the large number of impact rookies that the Dodgers have in the minors. I am thinking about LaRoche, Kemp, Billingsley, Broxton, Orenduff, Aybar, Martin, Guzman, Tiffany and so many others. Please do not participate in the trading away of our future for some almost over the hill names just to try and get a quick fax and improve the Dodger’s win/loss appearance. Dodger fans are sophisticated enough to recognize this type of action for what it is. We fans can wait and if we can be patient I hope that you and Mr. McCourt should be willing to be patient too.

As far as the Dodger’s general manager position is concerned, I would prefer to get a proven winner at that position, like Theo Epstein or the current GM of the Florida team. I hope that the Dodgers do not get someone who has a name but has not had a recent winning record at that position, like Mr. Hart of Texas. I actually like Ms. Ng of your current staff.

George Staib

What happend to the good ol’ days when the dodgers almost stictly brought players up from their farm system? When players stayed within the family? I miss those days. DePo went by the numbers only, I didnt like that about him. I think we should get ride of our distractions, say see ya to Bradley and Kent. Bring back Cora, he’s one of the smartest players in baseball. Bring back Lo Duca and put him at first. Bring back Beltre, Im sure who ever has him now would be glad to get rid of him. The team we had before DePo chopped it up to bits was amazing, it really didn’t need all that many changes. Actually this is what my dad thinks, I think he would make a better GM, you should look into it.

Dear albertworld@gmail.com,

Let’s say for all intensive puproses that Lasorda was instrumental in the firing of DePodesta. Who exactly did he backstab: DePodesta or the fans of the Dodgers? You most certainly cannot make the argument that most fans wanted Paul DePodesta to stay around. Beyond the fact that it was a popular decision, it will prove to be the right decision. Depo may have kept the farm system intact (I don’t know but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt) but he didn’t use the talent that the Jacksonville Suns possesed, and if he did it was rare. Rather, we signed Kent, Bradley, Drew, Penny, Lowe, and Houlton, just to name a few. In this case, the crucial point to understand is that the ends justify the means. Whatver Tommy did it was right.

People, How many rookies-of-the-year in a row did we have in the 90’s? Remind me again how many titles were produced. It’s all about CHEMISTRY (Marlins D-Backs, Red & White Sox). Notice no Yankees. Anyone that has ever coached this game knows that a team together will achieve greater success then a team of over paid individuals. This said, our chemistry was obliterated by DePo’s ignorance of the game. Tommy, since I was 5, I have looked up to you (and I continue to do so). Don’t listen to all of these clowns. You have contributed much to this great game and it will never be forgotten. THANK YOU!!!! As for you albertworld, to wish death on somebody over a game! Are you serious? Do us all a favor and find another team to “root” for. You are not much of a person to post a comment like that. There are far more important things in life. Get a clue dude!!!

cslama — in the post-facto world you inhabit, “heart” or “chemistry” or whatever voodoo it is that the nincompoops running the Times sporting pages would have you believe in — I have a question for you.

Can you measure it? How do you know a player has it? And how can you assign a dollar value to it if you can do neither of these things?

Thank you.

Tommy- You are the greatest. Advise Mr. Mc Court that Kim Ng is his choice for GM. Jim Street had it right in his article that is also on their Web today. I usually don’t do these Chat things, but I’m a female at the top of her peers in a man’s world, and if you want to get a season crowd consistantly, hire her !

Hey Tommy,

Do me a favor and ignore all the ignorant people, and their negative comments. I know as well as you do that you are one of the main reasons the Dodgers organization is one of the most successfull and classiest in all of sports!! As a Dodgers fan I pull for and support the players, to bring the big trophy to Los Angeles every year. But I also understand that players come and go. You and Vin Scully (my 2 GREAT grandfathers)ARE the Dodgers, and nothing will EVER change that!! SO keep up the great work, and I’ll see you at the ballpark in April. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been a fan for a long time and it dont take a genious to figure out what is wrong with the dodgers. I could be the coach for the dodgers and do a better job then the yone you had last year. you need more speed at the top of the order and the players must learn how to bunt. This is taught to them in little leauge.So why cant they bunt i dont care if you are power hitter or not you should no how to bunt. I would in spring traning have drills for bunting for days on end untill everyone can bunt the dodgers have lost a lot of games becouse they couldnt move the runners over. So let me run the team and I will promise you that they will play as a team win or loose becouse all you have is bunch of guys that play for thereselves, you see i dident play major league but i no how to play the game it isent that hard pretend you are in litlle leauge, I have seen players on the team who takes the first pitch and it is right down the middle and then they are in the hole,it is just like little leauge the pitchure trys to get ahead of you and it is normally a fast ball so why dont you take advantage of that. So let me run this team and i will turn this team around becouse baseball is my life i could of made it my carrer i was approach by a dodger scout when i was a junior in high school i just struck out 13 batters and lost the game by one run the pitchure i was pitching against was drafted by the angels so i loved the sport you have players out there that dont belong in the majors they cant even throw the ball from left field to third base but they earn millions that is a shame so keep me in mind. my name is grant kauble 609 paseo tesoro oxnard calif 93030 805-278-7284

dear kellbellone,

now is not the time to be making a push for a woman for women’s sake in the Dodger orginization. If she’s qualified, promote her. If she’s not qualified, don’t. Crowds will come to see a winning team, not a woman GM. The Dodgers need a proven winner, and unfortunatley Miss Ng has not had the oppurtunity to do that. A smaller market that hasn’t won a world series in a long time or ever (i.e. the mariners) would be perfect. She may be qualified, but hire her one her qualifications as a talented baseball mind, not as a woman.

Oh this is so much fun – reading how Beltre might be an interesting item in the meetings going on now. Wouldn’t it be a kick if we got him back to play 3rd?

Tommy, like some other posts have said, how much did you have to do with Depo being fired?
I remember what Bill Russell said about you, how “brutel” you can be when you want something;you failed big time as the GM, I loved the trades you made—NOT and how you dislike young players and how YOU burned out Ferando’s arm and the same with Remon Martinez’s arm.

In a “ship of fools” that the Dodgers have become, thanks in large part to you,you have become the biggest fool on the ship.

Kindly shut up and see what you can do to get the McCourt, the broken idiot with no cash, out of town.

That is all I think you are good at–sling some Bull S*** at broke Frank about how much he can make if he sells TODAY. C’mon BS Frank and then 3 million Dodger fans will be happy.

Hi, Tommy…
I’d like to echo the sentiments of the other fans who said we need lifetime Dodgers back in charge.

When the Angels beat the hated Yankees in the playoffs this year, the very first words out of Mike Scioscia’s mouth in the postgame interview were: “Wow. We really beat one heckuva team here. Those guys are tough!” I broke right down and cried.

I was taught by my father (a lifelong BROOKLYN Dodger fan!) that the first page of the revered Dodger Rule Book of Sportsmanship demands that kind of acknowledgement of a vanquished foe…even if it is the hated Yankees!

Mike S. knows: it is that kind of dignity and class that makes one a Dodger. It breaks my heart to see him doing it 45 miles away.

Sadly…Mike might not be available. But let’s talk to the bulldog and Gibby, or Dusty or Davey, and get Dodgers back in the dugout. We have the talent…what we need is the attitude back.

A lot of people on this board are expressing frustration, understandably so. But the True Blue among us still love you, Tommy. Now that the faux management regime is gone, do what you can to get real Dodgers as GM and manager. They will know how to bring pennants back to Chavez, where they belong.

To all you negative complainers out there:

It’s amazing how many people think they could run a baseball organization. Why didn’t you apply for the GM position then?

Of course the Dodgers made some bad moves. They always have. But how long are you guys going to be complaining about the Pedro Martinez trade or this/that trade, for the next 30 years?? C’mon! It’s all in the past.

If you hate the management and owner so much then pick another team to root for.

I mean it’s one thing to be dissapointed with the moves that the Dodgers have been making, but to bring up trades from 10 years ago and use such hateful and mean language towards management? I really don’t understand it

Dear Tommy and Mr. McCourt:
Very time a Dodger favorite was traded away alot of Dodger and fan spirit went with them. It’s time to put some of that back.

Oral hershiser earned respect on and off the field, had a solid as gold reputation and was loved by Dodger fans. He would have given tha LA organization a much needed shot in the arm. Let Tommy manage for a year, take your time looking for a new manager. The other people you are considering for the position are former managers for a reason. The Dodgers need fresh blood…..”Blue Blood”! Find an ex-dodger with great fan appeal and respect….you’ll see a marked difference on and off the field and their season stats will reflect that.

Hello Tommy,

I wonder if you can help me. On of my grand’son who bleeds “DodgerBlue” has one wish, He purchased an authentic Gagné jersey and would love to have it signed. Each time he goes to a game at Dodger Stadium he brings his jerey in the hopes that he can have it autographed, but sofar no luck. Is there anything you can do? His name is Eric Dilley and he lives in Ventura. He’ll be 17 years old on the 20th of december. I’d be the coolest grand’ma if I could pull this off. Eric went as far as buying two dodg er seats for his room.

I wrote to Gagné last July but never received an answer. I believe he was on the sick list at the time.

Thanks for your attention,

Liliane Shepard Lincoln, CA 95648

I am a Dodgers fan living in the New York area. It seems to me (and without in any way intending any disrepspect to Bill Mueller, who I am sure will be a great asset to the team), I would very much like to see Adrian Beltre return to the Dodgers. He is obviously not happy in Seattle and is not doing the Mariners any good. With the Dodgers, on the other hand, he would be back where he belongs, with great fan support, and would make the whole team much better. And everyone knows that the Dodgers badly need a power hitter. Why not Beltre?


Check this out fool. Remember Piazza, haha guess what Padre 31 is going to feast on Dodger’s sorry pitching.

Frigin Losers to the North.

Go Padres…..

Dear Armyman619- It is my sincere hope that Mike Piazza hits enough home runs as a cacher to pass ther 400 mark. I would love to see him win the Triple Crown and finally be voted the NAtional League Most Valuable Player by a wide margin. Tha will show Omar the geius in NY that he let a great on get away.
now,as for your comment about Ambassador Lasorda,did you know that it wasa LASORDA that got the Dodgers to sign Piazza?Id yu know that it was LASORDA thatnever waivered in his enthusiasm for Piazza? That it waas LASORDA that introduced Piazza to Ted Willians and that it was NOT Lasorda who let Piazza get away? I wish the San Diego fans a great season with Mike Piazza having a great season and at the expense of every team he faces. I hope for you that you learn more about the people you knock.

Hey Tommy. is there any chance in convincing the McCorts to retire the number of the grestest Dodger firt baseman of all time,Gil Hodges? Can we get Mr. Mc Cort to realize that he was the quiet guy[I won’t say giant} in the locker room who along with his buddies,Pee Wee, Jackie and Duke led the 55 Dodogers to victory. Let’s count the HOll Of Famers on that team; PeeWee, due Jackie,Campie,Sandy.Drysdale,Lasorda. Where is Gil Hodges. Kept out of Cooperstown beause of some issue with the veterans committee after Bill Maszarroski (while a great glove,could not hit his weight} was voted in.If we cannot see his #14 in Cooperstown,can the Dodgers see fit to retire his #14 at Dodger Stadium to ahng with pride and honor until there is no more baseball. His aging wife and children who are now Middle aged would ove to see that . guys like me who got to see him were licky enough to see a great technician,a powerfull hitter and a REAL GENTLEMAN.i will be watching the message board. Let’s hope we see the good news soon and not the e on the score board flashing because we misses a chance to honor a great a truly great man. Thanks Tommy.

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