A Thanksgiving to Remember

On behalf of the Dodger organization, and all of our fans, I would like all of the men and women in the armed services, both at home and abroad, to know we are thinking of you, and praying for you during this Thanksgiving holiday.  Your commitment to service, and freedom, is only bested by your bravery. 

As we sit down at the table this weekend, lets all give thanks where it is most due. 

Tonight, at Dodger Stadium, I joined our new general manager, Ned Colleti, and Los Angeles City Council members Ed Reyes and Eric Garcetti in handing out 500 free turkeys to pre-selected families.  It felt good to help those in need.  My father always used to tell my brothers and me that it doesn?t cost you a nickel to be nice to other people.  We put smiles on a lot of faces, and we hope those Turkey families have a wonderful holiday.

Speaking of good Thanksgiving stories, I remember one year I was going to meet a friend for lunch a couple days before Turkey Day.  While I was waiting, I decided to get my shoes shined.  A lady named Betty was doing the shining, and while she brushed away I asked if she was going to have a big Thanksgiving.  She looked up at me and said that she wasn?t going to celebrate the holiday because she couldn?t afford a turkey.

I looked at her and said, ?I?m going to get you the best turkey ever.?

Simultaneously, a man asked me for my autograph.  Instead of just giving the man an autograph I would only sign for five dollars.  But instead of giving the money to me, I told the man to give it to Betty.  Another person asked for an autograph and I made the same deal; five more dollars for Betty.  After about twenty minutes of signing autographs for five dollars a pop, we collected $180.

I looked at Betty and said, ?Now you can go have the best Thanksgiving you?ve ever had, and eat all the turkey you want.?

It?s all about making people happy.


Tommy, Thanks for remembering
the fine young men and women

serving our country during this holiday season. I join you in saluting their efforts,and encourage all Dodger fans to do the same.

I just have one question, where in the world did you find all of those “BLUE TURKEYS”?

Tommy, thank you my friend. I serve and thank all you guys, everyone of you for your warm thoughts. I also want to know how you got all those “BLUE TURKEYS.”

Thank you, sir, for remembering my son-in-law (also named TOMMY) as he prepares to deploy overseas. Our Tommy is a TRUE BLUE DODGER FAN who, while stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, flew, with my daughter (a reserve) to Vero Beach where he met you in person. GO US NAVY!! GO DODGER BLUE!!

Tommy, great reading. You may remember St Pat day 2000. My wife and I got married that day. Shorty from Cincinnati invited you to Bobby’s for food and refrestments. We took many pictures that I have posted in y office and at home. I am form Iowa and going to the Hawkeye baseball dinner on Feb 6th. Sure would like to be able to visit with you again. Nancy and I will be at spring training again this year. Missed a couple of years for personnel reasons. Would like to also contact shorty, do you have any helful information.
also I went do Dodger fantasy camp last Feb. Joe Capaldo and I were teamates.


Dave Sorrell

Washingtion Iowa

hi tommy, great story. you sure put a smile on my face when you showed up to see me throw knuckleballs 3/2000. look for ‘knucklebook’ by dave clark in stores 12/15/05. i’m in there. a knuckleball pitcher could turn your club around. love you tommy!

Hi Tommy,
That’s a great story. Anyone would be willing to pay for an autograph if they knew exactly where the money was going to. I personally don’t beleive in big charities because most of them end up keeping most of the money instead of giving it away to a cause. I think that you had a great idea to help that woman. Maybe next year before Thanksgiving, you’d be able to get together with other guys from Baseball and help even more people. I’ve read most of your blogs on the site. You are one of the best MLB managers of all time. Thank you for taking the time to read my long comment. I’m a big fan.

Thanks Tommy!

-Brett Cohen

Long Island, NY

Tommy Lasorda. I wanted to let you know that I go to college in Albany, NY, and my roommate has a copy of Tommy Lasorda Baseball for Sega Genesis. We play it religously and are humbled by its significance as being the first Genesis baseball game. Thank you, good sir, and as the saying goes, “shortstop!”

Tommy, are you guys kidding me? Rafael Furcal? What is wrong with you people? Cesar Isturis is going someplace? This used to be the storied most envied franchise is all of baseball and now its a laughing stock that all of baseball points at and laughs with derision.


Tommy, check out the State of California’s unclaimed property website, your restaurant has some money owed:

Best wishes, Darrell

Umm.. this one is to Assman100000@yahoo.com: You’re critizing the signing of Rafael Furcal???? WTH? Now I really know that you guys bashing the Dodgers aren’t really fans. The Dodgers FINALLY have a true leadoff type hitter and you’re complaining about that? Get your head out of your ***.

G’day Tommy from downunder,

I sincerely hope you are planning to visit Australia before the WBC starts. Our country is in dire need of more media coverage about the WBC, On the TV News or TV Chat shows as well as in the newspapers and on the internet locally.

Australians are still mainly Cricket lovers and Baseball is considered a minor sport here. In saying that many young Aussie players are signed Pro in the USA each season and our own club http://www.asl.baseball.com.au has 5 junior players signed Pro the last 5 years. One of which, Dave Sutherland has a bright future ahead in your own Dodger organisation.

I get sick and tired of negative comments about the WBC…. some fans just cannot see the big picture about World Baseball. I love your positive outlook about Baseball and life in general.

I’m a Baseball player from the 70’s and Coach Juniors now and play a bit still in Australia and was lucky enough to live in LA a few years and attend many Dodger games when you managed. I loved watching Orel Hershiser bat butcher boys and pitch, Kirk Gibson, Mickey Hatcher and was there one day when Ramon Martinez hit a Home Run and the 20+inning game in Houston one night on TV when you had Mickey Hatcher pitching !!!. My wife grew up in California listening to Dodger games on the radio with her dad and my workmates uncle in California was Transport manager for the LA Dodgers for many years since the 1960’s.

The Dodgers are MY TEAM ( except for Australia of course). I was especially honoured to meet and chat with Roy Campanella one day on my way into Dodger Stadium.

I hope you get to come to Australia Tommy and preach the WBC and Baseball gospel ( Do you still bleed Dodger Blue???)


Glen Long


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