My Blue Christmas

The Dodgers are stepping high! 

Frank and Jamie McCourt promised to give the Dodger fans a team that can win.  Along with our general manager, Ned Colletti, they are delivering on that promise with the signing of some great ballplayers. 

Tommy_ned_and_nomar Rafael Furcal, Bill Mueller, Nomar Garciaparra and Kenny Lofton are all experienced players that are proven winners.  Those four players, along with Sandy Alomar Jr. have made 27 appearances in the postseason during their careers, while our new manager, Grady Little, has reached the postseason in both years of his big league managerial career.  They have winning attitudes and have all tasted the fruits of victory before. 

Our fans are going to really enjoy this ball club.  I would like to make a suggestion; buy your Dodger tickets now because there is a good chance we will be playing in the Fall Classic!


Hello Tommy: I am from Guatemala and I a big fan of you and your excellent work with the Dodgers. I grew up watching the 78 (my first world series) to 88 Dodgers. I hope that in 2,006 the Dodgers can reach the world series.
Merry Christmas

Hello Tommy, I have been a Dodger fan all of my young life, and this is the most excitement I have ever experienced during an off-season! I can’t wait for opening day. Can’t wait to see Nomar, Kent, Furcal, and Mueller all on the same infield(not to mention Drew and Lofton in the same outfield). I am so happy with the moves that the Dodgers are making, and yet all of this without compromising our superbly talented Farm system. Thanx Tommy for the blog and may your holidays be as happy as ever!

Hey Tommy! As a life-long Dodger fan I’d like to praise you, Frank, Ned, Kim and the rest of management for the tremendous job you have done this off-season; giving all Dodger fans the hopes of a blue October. Not only have you made some incredible aquisitions and gotten rid of cancer within the organization, but you’ve also managed to silence those mediocre members of the media who in recent years have criticized or taken a stab at our beloved ball club. Hopefully the All-Star line-up that we have assembled will use their bats to put the Dodgers back on top where we belong.

Best wishes for all Dodger fans this holiday season and an exciting 2006!


Hi Tommy. as a lifetime Dodger fan (almost 50 years), I am impressed with the job that Ned Colleit and the organization has done in a short time. From a real pretender last year to a legitimate contender.I think you have to go back to Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey to find this quality of a Dodger infield. Good job. Remember 1988 and Kirk Gibson’s impossible plate appearance. GO BLUE.

Mr Lasorda, I’ve been a Dodger Fan since the early 70’s. I remember when you were the third base coach and wore the #52. I grew up in the bay area, but loving the Dodgers. Although the team has struggled, the new GM is just what the team needed. I hope the piching area will be addressed next. Happy Holidays, and BEAT THOSE GIANTS!!!!

I can’t speak for other Dodger fans but I am reminded of the 1987 season when the Dodgers finished below .500 for the second straight year. Injuries and sub-par performances were a dominating theme. But then GM Fred Claire made deals and acquired the likes of Jesse Orosco, Jay Howell, Alfredo Griffin, Mike Davis, John Shelby and of course, Kirk Gibson. Of course we know how 1988 turned out. Hopefully, history will repeat itself.
This should be a very exciting season and every Dodger fan should hold their heads high with pride and declare to the rest of the league, “The Dodgers are back!” GO BLUE!!

Tommy, I have been watching the Dodgers ever since opening day at Chavez Ravine in April of 1962 at the ripe ol’ age of 2.

I have to admit, that at first I was worried about Mr. Coletti. As I see the moves he has made, and most importantly, not signing a bunch of long-term players which keeps positions open for up-and-coming prospects, I must say I am thoroughly impressed! Living in San Francisco I get lots of **** for cheering for the Dodgers; but taking from your quote – I want to end up in heaven! Thanks again for being who/what you have been in my baseball life.

CONGRATS Mr. Ambassador. My boyfriend, who is a life-long Giants fan (sorry), even has respect for you and what you have done/are doing for the game of baseball.



Hello Mr. Lasorda. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your new “official” position of the U.S. Ambassador for baseball. Though, in most baseball fans’ hearts you were already our Ambassador. Secondly, I’d like to show my appreciation to the Dodgers organization for acquiring these proven players. I am excited to see players like Nomar, Furcal, Mueller, Lofton, and newly acquired Tomko, whom might I add, would shut down the dodgers on a daily basis while with the hated Giants. These players are exciting, and most of all, leaders. Thank you Mr. Tommy Lasorda for all the great Dodger memories, and I wish new ones will be made come October. GO DODGERS!!!

Hi Tommy! I too have been a die-hard Dodger fan for nearly 50 years and quite honestly have been a little distressed by the direction the club has taken in the post-O’Malley era. That is, until now. It looks to me that we’re finally headed in the right direction by adding these solid veteran ballplayers. Hopefully, they can keep us competitive until some of that home-grown Dodger talent can mature and take their place in the lineage of great Dodger teams. I have to wonder though, what will become of Izturis when he comes back? He’s been ajoy to watch and is too fine a ballplayer not to play every day. I guess we’ll see.

Hello Tommy Lasorda! I have been Blue since Fernandomania took over LA. I have to say that I am excited for the 2006 season. I believe that we have an All Star player at every position to start off the year with the exception of catcher, although the back up is a former all-star. You can count on me re-newing my season tickets.

I would eventually like to see Beltre back at 3rd base. Once Mueller’s contract expires Beltre will be in his 3rd year of his contract that was front loaded, and not to mention that he will still be young at 28 years old. I am sure we can trade to get him back at that time. In my opinion, he is the best defensive 3rd baseman in the major league and he can hit. Don’t get me wrong I am happy with the team now, but I am just looking down the line for you guys, sort of like a scout. Just keep it in perspective so that our GM at the time can pursue that option. Thanks.

Hello Mr. Lasorda. You are absolutly right, not only do these signings bring some great players, but they all have been in winning situations, and know what playoff baseball is all about. Not only is this valuable for this year, but just the value of the experience passed on to the very promising farm hands, is immersurable.
If healthy, this is without a doubt, the best roster in the NL West. And if the dodgers could just add another starter, this very well may be one of the best rosters in the entire National Leauge. And they are doing it in old stlye dodger stlye, with speed at the top of the line up.

Enough with these reports about these players carrer batting average at dodger stadium, these do not count as the batters will not be facing dodger pitching. I must give compliments to you, McCourt for stepping up, Ned Colleti for getting it done, and the rest of the dodger front office for this offseason.

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the Dodger fans out there!

Hi, Coach Lasorda (a.k.a., Mr. Ambassador!). I have been a Dodgers fan every since I knew what a baseball was – about 32 years now. Actually, I think it has been longer than that. I found out that my grandmother would take me to the Dodgers games when I was a baby (5-9 months old!) and hold me in her lap as “we” cheered on the Boys in Blue. I grew up loving you, Garvey (who should be in the Hall of Fame), Russell, Yeager, and all of the Dodger of the 70s thanks to her. She has since passed away but I am sure she is looking down and smiling at what we have done this off-season. I am so excited about the 2006 season and fully expect we will be playing in late October! Thank you for all that you have done for the Dodgers and for baseball! You are a great person. God Bless.

Hello Tommy, I would not call myself a lifelong fan of the Dodgers since I am only 21 although I have followed them ever since I picked up a bat and started bleeding Dodger blue. I love going to the games and I am glad I have a wonderful companion to go with me. I look forward to attending games and being around “the greatest fans in baseball.” My only concern, not complaint, is that you come to a game and leave. Me and my girl found our spot to go before and after, but I feel like there should be more to do around the park or at least a lot closer. I have been to a few parks and I am thinking along the lines of Coors Field or Fenway… A Lot to do and see while you wait for the game. Make it appealing to all ages, but I am babling since we have fans at every game rooting for the best team in the USA. Speaking of which, congrats on “Mr. Ambassador.” I am pulling for my first favorite player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Orel Hershiser. What is your take on him? I know he put in some over time for you and you gave him the best nickname that made him realize he was an awesome player “Bulldog.” These days you can’t find a pitcher who can stay healthy and put up good numbers. Thank you for still remaining with the best team in the land, with hopes of grabing his jersey before it is, if Orel makes the HOF will the Dodgers retire his number? I see other players where his number and think there has been too much sweat and tears from Orel in that number. Thank you and have wonderful day. God bless.

Hi Tommy,

The picture of you, Ned and Nomar holding his new jersey reminds me that there is something desperately missing from the uniforms. Dodger management should read the “fan forum” message boards more often.

Tommy, we’re begging you to PLEASE bring back the names on the jerseys. All of the great Dodger teams had them and we fans truly miss the “classic” look of what has made the Dodgers great. The FANS WANT THIS!

Tommy –
Let me begin by saying that I was born and bred a Dodger fan. My earliest baseball memories are of the Dodgers winning the ’88 World Series when I was just 7. My great grandmother was a fanatic! She used to give me all kinds of different Dodgers stuff when I was a kid, and we’d sit around and talk about the Garvey, Cey, Lopes, Russell days for hours. She went to every game for years. That said, I’m really proud of the incredible moves that the Dodger organization has made over the last couple of months. With the strengthening of the infield and outfield both offensively and defensively, it promises to be an incredible year! I think it’s kind of interesting to look at the acquisitions that have been made by the Dodgers and by the Mets. I think that this year is going to bear a lot more similarities to ’88 than people realize. I think we may just see another Dodgers vs. Mets NLCS. I wish the season could start tomorrow. GO DODGERS!!! God bless

Hi Tommy-

I bleed Dodger Blue like you. I started following the Dodgers at the age of 8 in 1955 when the famous picture of the 10 wins to start the season was in the newspaper. I have been a true Blue fan ever since then. When 2005 started, I thought that we were going to sweep the Series. Little did I know that the injury bug would hit. Glad the kid is gone! Surprised about the enemy, but Coletti is a good Italian boy! Great moves and no loss of farm. At last a GM who understands the value and wealth of the farm system.

Bring back the names on the back. Also start playing those pesky Padres seriously. I live in SD and hate the nonsense from that usually in last place team that lately seems to have our teams number.

Go Blue Crew- 50 years and counting!

Hello Mr. Lasorda. Talk about a life long Dodger Fan. I am soon to turn 51. I grew up in Orange County, moved to Nor. Cal. in “73”. I have never deserted the Dodger’s I am right there with you when it comes to bleeding blue. My whole family are all Dodger Fan’s, and you wouldn’t believe the abuse we take from Giant Fans all year long.
We didn’t make it to a game last year, but we were there for the closing series against the Giants when we clinched the division. Also, it looks like we are getting back on the right track with player’s that love the game!

We hope to make it down the end of May against the Phillies!

Happy New Year Tommy,

I am proud to be a Dodger Fan (my first game was in 1961 Koufax on the mound and Duke Snider hit a home run)once again. Signing Nomar I believe will be one of the most significant transaction in years. He will bring a very competitive spirit to the team and with the addition of Lofton, Mueller, and Furcal (proven veterans and guys who know what it takes to win) 2006 will be a very exciting year for Dodger Fans. To my Red Sox friends I have told them to watch out for the “Blue Sox” this summer. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area for any event I would like to know.

God Bless!

Hi Tommy,
I have been bleeding blue and rooting for the Dodgers, from my little league days in Lima, Peru, South America… to my old age… now living in Cairo, Egypt…

The Dodgers are making the right moves… but, please don’t let them change the name to “Blue Sox…”

Tommy keep them in straight and narrow… and remember the Dodgers when we were successful we had players from the Dodgers Farm Systems… Who was the last Dodger to make the MLB rookie of the Year?

And, let’s work in getting Steve Garvey in the Hall… he deserves it.

Hello Tommmy,
I live in CHICAGO and BLEED another kind of BLUE, CUBBIE BLUE. BUT… I have always admired YOU and all you’ve done for the game of baseball.

I remember seeing you at Hole in One Pizza after games at Wrigley as a kid, and your never ending KINDNESS. Could this be the year we finally have the battle of the BLUES??

I sure hope so. If you’ll root for the Cubbies in the Central, we’ll join together and root for the Dodgers in the West. Happy New Year, Mr.

Ambassador!!!!! God bless you,

the DODGERS and the CUBBIES.

Hello Tommy,

Looks like you are as happy as I am to be part of the Dodger family (FINALLY!!). I have attended every opening day for the past 10 years (you could say that it has become a family tradition). I skipped last year because I was so upset at the McCourts lack of dedication to field a competing team. All I can say now is “I’ll see you April 3rd”. Go Dodger Blue.

Love You Tommy,

Jose Ramirez

La Mirada, Ca

I agree, what Mr. Colletti has had a very impressive and it seems that the Dodgers are returning to the well-run machine I grew up with. Would you please comment on a guy I think should be in the Hall of Fame and never even gets mentioned? I am talking about Maury Wills. How could the Dodgers have won 3 World Championships and 4 NL pennants without him? Did he not change the game in 1962? Was he not an integral part of a popgun offense? I can’t imagine the Dodgers in the 60’s without Wills anymore than I can imagine the Giants team captain, Willie Mays not being in San Francisco. I don’t mean anything against these guys, but how do Scooter and Maz get in and Wills doesn’t even garner consideration?

Buy your Dodger tickets because they just might be in the fall classic… HA! Slim chance but I guess it’s possible they’d have to be the wild card though because the Giants are winning the west this year. Even if the Giants don’t take the west I’d still be thrilled if we had a repeat of the 1982 season (You know the one where Joe Morgan hit that home run at Candlestick to knock the Dodgers out of contention, that was awesome).
I liked it back in the days when Tommy Lasorda was the Dodgers manager because he’d get into the Giants/Dodgers rivalry, I don’t see it as much with the players of today. Anytime Mr. Lasorda would show his face at Candlestick you could probably could hear the bronx cheers all the way back to Brooklyn.

Another great moment was last year at SBC when Tommy Lasorda was in attendance at a Giants/Dodgers game and Giants personnel made it look like Tommy Lasorda was wearing a Giants cap on the big screen monitor at the Stadium.

Anyway I can’t stand Dodger blue, however I still respect Tommy Lasorda.

T. Vandenburg

Morgan Hill, Ca

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