Konichiwa, Aloha, Hello

Whether I say konichiwa, aloha, or just hello, I hope you are all well.  Last week I spent four days in Tokyo to promote the Classic, and then went to the island of O?ahu in Hawaii to promote the Classic too, as well as to make a few other speaking engagements.  While in Tokyo, I got into a few good conversations about Hideki Matsui and Tadahito Iguchi not participating in the World Matsui Baseball Classic.  I feel that playing in the Classic is an opportunity for those two stars to do something great for their country, and for baseball.  Both have been good to those guys, and now they have the opportunity to give something back to their homeland, and to baseball.  Also, the manager of the Japanese team, Sadaharu Oh, is a great baseball man, an even greater friend and a very proud man.  Without those two stars on his roster, he won?t have the best possible team on the field next March during the tournament. 

From Tokyo I went to Hawaii, which was outstanding.  While there I stayed very busy.  I spent an entire day visiting every television station, radio station and news paper office to spread the word about the Classic.  There are tons of baseball fans in Hawaii, and they are getting very excited to see the Classic unfold.  Many of them expressed interest in hosting a round of the Classic in 2010.

The next day I went to Maui to speak at a baseball clinic hosted by the County of Tommy_and_panda_2 Maui and sponsored by Panda Restaurants.  It was a huge success; over 400 kids spent an entire day learning how to play baseball.  After lunch, I spoke to the kids and delivered a message about what it will take for them to make it in life.  I tried to impress upon them these three lessons: First, never take illegal drugs.  Drugs will do nothing but harm your body, they are illegal and they will lead you down the path of destruction.  Second, make sure to get a good education, which is something that they will have forever.  An education will open many more doors of opportunity than baseball ever will.  Third, always show their parents nothing but love and respect. 

My next stop in Hawaii was at the Schofield Barracks where I had the honor and privilege to speak at the welcome-home party for the U.S. Army Reserve’s 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry.  This speech was one of the great thrills of my life.  They had just returned from one year of service in Iraq, and I am very proud of their accomplishments and sacrifices.  I learned that they were responsible for staging two violence-free elections, as well as neutralizing four insurgent cells.  It was a very emotional afternoon because of the respect and admiration I have for the men and women who wear the uniform of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.  We should all say a prayer for the safe return of all our troops.

Trapasso_mike My last stop in Hawaii was at a fundraiser dinner for the University of Hawaii baseball team.  Coach Mike Trapasso asked me to do this fundraiser in conjunction with the university bestowing upon me my sixth honorary doctorate degree.  I was very thankful to receive such an illustrious honor, as well as for the opportunity to speak to the team; they are a talented group of young men who I know are bound for the College World Series in Omaha. 


Tommy, will you please take out Hideki Matsui’s picture out of your blog? I think someone like Oscar Robles deserves to be on it, or someone like Mike Kinkaide whose playing overseas. The last time I saw a pic with you in a golf cart was when you took one with Walter O’Malley, and I think that pic is on his site. Anyways, the WBC are just meaningless games to some people, and I’m most concerned about Nomar being on it! I care about Barry being on it, and I hope he gets a bum knee playin in this WBC. Anyways, you’ve done everything great in this game, Tommy. Thanks for coming up to the Top Deck last year in preseason, and putting up with an owner like Frankie!

Mr. Lasorda,

Just a warm hello and a hearty thank you for all the great memories when you were on the field. I am new at this BLOG concept, but think it is amazing that communication access has become this available. I am MrNez, Fantasy Commish. I would be honored if you would visit my blog and leave a comment for me.


Mr. Nez

Hey Tommy….
This WBC is a money making sham. Just another one of Bud’s bright ideas to leave him some sort of legacy. I worry about good players getting hurt, and unless the winner of this tourney meets the winner of the 06 World Series then does it really matter????? OH… and GO CUBS GO!!!!!

G’day Tommy from downunder,

I sincerely hope you are planning to visit Australia before the WBC starts. Our country is in dire need of more media coverage about the WBC, On the TV News or TV Chat shows as well as in the newspapers and on the internet locally.

Australians are still mainly Cricket lovers and Baseball is considered a minor sport here. In saying that many young Aussie players are signed Pro in the USA each season and our own club http://www.asl.baseball.com.au has 5 junior players signed Pro the last 5 years. One of which, Dave Sutherland has a bright future ahead in your own Dodger organisation.

I get sick and tired of negative comments about the WBC…. some fans just cannot see the big picture about World Baseball. I love your positive outlook about Baseball and life in general.

I’m a Baseball player from the 70’s and Coach Juniors now and play a bit still in Australia and was lucky enough to live in LA a few years and attend many Dodger games when you managed. I loved watching Orel Hershiser bat butcher boys and pitch, Kirk Gibson, Mickey Hatcher and was there one day when Ramon Martinez hit a Home Run and the 20+inning game in Houston one night on TV when you had Mickey Hatcher pitching !!!. My wife grew up in California listening to Dodger games on the radio with her dad and my workmates uncle in California was Transport manager for the LA Dodgers for many years since the 1960’s.

The Dodgers are MY TEAM ( except for Australia of course). I was especially honoured to meet and chat with Roy Campanella one day on my way into Dodger Stadium.

I hope you get to come to Australia Tommy and preach the WBC and Baseball gospel ( Do you still bleed Dodger Blue???)


Glen Long



Just a note to say hello…just read your blog for first time. It has been several years since I last saw you and about 40 years since we won the Pioneer League Championship in your first year of managing. Still remember the stories and great times playing for you. My very best to you, your wife Jo, and daughter Laura.

Well, there’s certainly no question about who this Blog is about, with 30 references to “I” or “My” in the last two posts alone. Tommy – less about you, more about Baseball, please. Or so it seems to “me”. (Hmmmm – will this post see the light of day?)

OK – that was completely uncalled for. My apologies. Most Dodger fans are as interested in you as they are the game. My bad. Maybe after I’ve managed a few World Series winners I can have an opinion. That’s the problem with Blogs – you just neve know what idiot is going to post.

So, a person who tells it like it is is not allowed to blog on your site. I challenge you to put my message of just hours ago back on your blog.
You removed my comments because they did not fit the “Los Angeles Baseball” company line. That does not negate the effect the McCorts and DiPodesta had and have on true blue DODGER fans, not “Los Angeles Baseball.” When you trade the heart of the DODGERS, Paul LoDuca, for an out-of-shape, slovenly, past-tense player like Brad Penny and then make excuses for him time and again, and you still are making excuses, you lose. You lose your lifelong fans. You lose more than half your baseball games in a season, and you lose the future. So, how long will this post be allowed on your “company” blog?

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