February 2006

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Restoration: Ballpark

Frank and Jamie McCourt have gone to work, again, this off-season.  They have put on their hard hats, and are in the middle of a restoration process that will make Dodger fans very happy to visit beautiful Dodger Stadium, which I like to call Blue Heaven on Earth.  They are replacing every seat in Dodger Stadium, as well as fixing the concrete.  Attached to each seat will be a cup holder.  The most striking feature though, is that the color scheme will be exactly the same as when the stadium opened its doors for the first time in 1962.  Beyond fan comfort, restoring the original color scheme is a metaphor for restoring the greatness of our franchise, and delivering on the promise to bring championship baseball to Los Angeles.102005l007_2

The McCourt?s are doing this to make Dodger Stadium the most family-oriented and fan-friendly stadium in the United States.  Last year, the majority of complaints we received were about the condition of the old seats, so, in order to fulfill their promise, the McCourt?s addressed the problem, and the progress being made is just outstanding.

They really want everyone who goes through the turnstiles to be comfortable, happy and ready to pull for the Dodgers, and this remodeling is indicative of that commitment.  Dodger Stadium is, and will continue to be a place where youngsters and oldster alike can go to see baseball at its best. 

I have said this many, many times; we have the greatest fans in all of baseball.  3.6 million fans came to Dodger Stadium to watch the Dodgers, for which we are thankful.  However, we hope more fans will visit us in 2006. 

Ned Colletti has put an outstanding roster together, and has put Dodger uniforms on players who know how to play the game, and who can compete against anyone in the league.  Our new Manager, Grady Little, can?t sleep at night because he?s so excited to report to Dodgertown for Spring Training and get started. He?s going to have his player ready physically, mentally and fundamentally.  120605_colletti_little_lasorda_1

Here?s to the 2006 Dodgers, and all of you Dodger fans, the greatest fans in all of baseball.