Restoration: Ballpark

Frank and Jamie McCourt have gone to work, again, this off-season.  They have put on their hard hats, and are in the middle of a restoration process that will make Dodger fans very happy to visit beautiful Dodger Stadium, which I like to call Blue Heaven on Earth.  They are replacing every seat in Dodger Stadium, as well as fixing the concrete.  Attached to each seat will be a cup holder.  The most striking feature though, is that the color scheme will be exactly the same as when the stadium opened its doors for the first time in 1962.  Beyond fan comfort, restoring the original color scheme is a metaphor for restoring the greatness of our franchise, and delivering on the promise to bring championship baseball to Los Angeles.102005l007_2

The McCourt?s are doing this to make Dodger Stadium the most family-oriented and fan-friendly stadium in the United States.  Last year, the majority of complaints we received were about the condition of the old seats, so, in order to fulfill their promise, the McCourt?s addressed the problem, and the progress being made is just outstanding.

They really want everyone who goes through the turnstiles to be comfortable, happy and ready to pull for the Dodgers, and this remodeling is indicative of that commitment.  Dodger Stadium is, and will continue to be a place where youngsters and oldster alike can go to see baseball at its best. 

I have said this many, many times; we have the greatest fans in all of baseball.  3.6 million fans came to Dodger Stadium to watch the Dodgers, for which we are thankful.  However, we hope more fans will visit us in 2006. 

Ned Colletti has put an outstanding roster together, and has put Dodger uniforms on players who know how to play the game, and who can compete against anyone in the league.  Our new Manager, Grady Little, can?t sleep at night because he?s so excited to report to Dodgertown for Spring Training and get started. He?s going to have his player ready physically, mentally and fundamentally.  120605_colletti_little_lasorda_1

Here?s to the 2006 Dodgers, and all of you Dodger fans, the greatest fans in all of baseball.


I will admit that I had more than one complaint about the seats. I and the family try to make about 10 to 15 games a year from our home area of Orange County. I cannot wait to try out the new seats, with the new cup holders, and cheer on the Dodgers! The Padres are the current champs but they and the rest of the West better look out!

After a couple of seasons sitting in the front row (AA-Field Level), I really missed having the cupholders when I had to move🙂

Tommy, one of the reasons many families don’t come to more games is the price of tickets. I’m giving up my season seat this year for several reasons, the major one being the cost (around $2K for a single seat on the field level). (Another reason is I no longer have a car and will be unable to attend weeknight games.) I realize the Dodgers don’t get the bulk of their revenue from ticket sales, but it would sure help families and individuals if good seats were priced within reach.

I am excited to see and be in Dodger Stadium after the Restoration.
I know that there will be plenty of replaced seats that were not sold.

I hope the Dodgers can come up with a creative way of giving away the unsold seats, or auction them off at a cheaper price so that fans that cannot afford $250.00 might have a chance to have one.

Maybe the diehard fans that attend the caravans next week could recieve vouchers for seats or something. I think it would go along way in good PR for the Dodgers if they gave a little something to the die-hards that cannot afford season tickets who simply just love the Dodgers and come out every year. Those fans deserve to own a piece of Dodger history .

OK Tommy, After many months of frustration watching the McCourt’s stumble through
their sophomore year, I was almost ready to abandon my favorite pastime. I could not believe the stupidity of most of their moves.

Now there has been progress within the organization, both on the field and off, and I am once again ready to spend

my hard earned money on visits to “Blue Heaven On Earth”.

I am glad we now have “Baseball Minds” doing the “Baseball Jobs” for our organization, lets hope it stays this way.

I live in Giant country in Sacramento, so I don’t get to go to many Dodger games in L.A. However, I get to see the 51’s about eight times a year. The Dodger fans in L.A. are in for treat when these youngsters finally emerge on the scene in Dodger Stadium. Martin, Totten, Billingsly, etc. are going to remind some of us “oldwer” Dodger fans of the “Babes of Summer”. Garvey, Cey, Russel, Yeager, Fergi, all the rest. And, yes, Steve Yeager will be working with those boys in Las Vegas, teaching them about Dodger baseball. Have paitence, another championship is on it’s way to L.A.

I love baseball and follow the Dodgers on a regular basis.
However, I donot like the McCourts,no matter what they have done! This team is still a second or third place team and the McCourts are bad owners.(Re-doing the seats in the Stadium is a good idea but fans will pay for it with higher prices on seats and concessions and, we must not forget,parking.)

McCourt has an “agenda” and I’m not sure what that is; I don’t trust this guy.


Sad to say the wheel of life turns and we lose beloved family members. Most recently my wonderful mother in law and a brilliant man who mentored me as a youngster left us.

That’s why each year I make it a point to take my son to at least one game at Dodger Stadium. Some people jeer at your outlook on life. I don’t. I remind my son that if he focuses on his school work, and if he srtives to give his best, we can earn a good day together at the ball park. When the wheel turns and it’s my time time to go, I know he’ll remember our lessons about the wages of honest work and the special years we shared together rooting for the Dodgers.

I don’t like big cities and big crowds, but we always feel at home with Dodger Fans at Dodger Stadium.

Dodger Baseball at its best teaches young men important lessons that they need now more than ever.

Always give your best effort.

Be prepared for your work.

Take care of yourself so you can help your team.

Play fair.

Celebrate your victories.

Learn from your mistakes.

Give the man who pays you an honest day’s work.

And sometimes you’ll be asked to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

Thanks for representing these truths about the men who play the game of baseball – and for inspiring so well the dads and sons who play the game of life.


Yeah Tommy,
3.6 Million fans come through the gates each year at Dodger Stadium. BUT…. most of them come in the THIRD inning and LEAVE in the SIXTH. Great fans those Dodger fans. Now CUBBIE fans come EARLY and stay LATE. WE REALLY BLEED BLUE…… CUBBIE BLUE!!!!!!

Hey Mr. L –

Saw you leaving the stadium today. Nice car! I consider this Dodger sighting a harbinger of good things to come this season.

Enjoy the trip to Vero!

To touch on the family friendly aspect of the Dodgers:

There are a few things my wife and I have noticed about Angel Stadium that make us realize why we love the Dodger organization despite the incredible changes (both good and bad).

We met when I lived in Orange (she’s from Garden Grove) and we would occasionally take an Angels game in. Shortly after Mr. Moreno purchased the team, H00ters opened up INSIDE the stadium with ubiquitous advertising. Child friendly noise stix were emblazoned by beer sponsors.

I’m hardly prudish, but those things really made the Angel organization far less appealing to us and made us question the loyalty of that franchise–it seemed money, not forethought, controlled the marketing decisions.

I hope the family friendly attitude of the Dodgers persists despite the economic pressures. I only hope that that the violence sometimes seen at games (such as the fatal shooting at the Dodgers/Giants game a while back) disappears and Chavez Ravine becomes the destination for an LA kid, not some Orange County kingdom.

N.B. The restaurant name H00ters had to be misspelled because of the censoring of the blog software–now THAT’s child friendly.

Tommy, I’m trying to find some information for my best friend. His dad played baseball in the air force in the late 40’s early 50’s in Hawaii. Two of his team mates, were Clint Hartung, before he was in the majors, and Charlie Houghs dad. My friends dad was named Chuck Heitman. My friend has a baseball and newspaper clippings that show one season, he had a record of 63-1 in one season. I know they sometimes played 3 games in a day and against other bases and club teams, but this still seems pretty impressive. I think he had a chance to sign, but having a family, he decided to stay in the service. I just wonder if the senor Hough ever mentioned him to you. My friend Eddie Heitman, would really like to hear any information you may have on his dad.

First of all, hello Tommy, you are a great man and also the the best manager of all time, just ask the Cubans. Second of all, who does red mosquito think he is coming on Tommy’s BLOG trying to bad mouth the dodgers. He has no idea how far some dodger fans have to drive in rush hour traffic to make it to a 7 o clock game and think of all the activities LA has to offer after the game is over. We dont stuff five more polish dogs into our mouth while walking back to our one bed room apartment wondering why we havent won a world series in nearly 100 years like all Cubs fans. We go out and party on the town, waiting for tomrrow when dodger blue takes the field in pursuit of another victory. Tommy i cant wait to see you at the ball park again this season. A friend and i met you a few years back at a game you were very friendly. That same friend said he got to give you a hug at a Laker game about a month ago hopefully you remember him, loud and full of dodger passion. Thats all for now Tommy, you are a great ambassador of baseball and in my opinion the greatest baseball mind ever to play the game. Keep up the good work and GO BLUE!!!!!!

First, it goes without saying (but will be said here anyway) that Dodger fans don’t try to bring in goats. Just beach balls.

Secondly, I will add that I am a college student going to school in the DC area, and I support Nationals here (except for the 6 games out of the year they play the Dodgers, which I never get to see). One thing I remember, though, is that in addition to charging you $4 for a 20-oz bottle of Pepsi, part of the policy for concession workers was to keep the caps. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this leads to a greater chance of you spilling your drink and thus needing another one, and as you one can imagine, seats at RFK don’t have cupholders. This factored in actually makes it a little cheaper for parents with small, thirsty, not yet fully coordinated children to see a game.

I saw a game at Dodger Stadium in 2003, the game when the Dodgers hit 5 home runs but lost because the Cardinals had people on when they hit their 4 homers. But if anything needs to be improved, it’s making the parking lot easier to find one’s way around. I wouldn’t be surprised if fans that enter the stands in the 3rd inning are still trying to figure out where they are in that parking lot.


I’m really happy to hear that they’re designing the new seats with the Stadium’s original color scheme. Dodger Stadium still remains the greatest park I have ever seen a ball game in because it remains timeless. In past years it was always my fear that ownership would decide to “modernize” the park and impliment the flashy pyrotechnics, surround sound and monolithic jumbotrons in order to match other stadiums around the league. I think it’s really important that people can still go to dodger stadium and see the same park they went to with their fathers as a child.

hey Tommy, post something new for Pete sake.
Why dont you try something new and approach this as not just a place to tow the company line. Why dont you write something your actually feeling. It has been so long since you posted something new in this BLOG that this must be a real inconvenience or a chore to post something new to us (the lowly high dollar paying fan) on a regular basis.

Hi Tommy!

Firstly, let me thank you for all of the wonderful times! You make my mother and i (Betty), proud to be Dodger fans!

I just moved to Vegas and I’m really looking forward to Area 51 games this year. Honestly, I never had a probblem with the seats. THE Dodger Stadium has always been my favorite! Stay up and best of luck on the 2006 campaign!

Things looking better in Dodger Land. Have followed the Dodgers since 1952 listening to games out of Brooklyn as a youngster. Seems the team has taken a great step backward into developing a productive farm system. There has been pressure to put the player names back on the jerseys. My preference is to keep them off and go a step further. Revert back to having “Dodgers”, not Los Angeles on the front of the away uniforms. Everyone knows the Dodgers as “the Dodgers” not Los Angeles. Has there been any consideration to doing that? Harold Uhlman – Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Did the organization set up a program where fans can purchase the old stadium seats that were being thrown out? I was fortunate enought to buy a couple seats from Anaheim Stadium before they did the renovation and turned it into Edison Field. I would love to have a blue stadium seat right here in my room!


My hubby and I purchased a pair of seats from the reserved level. We put them in our study with a new tv so we can watch Dodger games here in Florida while sitting in these “unusually comfortable” seats. I can’t wait for opening day!

Dear Tommy,
You are the greatest! It is hard to live in Cincy and hear people gripe about Dodger baseball. One of my greatest memories is growing up wearing my LA hat and finally getting to the stadium and seeing you and the team (Garvey, Cey, etc.) The best thing about you is that you will always be a part of the Dodger’s glorious past and the future, which looks bright this year. Thanks!

Please put the names back on the uniforms. The players have earned it and it makes watching the game more enjoyable. Thanks

Tell vinny enough with the updates on the steriod junkie bonds and his phony home run stats. I turn the game off everytime vinny mentions his name during a game. If I wanted to know what the junkie is doing I’ll tune out the dodgers and tune in the giants. Vinnie if your such a fan of bonds keep it to yourself and report on the dodgers game. I’ve been a fan since 1963. I hate the giants and could care less what their players are doing. Ron W.

I love the new seats, but wish the bathrooms were updated. I am a new season seat holder on Infield Loge Level, but this issue is very important to women and most men. The bathrooms are really junkie, smelly and old. Dr. Doug Murray

Tommy ( not that you actually read any of this but…
what if any are the plans to do something about all the violence at the Ballpark?

During game three of the Met’s sweep I witnessed several fights where the hispanic security just stood by and watched as gang bangers attacked Met’s fans. I also saw bottles being thrown at a Met’s fan who was there with his children, and hit a little girl in the face. Again, nothing was done about it, and when the poor guy tried to leave with hi sfamily before they were injured further, fans tripped him . Again, security did nothing. As we were leaving the park we saw two fans , (wearing Met’s hats )leaving with bandages wrapped around their heads.

People were laughing at them and threatening them saying that if they ever came to another Dodger game, they would be killed.

Once again security standing nearby not saying nor doing a thing. Not even an escort to their car.

Pretty sad when fan’s are risking their lives or at least their well being to come to a game wouldn’t you say?

I even saw Dodger fans beating each other up. I am unsure if it was gang related because it is hard to tell who is and who isn’t a gang ****** at Chez Ravine these days.

Why is this tolerated at Dodger stadium? I have been to several other MLB parks, and never have I seen anything like I saw the other night.

Do you care about this issue or not?

If the primary aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever. Do you think so?

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