May 2006

My Favorite Restaurants

Having managed the Dodgers for 20 years, I have had the chance to travel these great United States extensively. I have been enriched because I have met many great people, and have been fortunate to have eaten in the greatest restaurants in the country. Many Americans travel, and frequently have trouble getting comfortable because they don?t know where to go to eat. So I would like to recommend the following restaurants that I have enjoyed over the course of my travels.

We will start with the major league cities in the National League. Stay tuned for another blog about American League cities.

National League West

Los Angeles:

Paul?s Kitchen ? The best Chinese food in the world. Thousands of my guests have enjoyed the orange chicken and friend rice. (213) 749-5004

Buca di Beppo ? Great family style Italian food. We like to sit at the Pope?s Buca_1 table. (818) 509-9463

Napa Rose ? A wonderful restaurant in the Grand California Hotel at Disneyland. (714) 300-7170

Burger Continental ? This Mediterranean spot is owned and operated by a very generous family who wont? let you leave until you?re full. (626) 792-6634

ESPN Zone ? Located in Downtown Disney, it?s a great place to watch Monday Night Football, and, of course, any baseball game. (714) 300-3776

Mimi’s Cafe ? A quaint lunch spot with a diverse menu. (323) 668-1715

Tony Roma’s ? I love getting my fingers messy eating their delicious ribs. (714) 871-4000

Dave’s Diner – This is a very special eating establishment here at beautiful Dodger Stadium.  Dave, the chef, is the best, and loves to make people happy.  While it’s not open to the public, the lucky ones who eat here know just how great it is.  Thanks, Dave!

San Francisco:

Fior d’Italia ? The best Italian food in the entire city. They?ve been cooking pasta since 1886! (415) 986-1886

San Diego:

Busalacchi’s ? I?ve been enjoying this Italian food for years, and it gets better every time. The Busalacchi family has a few Italian restaurants, including Trattoria Fantastica, where they make homemade cannolis, and Po Pazzo Bar and Grille, which has a great piano bar. (619) 298-0119


Del Frisco’s ? Steaks cooked as tender as a mother?s love. I also recommend the Osso Buco. Make sure you take advantage of the wine list too, as this is the best steakhouse in Colorado. (303) 796-0100

Sullivan’s ? Another tremendous steakhouse paired perfectly with seafood, martinis and live jazz. (303) 295-2664

Nine75 ? Nothing but Home Cooking! (303) 975-0975

Ocean ? Delicious seafood and steaks. I love this place, and you will too. (303) 377-5350


Lone Star Steakhouse ? This is a national steakhouse chain that features great food at a reasonable price for families. There are 5 locations in the greater Phoenix area.

National League Central

St. Louis:

Charlie Gitto’s ? On the Hill is the best Italian food in St. Louis. It is the city?s premier dining experience, as many, many people have enjoyed their food for years. (314) 772-8898


Sullivan’s ? This is part of the same chain as the Sullivan?s in Denver. There are 15 locations across the country, including Anchorage Alaska, where I once had the privilege of dining. (713) 961-0333

Chicago: One of the best cities in America!!

Carmine’s ? If you combined all the pasta I have eaten at Carmine?s over the years you could fill an entire train. It?s simply delicious! (312) 998-7676

Connie’s ? When you talk about deep dish, Chicago-style pizza, you are talking about Connie?s. (312) CONNIES

Rosebud ? This great Italian restaurant is part of the Carmine?s family, with 6 locations in the Chicago area. (312) 266-6664

Sullivan’s ? One of the 15 great Sullivan?s Steakhouses across the country. (312) 527-3510


South Beach Grill at the Waterfront ? Great steaks and entertainment located on the banks of the Ohio River. (859) 581-1414

The Precinct ? This is the original Jeff Ruby steakhouse, and in 1981 he converted an old patrol building into this house of USDA Prime steaks. (513) 321-5454


Rico’s ? An up-scale Italian restaurant in the heart of this great city. (412) 931-7057


Lone Star Steakhouse ? This great steakhouse is just outside of Milwaukee, in the city of Racine. (262) 554-4511

National League East

New York:

Del Frisco’s ? The best steakhouse not only in the city of New York, but in the country. Good luck getting a reservation though because this delicious restaurant is always packed. (212) 575-1529

Bamonte’s ? A real Italian restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn owned and operated by an Italian family that makes every dish they serve to perfection, just like Mama used to make. (718) 384-8831

Rao’s ? Trust me when I tell you that this Italian restaurant has the Best meatballs ever! The sauce is so good you want to eat it with a spoon. (212) 722-6709

Carnegie Deli ? The best deli in New York, they stuff so much meat in their sandwiches that you can barely fit a bite in your mouth. (212) 757-2245

Destino?s ? Delicious Italian food in the middle of Manhattan. It?s new, so keep your eye out for it and go in for a bite. Don?t worry though, it gets the Lasorda seal of approval! (212) 751-0500


Old Original Bookbinder’s ? Philly?s best fish house in the city. Try the lobster. (215) 925-7027

Pat’s ? One word: PhillyCheeseSteaks! (215) 468-1546


ESPN Zone ? Just like the one in Downtown Disney, but Georgia style. (404) 682-3776

Washington DC:

The White House ? Well, it?s not like the dining room there is open to the public, but I have been fortunate enough to dine there on a few occasions.

ESPN Zone ? Just like the one in Downtown Disney, and Atlanta, but with a Capitol flair. (202) 783-3776


Bobby?s ? The best restaurant in Vero Beach, and a Dodger favorite. Bobby is without a doubt, the best. (772) 231-6996

Paolo?s Ristorante ? This mom and pop Italian restaurant is a delight every time I eat there, which is often. Their polenta is only bested by their homemade mozzarella. (954) 431-0899

Giuseppe?s ? If you are ever in Jupiter watching the Marlins or Cardinals during Spring Training, make sure you stop by and enjoy great Italian food. Look for my picture on the wall. (561) 743-2330

Del Frisco’s ? This Del Frisco?s is in Orlando and is as delicious as the other locations. (407) 645-4443

Joe’s Stone Crab ? If you know anything about crab, you?ll love this Miami favorite. (305) 673-0365

Cracker Barrel ? We love going to eat breakfast here during Spring Training. It?s good old, down-home cooking. (772) 563-0066

So if you take my advice and go to any of these fine establishments, tell the owner, manager or maitre’d that Tommy Lasorda sent you, and enjoy!