June 2006

BP Coach Approach

Boehringer-Ingelheim has started a campaign for hypertension awareness.  They approached Don Shula and I and asked for our help getting this important message out, and we were glad to help.  Their mission is to alert people about the seriousness of hypertension and high blood pressure. 

I am one of 65 million Americans living with high blood pressure.  I?ve always been a high stress person. When I was managing, I didn?t try to hide it. Every gameday people could see my stress levels rise. After coming home worn out one too many times, I decided to talk to my doctor. After telling me I had hypertension, he explained that I had to change my diet, exercise more and take my medication daily. When it came to my hypertension, my doctor became my coach and he taught me how to stay in the game longer. I want all Americans with high blood pressure to talk to their doctors and find the best plan for them to get 24 hour blood pressure protection. 

It all starts with making sure you go get a checkup with your doctor.  I?m not a doctor, so I?m not here to talk about medicine, but you have to get a regular checkup.  What I’m here to talk about is high blood pressure and the importance of Americans talking to their doctors about this serious condition. Your doctor can be your coach to managing your condition and improving your health.

It is very important to get 24-hour protection against sudden rises and falls in your blood pressure.  To get more information about 24-hour protection, talk to your doctor, or visit www.bpcoachapproach.com.

Future Leaders

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of addressing 270 high school juniors at Pepperdine University.  The week-long program is named Pepperdine?s Southern California Youth Citizenship Seminar, and is hosted by Pepperdine?s chancellor,

Charles Runnels.  The top high school Junior from each school in California is invited to attend, and they are put through work shops, listen to lectures and participate in discussion groups about building character, developing leadership skills, identifying and pursuing goals and achieving success.  As I stood at the podium and delivered my speech, I knew I was reaching the future leaders of America.  Pepperdine

This was my ninth year participating in the seminar, and it gets better every year.  I really enjoy going to the Malibu campus, which is an outstanding campus, and helping those young people.  I certainly hope they enjoyed my speech, and also hope they take my advice.  As I told them, I know what it is to be their age, but they don?t know what it is to be my age. 

I would like to congratulate Chancellor Runnels and his wonderful staff, and thank all the students for their commitment and interest.  Other speakers at the seminar include Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, George Forman, and Art Linkletter.