Beautiful Dodger Blue

Every body wears blue!

I want every Dodger fan coming to the game tonight to wear Dodger Blue!  Hats, shirts, pants, jackets, socks, it doesn?t matter.  I want to all our fans to know that Dodger Blue is a beautiful color; it?s the most beautiful color in all of baseball. 

I have said this many times before, and I will continue to do so because it?s true; we have the greatest fans in all of baseball.  As such, it is up to you to continue to show the Dodgers your support, and do so by showing them a sea of blue. 

St. Louis fans display a river of red; well I want to see that beautiful sea of Dodger Blue!

Let?s make it a Dodger Blue night and show the players that we are firmly behind them, and support them at all times.


Wish I were there, but I’ll be wearing my Dodger Blue here in Toledo while we kick the Padres a**! Go Dodger Blue!

Just as long as Tommy promises to never sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in Wrigley ever again.

I’m wearing blue underwear right now!

I’m “All In” Tommy! I’ll wave to you tonight. (I’ll be the one in blue).


Wish I could Tommy but it is a very late game here in Eastern Canada. However, fansince53 will be cheering for me and decked out in blue. Does a Dodger license plate on my truck count? Go Dodgers.

My truck by the way is a DODGE. Go Dodgers.

I won’t be there but I’ll be here in the Bay Area in my Dodger Blue!

Tommy, I live in San Francisco, and I always wear my Dodger blue!!!! In fact, sitting on my desk, is a talking Tommy Lasorda doll that reminds me EVERY DAY how great DODGER FANS ARE!!!!!

Tommy, well were 1/2 a game back in the wild card with six too go. Can you tell the team to hang in there and im still rooting for them ? Anything less then the play-offs I honestly don’t know if i can take another year of almost. ALMOST just isn’t getting it done. Anyway tell the team im praying with all my heart. GOOOO DODGERS…forever. Yours Truely, Gary Moore

I was in the hospital when you posted this but wanted to react when I got out. I have been wearing Dodger Blue since the late 40s, growing up in British Columbia. My favorite team has to be 1956! I now live in Florida and like to get over to Vero Beach in the Spring. Saw you there in the last game last spring. Tried to get your autograph but couldn’t get close to you.

Go Dodgers!

I want to know where I can get a Tommy LaSorda pull string talking doll, Fred Rogan had one on his sportscast… Anyone???

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