Tough Love

Just because your team didn?t make the playoffs is no reason to stop watching baseball this October. Inside every fan of a certain team is an even bigger fan of the game. October baseball is magical; it?s our passion; it?s our love; it?s our game?s special time. Some of my favorite memories were made in the postseason, like Fernando pitching in the 1981 World Series, or Kirk Gibson’s improbable home run in the ?88 Fall Classic.

Beginning today you will see me in commercials on television, hear me on the radio, and see me in print ads urging all baseball fans to watch postseason baseball. We made these commercials to ignite the passion for baseball that lies within every ?team? fan by reminding them of the magic that surrounds October baseball, whether or not their favorite team makes the postseason.

I?ll be watching, and so should you.

If you want to see the ads, click here.

I hope you all enjoy the ads, and I hope you also enjoy the excitement of the playoffs this year.  Of course, you also have to follow the postseason with, and I’ll tell you more about it if you just hit play here:



Tommy, I agree wholeheartedly that we should not stop watching baseball just because our team is not in the post-season. I love the Fox commercial where you coax the Sox fan out of the dorm room to root against the Yankees! I’m a lifelong Sox fan, and that is why I’m watching the playoffs. I think the Yankees will fall in the ALDS. Their pitching is very subpar for a team that has unlimited financial resources to bring in who they want.

Of course, I’m also partial to the Padres since they have so many former Sox players. Yeah, I know your Dodgers have Grady (who I think should not have been fired; I liked him a lot as the Sox skipper) and guys like Nomar, Mueller and Lowe, but there is something about this San Diego team. I would like to see a Padres-Twins World Series. It would not draw high TV ratings, but it would be good for baseball.

Jeff Louderback

BoSox Banter

Tommy, I also wanted to let you know I saw Bill Buckner’s comments about your impact on him. Very touching. I think the Buckner belongs in the Hall of Fame. As a Sox fan, I appreciated his effort and production. It’s unfortunate that he will always be knwon for his error in the ’86 Series on not for the years and years of hard, gritty play. People tend to forget that the Sox could have won Game 7, and then Buckner’s error would have been forgotten. Of course, that didn’t happen. Yet Buckner is a guy that any team would have wanted – in any era.

Hey Tommy –

I just wanted to chime in and say that I couldn’t agree more – October is the last bit of baseball we are going to see as fans till next spring… that seems a looooong way away right now.. that being said – GO BLUE!


Dear Tommy,

As a life long Tribe fan (except for a few year when I was a Dodger Fan (I think they had some guys named Garvey, Cey & Guerro playing for them and some guy that liked Italian food as the manager). And I have suffered greatly. If I never see the Willy Mays over the shoudler catch again it will be to soon.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Tribe commercial. And as a real baseball fan I appreciate what you are doing.

And all I can say is this is the best time of the year to root agains the Yankees. (Although any time is a good time for that)

Good luck to the Dodgers in the post season.

Being a Red Sox fan…that commercial made me smile because it’s exactly how I feel BUT I love Baseball and now it’s Time to Root Against the Yankees!!

It’s great to see you still promoting the game!

Doesn’t seem like that long ago that you were promoting the WBC! You folks did a great job! I took the family to several of the games and they were FANtastic! It was nice to see you and Hank Aaron and S.Oh on the field together before the finals!

Great job with the Dodgers this year. Glad to see our boy Ethier was helping you out. It’s been great watching Milton Bradley come around this year. Having a great season as well as becoming a team leader.

Hope to see you guys in the WORLD SERIES w/ us. GO A’s!!!!!!!!!!!! dan

Dearest Tommy,
I know it’s my duty. I’m Judy!! …and one of your biggest fans. I love baseball and I promote it any way I can. In my house, the boys say “Mom is home, time for baseball.” I’m a Dodger fan, but will watch any game, any age, any time!! My friends tease me about watching ALL of the Little League games on ESPN each year. The withdrawals start the end of October. I’m back watching Spring Training, High School and College Baseball at the first pitch. I’m a friend of Rich Alday, Univ. of NM Baseball Head Coach. I believe he even thinks I’m a little crazy for baseball. He’s a great guy too!! Lots of Love to you and your family, Judy Casey

Hey Tommy,

My mother is a Yankee fan. If the Yankees are in the post season, she watches. In other words she’s NOT a baseball fan. Or at least the worst kind of baseball fan, a homer. Same thing goes for Tiger Woods (sorry, Tiger)

I grew up loving the Yankees but she takes all the fun out of it so I suffer as a Phillies’ fan but I still love the game.

LOVE your commercials about the PS. To the TV! Genius.

Hey tommy !
I was just wondering about the status and future of Jayson Werth…he seemed to gel quite well with the team and I believe he was poised to make an exceptional contribution to the team…unfortunately this did not happen because of the wrist injury he sustained. Will the Dodgers bring him back to the fold or will we let another solid player slip thru our fingers?

…” your thoughts, Hobson…”

Tommy you ARE everything right about the game. Passion, heart, love of the game. I wish it were like it used to be when we were all kids.I,like you, can’t get enough of this game.It doesn’t matter who’s playing!
Even though my Braves aren’t in it this year, If you love the game, watch it. Any chance on you being commissioner! You’re already our ambassador.

Hey Tommy, why is the Cleveland fan wearing a Reds cap in your commercial? I realize both teams are in Ohio, but it’s just not right to wear a Cleveland jersey and a Reds Cap!

Those commercials are my favorite! I love them! “Bunch of babies..” So FUNNY!


Tommy…..I absolutely LOVE your toughlove commercials….they make me laugh no matter how often I see them!!You may be making this Series the most popular cause of these!!

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