Playoffs Baby!

How Sweet it is; the fruits of victory!

It?s playoff time, the most exciting time in baseball.  Teams have had this goal in mind since mid February when the players reported for Spring Training.  The eight teams that are still playing know that this is the precursor to the World Series, and nothing is better than that.

Lugobetiment_1 You can throw out all the stats from the year, because everybody picks up their play in the post season.  Managers are setting up their pitching staffs, putting together their best possible line-ups, and making sure their players are prepared, mentally, physically and fundamentally.

I would like to commend Ned Colletti, our general manager, for the fine job he has done this year in putting together a balanced roster of competitive ball players.  I would also like to congratulate Grady Little for his leadership and poise.  He did a great job managing the ball club and without him the Dodgers would not have won the wild card.  A very special Thanks goes to Frank and Jamie McCourt for giving Dodger fans what they want, a winning baseball team.

And, once again, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Commissioner Selig?s vision by enacting the wild card.  He has made an outstanding contribution to the game of baseball.


I can’t wait for this series! I have my tickets for Game 3 – I’ll be in the left field pavilion waiting to catch a Nomar homer!😉

Yessssss! That was one of the most entertaining regular seasons ever. I remember the 88 season vividly. That team had a lot of exciting wins. But, this team had more exciting wins all season long. Right down to the last game.
Go Dodgers!

watched all 3 games at my home in San Francisco (with my boyfriend who is a MAJOR HUGE Giants fan). I did feel bad for him (it’s NEVER fun to see your team lose), but I am SO HAPPY that the Dodgers won. My Dad and brother will be at the game on Sunday – i the the left field pavillion; I’ll be watching on TV to see them win again.

GO BLUE!!!!!

Way to go Tommy! I love your commercials!

Hey Tommy! I have ben following the Yankees via my blog through out the season and I have to tell you, I doubted them at first. Not many times you see them in last place, and then take the world be storm and finish with the best record…again. Even though last season was a memorable one with all the scandels, this one is sweeter!



Tommy, you’re an experienced third base coach. Would you be willing to take the job again?

Hey Tommy, when the heck did you stop managing the Dodgers?!? How can the Dodgers play without Tommy in the dugout? Doesn’t seem right.

Mr. Lasorda! Born a dodger fan; its going to be a great series with the mets. Big game today i think its going to go 5 games and the dodgers win this thing always keeping the faith just like in 1988!

I’ve found a way to keep track of the scores while at work..

awesome Dodger baseball. The base running was terrific. The look on your face Tommy at the end of game three was even better.
Question: will you now be making an ad where you tell Dodger fans to quit crying and come out of hiding and watch the playoffs ?

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