October Baseball

Once again we find ourselves in the midst of tremendously exciting playoffs.  October baseball is something special, and I would like to congratulated the Cardinals, Mets, A?s and Tigers for advancing to their respective Championship Series.  Although the Tigers won the first game, the American League pennant is still up for grabs, as is the National League?s.  But as you watch the games, remember what I have said over and over again; playoffs, pennants and the World Series are won and lost in the bullpen. 

It is great to see the Mets doing so well in the playoffs, as it has eluded them since Bobby Valentine was asked to leave after guiding his club to the Fall Classic.  Once again the Cardinals are contending to represent the National League in the World Series.  Walt Jocketty and Tony LaRussa have done another outstanding job with that ball club. 

And let?s not forget about how special a season the Tigers are having.  I can Tigers remember during spring training this year, when the Tigers came to Dodgertown, Jim Leyland telling me that his club was going to surprise a few people.  Isn?t that the understatement of the season!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of baseball fans for your continued support.  You have come out to the ballparks in record numbers this season, and because of your energy, passion and commitment, baseball remains the greatest sport in this country. 

But as I say in my commercials, just because your team is out of it, inside every home team fan is an even bigger baseball fan.  Make sure you watch the post season on FOX.



Hi Tommy,
Thanks for all you have done this year. I hope you realize that your presence in this great game of baseball is huge for us Dodgers fans. When we see you doing a pitch for baseball, like in your TV commercials, the world really sees a great Dodger talking to them. It makes us proud.

Next year were gonna get’em. As long as guys like you and the great Vin Scully continue to remind us of great Dodgers traditions and legacy, we will be there.

PS. Put a good word into Coletti for Nomar. The Dodgers need his Spirit, Leadership and Team Commitment to take us once again into the post season to win it all. The guy is willing to do anything to win, we need to keep him. Otherwise we will see him hurt us later,like Shawn Green did last week.

Love the ads. As a life-long citizen of Red Sox Nation, I particularly enjoyed the one where you tell the Red Sox fan that she can at least root against the Yankees. (Which, sour grapily, we all did. As Dan Shaughnessy in The Boston Globe said, the Tigers-NY series was “our World Series.) I now have a team (Tigers) and I’m hoping for a Mets-Tigers matchup. But are there any plans to do an additional ad focused on getting Yankees fans back in the game? That I’d love to see.

I love the Red Sox ad as well. Classic! When will we see one for Dodgers fans (haha)?

Jeff L.


Hi Tommy,

I hope you really get to read this. I am so very disappointed that our Dodgers had a fast exit in the playoffs but i was just so happy to have a chance to be there. Tommy I have been a long time Dodger fan, but I was more proud of our team on that saturady at Dodger stadium when they lost to NY. Our team really showed alot of heart. I really loved the way you were trying to pump up the stadium it was electric. I will remember that saturday night forever. I was never more proud to be a Dodger fan. I cant wait till next season. Now I just chucle when I see your comercial when you say “Dont be a Baby”. Because it applies to me? Thank you for everything.

Thought maybe FOX would have had one made with you trying to talk yourself down from the top of the garage.

Dodgers in ’07

I love baseball…almost as much as I love the A’s. I am disappointed the A’s didn’t make it to the WS, but am very happy that they got to be Division Champs! Every year I watch the postseason because that’s where you see real baseball. The players do amazing things when it counts. It shows the power of the mind and what can be accomplished when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


You have got to check out my Mom’s website….”God Save the Dodgers.” at http://www.FireGradyLittle.net
She is a hard core Dodger Fan and KNOWS baseball! Tommy, my Mom Loves you, anyway you could come back and manage the Dodgers? You spoke at a banquet for Loyola Marymount University, when I was playing there in 1979. We talked for a moment. Both of us Lefty pitchers…anyway, check out my 88 year old “Italian Moms” website…she is very serious about her Dodgers…Thanks and best to you and your family….Mark “D”

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