The Showdown in St. Louis

This is the biggest game of the NLCS, Game 5.  Both teams are tied at two games a piece, so the winner only has to win one of the next two instead of both. 

Cards have the home field advantage; Mets have the momentum after Game 3. 

Glavine verse Weaver.

To The TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Tommy, big fan of yours! I would like to offer a free visual effects of you doing your pitch on this blog, wouldn’t it be cool? I work at If your interested please contact me, hope to hear you soon.


Great things happening in Game 5 and Game 6! Gonna be an electric Game 7 and I suspect Pujols is gonna have a big night.

That was a great game 7! Big Dodger fan but I am also a Baseball fan!

I Live for This!!


check out my site, I’m your hugest, giganticist biggest fan! I love your commercials! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

The Mets may have been destined to lose from the beginning. Check out “A new curse ?” on my blog (

Tommy,Do you have a brother Smokey?We met him @ Charlie Gittos in St.Louis.He said he was going to send us an autographed picture of you.Can you help us out?Carlies was the best!!My Italian wife loved it!Thank You and Dodger Blue forever!!
Rick and Sarah

PS When are you coming to Cincy Ohio again?

Hi Tommy
This is the only way I could find to contact you. One of your biggest fans in St. Louis area, Lorraine Hartzel (you may remember her from Gitto’s many times) is turning 85 yrs old. Would you be so kind to send her a birthday card or something? Thank you so much. Janet

Lorraine Hartzel

3400 Hartzel Rd

Edwardsville IL 62025

hello tommy, sorry form my bad english ..regards from tollo (italy) ,where the baseball it is been born after your visit in the 80 and hour we are one beautiful truth

Tommy, Team is doing great so far this season. Do you think Loney will be returning to the team? I am 45yrs old and can’t think of one thing negative about you. Your a leader that knows how to get the job done. Anyone that is a true blue fan knows your a inspiration to all baseball fans.Wishing you the very best has to offer,

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