Thank You

We have passed Thanksgiving like Juan Pierre rounding third base and going home.  The Holiday season is quickly upon us, and as we shop, travel, spend time with loved ones and enjoy all the good feelings associated with this time of the year, we have to stop and pay tribute to all the brave, heroic men and women, around the world, who wear the uniform of the United States of America that make it possible for us to do so. 

Thank you, soldiers, for doing the job and making it possible for the rest of us to live in freedom. 

I know how hard it is for you to be away from your loved ones at this time of the year, but please know that we love you, we respect your call to duty, we are proud of your resolve and we pray for your safety.  Your sacrifice is not made in vain, and we want you know that.

God bless each and every one of you, and may He watch over you and protect you at all times.  Sometimes you might feel cheated, denied or deprived, but just look over your shoulder and see how bad off other people are, and then you?ll realize how lucky you are. 

And if you do have any compassion in your heart, you will say a prayer for Tommy and the Dodgers, because the Dodgers and I will be saying a prayer for you too.


I agree with you Tommy! Let’s all pray for our all of our service members. I know how it feels to be on duty during the holidays in harms way; away from family…. I’m a Navy Veteran. Thank you Tommy for all of your prayers!

I also wanted to I really did like the signing of Pierre and Wolf. I just hope Ned will also sign Manny; that would be alot of production the Dodgers need. Imagine all of those RBI’S Nomar, Manny an Kent could produce in the middle of the line-up with Raffy and Juan hitting in front of them! Now that would be very fun to watch!

I am a Gulf War Vet and agree with Tommy to honor our troops. They’ve done their job, now bring them back home! What would it be like for the world series winner if after the world series was won the commissioner said, OK, Now that you’ve accomplished winning the world series I’m gonna have you all go shag fly balls in the Dominican Winter League.
Bring the troops back home, Mission was Accomplished!

It looks like Boston is trying to have their cake and eat it too. We won’t be getting Manny Ramirez unless you want to give up Broxton and Loney and LaRoache or Kemp.

Better, to pass on that highway robbery!

Gagne has to make a choice. Be a man of his word, or let his agent Scott Boras turn him into a traitor. After all that rehab, after all that money and after all the memories and waiting for him to arrive he is becoming just another player out for the money. He lied to the fans.
A month ago he was preaching about a hometown discount. About how he’s been a 10 million dollar cheerleader. He was right. Now he’s going back on his word.

That seems to be the M.O. for Scott Boras players. I’m sorry to see Gagne turn into just another Boras hack.

Mr. Lasorda

Thank you for your support. We had a great time here in Iraq watching the Dodgers in the post season on Armed Forces Network. Keep up the good work and get us some wins. Thanks again to and the Dodger Organization.

SFC Richard E. Hernandez

Bring the troops back home, Mission was Accomplished!

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