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Today is a very special day for two of baseball?s greatest.  Although  and Cal Ripken, Jr. have always been considered stars, today, as Dale Petroskey, President of the Baseball Hall of Fame announced their induction into Cooperstown, he solidified their place in the grand history of our game as immortals. 

Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn, welcome to Cooperstown.


Both men are deserving of the high honor.  For those of you who don?t know, the motto of the Hall of Fame is: Preserving History, Honoring Excellence, Connecting Generations.  Both Gwynn and Ripken have made tremendous contributions to our game.  Their play on the field is most was definitely excellent, as Gwynn led the league in hitting seven times, was on 15 All Star teams, won five Gold Gloves, seven Silver Slugger awards, had a .338 lifetime average and challenged the hallowed mark of hitting over .400 in a season in 1994 ending the year with a .394 average.  With Ripken, well, you?re talking about a player who broke a record that nobody thought would ever be broken. 

Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse, is certainly one of baseball?s immortals because of his consecutive games-played streak.  When Ripken broke that streak, I, along with everyone else in baseball stood in awe of his accomplishment.  He also hit more than 400 homeruns and collected well over 3000 hits.  But playing in 2,131 consecutive games is just amazing. 

What makes each career even more special is they never played for more than one team. 

Gwynn Both men are ambassadors of the game.  Cal and Tony wore their respective uniforms in the highest degree of class, dignity and character.  Neither did anything to embarrass themselves, the organization which the represented or the game.  They are both fine role models for children and adults, fans and players.  If you don?t believe me, just ask Alex Rodriguez who his favorite was while he was growing up. 

It is a pleasure to have them inducted into this special fraternity.  The Hall of Fame is a place for excellence in all of its forms.  I am looking forward to being in Cooperstown this summer to see each man enshrined, to hear their acceptance speeches, to see their plaques unveiled and to shake each man?s hand and thank them for their contributions to the game and their commitment to the fans.


Any comments on Goose getting snubbed again this year?



How those two didn’t receive unanimous votes bewilders me

Dear Tommy, It seems that baseball has become all about money. Is there any way we can get a free feed of the radio broadcasts of Dodger games. I miss hearing Vinny and Jerry Doggett. Please for the sake of all fans that are not rich would you help us.

Sincerely, Rob

good morning, LA Dodgers Fans
To a Great Season, going all the way

MLB by jamestowncalif.com Sports: “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not”in This Week In Baseball

04/09/07 02:02:01 am

Sports News

Baseball Season is Back, 2007 has already gotten off to a quick start. Some Teams have improved, making some moves on the offseason. It seems like the competetion is real good this season, coming off of last season. Good Teams, good groups of players, and it will be interesting to see how the teams place later on. Still, its early to tell which teams will do well, and which teams will be at .500, or worse. I think that this year, the teams will have good balance.

I can’t believe the Dodgers get defeated against the Brewers, but its the first game.

First the LA Dodgers, Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in this Week in Baseball”? LA wins 8 straight at SF (last year 5+3 this year)

The LA Dodgers http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=la

The Dodgers Sweep the Giants in SF over the Weekend, the game Sunday 10-4. Gonzalez with 2 HR’s , 4 RBIs’, and Jeff Kent, What can I say. With the additions of Pierre, Gonzalez, and for Pitching J Schmidt, the Dodgers have it going on, and are .5 games from first place in the West playing Colorado for a First Place try Monday. The Dodgers have James Loney, a great player in triple A with the Vegas 51’s, so the Dodgers have plenty of back up as the season has just started. Nomar looked like he was tired, or huffing and puffing after running the bases scoring a run at SF. ref ESPN Sportcenter show clip

. The Dodgers are Hot.

The Braves are Hot. The Braves now at 5-1, lose to the Mets 11-1 Friday Night, come back to win 2 straight to win the series versus a Top NL Team. The Top NL Teams along with the Dodgers, Braves are the Mets, Cards, Padres you never know this Year, but always strong, and watch out for the Phillies. The Braves website:


For the Braves, after being beat 11-1 the first game, to come back and win two straight, the Braves are going into Next Week Hot.

The Braves with 11 Edgar Renteria



Braves win 3-2 Sunday versus the Mets, scoring 2 in the 8th.

Pitching will be key for all teams in the later innings for success, it always is the difference in the Big Games.

Arizona is Hot early in first place at 5-2 won 4

The Big News for the D Backs, is the Randy Johnson move from the Yankees to the D Backs. Johnson used to pitch well against LA. IN NY, Johnson was unable to dominate the American League hitters like he was used to against NL hitters before. Johnson on injured reserve early in the season,


The NL Central, all the teams have either Won 1 or Lost 1 being balanced early having the Reds and Pirates both tied for first at 4-2. Both Teams, you never know, but I like both teams.

The Big News is in Chicago with the Team possibly being sold, while at the same time the big big news is having L Pinnela as Manager for the Cubs now at 3-3. The Cubs with Pinnela should always be a focused, well trained team, and it will be interesting to see if the team can get the pitching staff together with Wood on the DL.

Who’s hot and Who’s not”? The Astros are not now at 1-5, Lost 1 in a row, in last place early in the season.

The SF Giants are Not Hot being Swept by the LA Dodgers over the weekend. The Giants were outplayed, out hustled, out defended, out pitched, out batted, throughout the entire series versus LA.

The Giants are now 1-5 in last place in the West early in the Season. Barry Bonds looks good though, or atleast not injured and the first week means little, the Giants always tough during the season, and pitching and defense could be their achillies heal.

The Padres won 2 tied with the LA Dodgers for the same record are going to be strong team throughout the season. The Padres get Maddux as he moves from LA to SD.

The Wild Wild West with the Rockies in between at 3-3.

The Phillies are not hot at 1-5.

Worse that the Phillies already you can see a team that’s going to stink worse than the govt, the Washington Nationals like the Senators. Wow, it’s no wonder this team once was off the MLB. This Team is not good at 1-6, and we will watch to see if this team becomes the joke of the National League, ” the Senators”, “the Nationals”.

Definetely not the Wizards, or competing like them in their respective leagues.

That’s all for that team, and their play will determine how the sports writers write about them now becoming the Great Joke in Baseball moving from Milwaukee.

The Brewers look good, an in between team, but do play LA better than most teams in the league , last season, and already this season. The Brewers and the Sausage still now with a 3-3 record in a very tough division along with the Baseball Champion Cards.

The Brewers have a nice stadium, and if the team can get pitching together, with middle relief, the Brewers can challenge.

That’s right, the Brewers can challenge.

for more




“The Brewers, the Brewers”

The Cards, baseball champion at 2-4 early on.

for more http://stlouis.cardinals.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=stl

The American League, Who’s Hot and Who’s Not.

Why can’t the Angels be called the Angels of Anaheim, they are Anaheims team. The rumor is that having LA increases marketability, but as the Angels have been and still are Orange Countys team from the Big A, all the fans are still unhappy about that title, find it as an insult, and each game, the fans go into the stadium or watch their team with a grudge about it. LA Angels doesn’t increase market ability, and in fact it may lose revenues on people buying Angels attire. I haven’t bought an Angels hat since the change. I find it insulting being a fan of both the Dodgers and Angels, NL and AL, and the Dodgers are LA’s team, not the Angels. They are both great teams, great organizations, and have great fans. Angels fans live on this side of town, and are the Angels of Anaheim now in first place at 5-2 in a good division. The Angels have good starting pitching, one of the best in the American League. It will be up to the bull pin on how far the Angels go. Its rockin at Edison Field, loud in their. Lackey is tough, and the Angels have a good batting line up that will be durable all season with G Anderson and V Guerrero. The Angels broadcasters are very excited while they broadcast with that loud crowd, the loyal fans of the Angels of Anaheim. Looks like another good season, always competetive, and always strong against the Yankees.


What would the Cards do with out the Western Division in the AL. Half their team played in Anaheim. Their manager coached in Oakland.

The Twins are Hot with a 4-1 record early. I personally think the AL Central is the toughest division of them all for competetiveness. With the Twins, Indians, Tigers, White Sox in the same division, its no wonder the Royals have had a tough time the last few seasons. The League though seems more balanced this Year with the Players moving, and some Teams like the Royals will have better seasons than last season. I like the Royals, and the Team has a lot of character. The Team needs not to have those let downs, and just play with them. Remember, the teams in the same divison, one year, one team is good, and the next not so good, so for the Royals, theirs room to improve since last year was so bad.

The Royals at 2-4, but 2.5 games from First place.

Tigers 3/Royals 2 Sunday


Stay with it. Royals with Reggie Sanders, watch his homerun on the Royals website


Royals play the Blue Jays for 3

The Toronto Blue Jays are Hot, in first place in the AL East by .5 games at 3-2 early. Watch Roy Halliday ( last year 16 game winner)strike out 7 on the Blue Jays website http://toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=tor

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in This Week in Baseball? The Boston Redsox are always Hot, the toughest all around team in the American League, and the most talented Team in the AL by far. The Red Sox add Two former Dodgers to their team, starters Lugo and J D Drew. Those players all defense, with Lugo with a key RBI Sunday to get the win at Texas. RedSox/Rangers was a well broadcasted game on ESPN. I enjoy listening to that crew no matter the teams playing. Before I used to only watch LA Dodgers and California Angels games, plus the playoffs. As I have gotten older, I enjoy watching all the teams or games ( not all of them), but the telecasted games ( different match ups, and a lot to do with it is the broadcasting. I just heard Nailbitter from Berman, thanks. Here’s another one




With Ortiz, did you see that HR Sunday?, Manny, and a good pitching staff, the Red Sox should win first place in the East. Schilling is the game breaker each game with strong and dominating pitching performances consistantly, and with Kurt healthy, the Red Sox without question should top the division.


Ortiz/Ramirez are the best back to back batters in all of baseball. The Red Sox win 3-2 at Texas against a fiesty Rangers Team. Pitching wins it Sunday, and the Red Sox have a good closer in J Paplebon ” not james bond” but Paplebon

“Invest in those Bonds” The Red Sox at 3-3 early.http://boston.redsox.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=449097

The Best Player in the game in Seattle

Ichiro http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/6615

batting .400 early


Mariners/Indians Monday ,J Weaver now on the Mariners pitches Monday for Seattle

Those Winter Conditions

Some games postponed due to Snow, “In SPRING”?

Global Warming?

Am I forgetting anybody, or any Teams?

Oh Ya, the Yankees?

The Yankees had trouble against the Baltimore Orioles for the 3 games. The O’s win 6-4 Friday and 6-4 Sunday with the Yankees winning 10-4 Saturday, the O’s win 2/3 against the Yankees. The Yankees will need pitching to carry them through the season as the other Teams like the Red Sox, Blue Jays both with pitching, the Yankees can easily find themselves in 3rd place at the end of the season, and maybe 4th if they can’t beat the O’s.

Baltimore is an Ify team, you just never know what kind of season they will have, but you can count on the Red Sox being tough all season. What made the Yankees good last season is that they got off to a good start. If that doesn’t happen this year, it could be a third place for the Yankees in 07 no matter how much they pay the players. Yankee Sports Writers so quick to criticize some of the players, when the Team management needs to bring in some pitching, especially that middle relief. The Yankees all season will have to depend if they can outscore the opponents relying too much on offense as the Team Pitching all around doesn’t look good.

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not”? The Yankees getting beat 2/3 against the O’s are definetely Not Hot. It could be a long season for the Yankees never really recovering since the Rocket has left NY.


thank you

Jackie Robinson ref




the Brooklyn Dodgers

the LA Dodgers









thank you

I’ve been a Dodger Fan for nearly 60 years. I got your atograph on 7/10/93 a Bamontes
along with Mike Piazza & Eric Karros. I could’ve gotten another a few years earlier, in the Shea Stadium parking lot , I was with one of my daughters, but the pen was out of ink. I remember you as a pitcher(vaguely) & as an outstanding manager.

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