Bobby Kennedy

Tonight, I am going to a special screening of the upcoming movie, Bobby, which is the story of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.  He was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June 6, 1968.  It just so Bobby happens that I was supposed to be at that dinner.  My wife Jo, and I, ate lunch at the Ambassador that afternoon, and my good friend Zach Manasian, who was the food and beverage manager, told me that Kennedy wanted to meet me and talk to me, which was an invitation I was honored to accept.

Before going to the dinner though, I planned to going to the Dodger game because Don Drysdale was on the mound and besides him being one of my favorite pitchers, and a great friend, he was going for his sixth straight shutout.  His scoreless innings pitched streak was the big topic in baseball, and I wanted to be on hand to watch.  58 2/3 scoreless innings was amazing.

As I dressed that morning, I put on a brand new pair of shoes.  They were CoreFam shoes, and as I wore them around that day, they really started to hurt my feet.  So much so, that I had to leave the game, and I walked to my car with the CoreFam?s in my hand.  That?s how badly they hurt.

We decided to skip the dinner at the Ambassador.  When we got home, we turned on the TV and saw that Kennedy had been shot. 

Drysdale_don_3 It was a night of mixed emotions.  While I was happy for Big Don, I was sad and angry about the assassination.  No matter what your politics are, or which party you align yourself with, an assassination of any elected official, or national leader, is tragic. 


Tommy,I just wanted to let you know how much you and the Dodgers meant to me when I was a kid growing up in the 70s. Your enthusiasm for the game is inspiring. You are great for the game of baseball and a great guy.

“A night of mixed emotions”? Seriously? How could a game overshadow the killing of a presidential candidate and sitting senator?

Come on now, the fact that there was a tragedy doesn’t mean he had to STOP being a baseball fan and a human being. Mixed emotions. Why not? Makes perfect sense to me.

Ryan, Are you nuts? 58 and 2/3 scoreless. Do you have any idea how hard that is? Have you played the game? Your comment sounded so…wrong. I have a lot of other words I’d like to post but I’m trying to not attack you. The loss of any life is tragic. It doesn’t stop life from happening and for a few chosen few, part of that life is baseball.
Just My Thoughts.



In no way was Tommy equating the two events. All he is saying is it was a night where a friends of his set a major milestone and he was ready to be happy when he encountered news off the field that wiped out the happiness.


I just wanted to say that I love the Dodgers and you. Every memory I have growing up in some way has memory of you, the dodgers, Vin Scully and my dad. Keep up the fabulous work, and thanks for the blog.

I’m just curious why the favorite for the Democratic nomination was interested in meeting the manager of the Dodgers’ Rookie-A team… No offense, but Tommy wasn’t exactly Mr. Dodger in 1968.

Tommy, just wanted to say hello and to wish you well!thanks for the memories your the best!! DAN

Tommy, You are the man. It’s great that you’re still so involved with everything that the dodgers do. I’m from LA but I live in Phoenix now. I’m glad you guys decided to move spring training out to glendale. Now I will get to see my favorite team a lot more. Hopefully we can get all these arms healthy so we can get back to championship form. Keep up the good work. Think Blue!

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