Hall of Fame #8

I just made my return from Albuquerque, New Mexico which was the site of the 2007 Triple-A All-Star Game.  It was an outstanding trip.  I was the first person ever to be inducted into the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame.  I was the keynote speaker at the luncheon, and it was an honor to address the crowd of over 800 people.  It felt like a homecoming.  I managed the Albuquerque Dukes in 1972.  The Dukes were the first Triple-A team to call Albuquerque home, and I had a great time.  We had one of the finest teams a manager could ask for.  We finished first in the league, we won the playoffs and we won the championship.  We had a record of 92-52 that year.

It has been a long time since I?ve been back to Albuquerque and I am amazed by the city?s growth.  The All-Star banquet was held at the new Sandia Resort, which is beautiful.  Why couldn?t they have something like that when I was managing?  While I was in Albuquerque if they dropped a bomb in the middle of the city they wouldn?t have caused more than $40 worth of damage.  The one constant is the people; they were great to me and my team when I managed and they are still polite and courteous. 

The festivities were great. They invited some of my players back with me and it is always a pleasure to see them. 

Steve ?The Garv? Garvey, Tom Paciorek who I called Wimpy because he ate so many hamburgers, and the Penguin, Ron Cey.  I should also mention that Wimpy won the league MVP that year.  He posted one of the best years in Albuquerque Dukes history, leading the PCL with 125 runs and 27 home runs, while racking up 107 RBI. Also in attendance was the Hall of Famer Tony Perez.  I hated him when he was part of the Big Red Machine, but now that we are in Cooperstown together it turns out that he is a good guy.  The Garv, Wimpy and I threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game.

So I would like to thank the fans I Albuquerque for their hospitality and the fans for their support.  If you have a chance to visit the new ball park, tell them Tommy sent you.


Congratulations ! It’s sounds like you had a awsome time and recieved an honor that is well deserved. For me to read a paragraph that has you (my tommy) and former dodger greats listed together is like taking a deep breathe after a long nap. Next time I’m in New Mexico I’ll check it out.
all the best to you and yours,


To bad they didn’t drop a bomb on you. The reason they didn’t have a Sandia Resort is becuase you would have ate it.

Why you are in the Hall of Fame is beyond me. I guess you had to do something different when they found out you couldn’t pitch your way out of a paper bag.

Let go Dodgers, and get rid of that jerk Tommy Lasorda.

Are the Dodgers ever going to let Ethier, Kemp, and Pierre start in the same outfield? Had we given Ethier the same at bats as Gonzo – he would have similar numbers or better. He is a better fielder, has better upside as I feel he is a future batting champ with the sweet swing and good eye. I know that you are of the ilk to play the vets but these guys are good. Please dont trade either Kemp or Ethier!

Congradulations on becoming the the first person to be inducted into the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame. But of course who else could have it been. It’s great to be reminded of those Dodgers who came up with you from those Albuquerque Dukes. Most of the following Garvey, Cey Paciorek, Bill Buckner, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell, Steve Yeager to name some, and after aquiring Dusty Baker, Rick Monday & or Kenny Landreaux and Reggie Smith along with a usual fine pitching staff and you as the great MGR, us Dodger fans had a team to be proud of. Recently I tried to ask you a question on THE CHAT but unfortunately I was unable to do so. I hope someday to have another opportunity. I also hope to see you again at Bamontes where I got your autograph along with Mike Piazza & Eric Karros on 7/10/93. GOOD LUCK to all you Dodgers, who have another fine young team. GO DODGERS!!

Hi Tommy,
Congratulations for the induction. You are terrific. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, how close are you to Mike Piazza these days? I would love to see the Dodgers reach out to Mike and get back in touch with him. I would hate to see him go into the Hall wearing a Mets cap on his plaque. He did much more as a Dodger and wouldn’t have had the start of his career if it wasn’t for you and the O’Malley’s. Yes, Fox screwed up the negotiations back in ’98, but that was then. Now it would be wonderful to see the Dodger organzation reach out to Mike and encourage him to go into the HOF as a Dodger. Tommy, go to Wikepedia and look up Mike Piazza. They list all of Piazzas accomplishments (mostly completed as a Dodger). But what he expresses on the site was how impressesed he has been by the way NY fans have received him when he goes back. Please talk to the Dodger brass and convince them to reach out to him. It would be great to see #31 next to yours at Dodgers Stadium’s retired numbers.

Thanks Tommy for your dedication to baseball and especially the Dodgers.

Tommy –
I was in Albuquerque from SF to see the AAA All Star Game and the Fan Fest and Power Derby. IT WAS AWESOME! And congrats to you for your induction!

It was so cool to be able to see the Dodgers – at the fan fest – that I grew up watching in LA. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet you and am a HUGE FAN. YOU ARE MY HERO! So much so, that for Valentine’s Day this year, my boyfriend got me a Tommy Lasorda baseball card from 1956 (and he’s a die-hard Giants fan). IT IS THE BEST GIFT I’VE EVER RECEIVED FROM HIM! Now all it needs is your signature. (I also have on my desk at work a talking Tommy Lasorda Doll).

Take care and thanks for your MAJOR LEAGUE commitment to the Dodgers and all of baseball.


Mr. Lasorda,
Congratulations on your recent induction into the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame!You deserve it. Upon some further research on your biography I was reminded of the stories my grandfather told me about you when you played for the Schenectady Blue Jays, my hometown.My grandfather was a coach on that team for several years and was quite known for his baseball managerial skills. Maybe you remeber him. His name was Andy Ferrara and was a dead ringer for Vince Lombardi. I am interested in finding out more about him. I even have a baseball signed by that team and your signature stands proud between the seams. Thank you and God Bless.

Mr. Lasorda, Congratulations on your induction into the Albuquerque Baseball Hall Of Fame. I have loved you and the Dodgers for years and was very proud to have my picture taken with you when you were in Phx. and autographed your book. I’m the one with the LA on my crowned tooth.
God has blessed baseball with you! Keep on keeping on!!

Mr.Lasorda..Everyday I wake up to your picture on my laptop..It is a picture of you and MC Hammer at the MTV Rock N Jock Baseball Game. Do you still have your jersey from that game or did you give it to MC Hammer? And, do you ever grow old? You still look sexy!!!!

Where can I buy a Tommy Lasorda talking doll? I
want to get it for my husband

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