I am being honored tonight by the Dallas All Sports Association. After I receive the Best In Field Award, Year after Year, I will speak to more than 1,000 guests at DASA’s All-Sports Awards Banquet which is a black-tie celebration of scholarship and sports excellence.

I am more than honored to even be considered for this award, and am looking forward to speaking to the many youngsters about what it will take for them to make it in life.  My advice is like a continental breakfast, which means, it’s there if you want it. 

The Dallas All Sports Association is a philanthropic organization founded in 1965 by Dallas businessman Field Scovell whose love of sports was only exceeded by his love of the Dallas community. In founding DASA, Scovell envisioned a special organization, philanthropic in nature, created to award recognition and scholarship grants to deserving individuals and other deserving group.


you sure travel a lot! You are a true embassador of Baseball and kids look up to you. Keep up the great work! Take good care of yourself and stay on your diet! We want to have you around for many many years. -Emma (crzblue)


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