October 2007

Deja Blue

I?ve had many honors in my life but this might be in breed all by itself.  On Monday night I attended a Professional Bull Riding auction and my good friend, Tom Teague, bought a championship bull and named is after me.

The bull?s name is Deja Blue and he?s a mean son-of-a-gun. Deja_blue_3

When Tom purchased the bull he thought it had a touch of blue in him and decided to name it after me.  Deja Blue will perform in the 2008 PBR Built Ford Tough Series presented by Wrangler.  And that bull better win the championship!

After watching and attending many PBR events over the past couple of years I am very, very impressed with how those young men try to ride those bulls.  Absolutely no electrical prongs are used to get the bulls going; they?re just tough.

I admire the riders tremendously; the courage is there.  A lot of these bull riders can play baseball but I don?t know of one ballplayer who can ride a bull.

I would like to commend Randy Bernard on his leadership and vision.  Randy is the PBR CEO, but more importantly a fine gentleman and a good friend.  He is the embodiment of a cowboy and all its virtue. 

I am truly honored to have this championship bull named after me, and you can bet on the fact that Deja Blue will be wearing Dodger Blue.

Down 2 -0

Just remember this baseball fans; Being down two games to none doesn’t mean the Series is over.

In 1978 the Dodgers had a two game lead on the Yankees going back to New York for Game 3 and we ended up losing that series (And I still think we should have won that series if Jackson hadn’t stuck out his rear end and interfered with a throw in Game 4).

In 1981 the Dodgers were down two games to none against the Yankees and came back to win the Championship.

You gotta believe…..

Fall Classic 2007

This game of baseball is a funny one. If Trevor Hoffman, one of the best relief pitchers in the history of baseball, had a gotten just one more batter out the Rockies would have been watching the post season at home like everybody else.  But, as things would happen, the Rockies are now representing the National League in the World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

I Live For This! Ws07_primary

I don?t think people realize how impressive it is to win 21 of 22 straight games.  You have to play errorless defense, have pin-point location with your pitches, have those line drives hit down the line fall six inches fair instead of six inches foul, get some favorable calls from the umpires, have a bit of luck, and, most importantly, execute the fundamentals of the game.

I want to congratulate Charlie Monfort and his brother, Keli McGregor, Dan O’Dowd, Bill Geivette and the entire Rockies organization on a tremendous season.

People wonder how the Rockies did it, but it?s simple, they executed the fundamentals, and, they never stopped believing in themselves.  With every win their confidence grew.  They went through the playoffs like Grant went through Richmond.  The first step towards success is self-confidence, and the both teams posses that crucial quality.

The Red Sox have been a tremendous powerhouse all year long.  They have an incredibly talented roster, and I would like to congratulate John Henry, Larry Lucchino, Theo Epstein and the entire Red Sox organization on an outstanding year. 

This is going to be a great display of baseball, and its competitive spirit at its best.  I hope all you fans out there have enjoyed the 2007 season as much as I have.  This World Series should be a fitting end to another great season.

October Baseball

I live for this.  October is the best month of the baseball season because the action in the playoffs is intense.  The strike zone is tighter, each hit is more important, errors hurt much more and with every run your team scores you can taste the fruits of victory more and more.  Do you realize that if the Yankees hadn?t won game 3 of the ALDS it would have been a record with four teams losing their respective series 3-0? 

I am proud to see that the interest of the fans is so high.  I again would like to congratulate Commissioner Selig on the Wild Card.  A lot of people were against it, and most people did not understand why Bud Selig was pushing so hard for its inception.  Now all you have to do is ask the fans from Colorado, Arizona, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia? The list goes on and on for all the cities over the last few years that have remained in the playoff hunt through September.  Do you realize that it is tougher to win the wild card than it is to win the division?

Commissioner Selig wanted to see parity in baseball.  I believe we have achieved that.  This will be the seventh year in a row with a new World Series Champion.  Seven of the eight original playoff teams were different then the ones that qualified last year.  If that?s not parity, what is?  And who wins in that situation?  The fans.

I would like to congratulate the original eight teams to qualify for the playoffs, and the four that have now advanced.  I would also like to personally salute the managers and coaches for all their hard work and sacrifice.  It has all paid off.