October Baseball

I live for this.  October is the best month of the baseball season because the action in the playoffs is intense.  The strike zone is tighter, each hit is more important, errors hurt much more and with every run your team scores you can taste the fruits of victory more and more.  Do you realize that if the Yankees hadn?t won game 3 of the ALDS it would have been a record with four teams losing their respective series 3-0? 

I am proud to see that the interest of the fans is so high.  I again would like to congratulate Commissioner Selig on the Wild Card.  A lot of people were against it, and most people did not understand why Bud Selig was pushing so hard for its inception.  Now all you have to do is ask the fans from Colorado, Arizona, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia? The list goes on and on for all the cities over the last few years that have remained in the playoff hunt through September.  Do you realize that it is tougher to win the wild card than it is to win the division?

Commissioner Selig wanted to see parity in baseball.  I believe we have achieved that.  This will be the seventh year in a row with a new World Series Champion.  Seven of the eight original playoff teams were different then the ones that qualified last year.  If that?s not parity, what is?  And who wins in that situation?  The fans.

I would like to congratulate the original eight teams to qualify for the playoffs, and the four that have now advanced.  I would also like to personally salute the managers and coaches for all their hard work and sacrifice.  It has all paid off.


Yes Tommy, OCTOBER, Too bad our team isn’t involved in it. WoooooH, maybe that’s untrue. They are proberbly very involved, or they better be. They should be watching that T.V. screen or at the game, watching the offenses of these teams. As I write this the Rockies are preparing for the fall classic against the winner of the ALCS. I’ve followed the Rockies all through this streak, doing everything right, offense, defense & pitching. The D-Backs are out it now but they sure gained post season experience. These two clubs along with the Padres, who missed out by an eyelash, are going to be in my opinon, the best competition the Dodgers will face in a long time, come “08 and who knows what the Giants plan to do. I think our main fault is in our offense, alot of work is needed. I feel we need help from the outside and maybe Frank H. McCourt can find the answer in his wallet, especially if A-Rod becomes available. Ya know Tommy, if you were at the helm, I don’t think we’d need to go in that direction, because you’d have a way to motivate them, but as it is now, all I can say is Good Luck, we can use it.

Have a safe off-season. Hope you and your family are Ok with these Santa Ana winds. God willing, I’ll see you at Vero Beach in March! -Emma

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