Fall Classic 2007

This game of baseball is a funny one. If Trevor Hoffman, one of the best relief pitchers in the history of baseball, had a gotten just one more batter out the Rockies would have been watching the post season at home like everybody else.  But, as things would happen, the Rockies are now representing the National League in the World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

I Live For This! Ws07_primary

I don?t think people realize how impressive it is to win 21 of 22 straight games.  You have to play errorless defense, have pin-point location with your pitches, have those line drives hit down the line fall six inches fair instead of six inches foul, get some favorable calls from the umpires, have a bit of luck, and, most importantly, execute the fundamentals of the game.

I want to congratulate Charlie Monfort and his brother, Keli McGregor, Dan O’Dowd, Bill Geivette and the entire Rockies organization on a tremendous season.

People wonder how the Rockies did it, but it?s simple, they executed the fundamentals, and, they never stopped believing in themselves.  With every win their confidence grew.  They went through the playoffs like Grant went through Richmond.  The first step towards success is self-confidence, and the both teams posses that crucial quality.

The Red Sox have been a tremendous powerhouse all year long.  They have an incredibly talented roster, and I would like to congratulate John Henry, Larry Lucchino, Theo Epstein and the entire Red Sox organization on an outstanding year. 

This is going to be a great display of baseball, and its competitive spirit at its best.  I hope all you fans out there have enjoyed the 2007 season as much as I have.  This World Series should be a fitting end to another great season.


haha, you got the wrong brother tommy. I
think you mean if TREVOR Hoffman had gotten one more out. anyways, should be a good series, hopefully the Rox pull it out. but next year will be the Dodgers year.

I am so looking forward to watching the series. Yes, the Red Sox are very talented BUT they have never played at Coors Fields.

The Rox winning 21 of 22 is an incredible accomplishment. Look at our beloved Dodgers that they could not win 5 in row this season.

I Live for this!

With all these fires here in California, have you heard from our Duke of Flatbush? II hope he’s doing okay. I have read before that he lives in Fallbrook. -Emma

Let me just first say I hope everything is O.K. with you and yours in regards to these fires in Southern Calif, which I’ve been reading about everday in the papers. God be with all of you and all that are anywhere near them. Well it looks like Josh Beckett and the 8-day layoff knocked the Rox out of the first game of the World Series. There is plenty of time for them to show that the Red Sox aren’t that good and they aren’t that bad. I’m rooting for them to show what a great team they were to beat our team and the rest. A good showing by the Rockies will make these games I watch late at night much more entertaining, knowing I’m watching some of the best teams in baseball in the NL West and Dodger victories will be that more important.

These fires are so scary. I am not close to them but i’ve seen the sky look so eery from all the smoke and the sun so red that it looked like Armageddon. Take a look at the interactive map from http://www.dailynews.com. click on the location for updates on the regions. Some of those fires look so close to each other that I hope they do not merge. God bless our firemen and God be with all that are going thru so much right now. -emma


I’m not sure if you remember me. You came to Pueblo Colorado in about 1993. You met my father Gino, uncle Louie and my brother Anthony Michael Carleo, Im Lacey. We had the World Series as you know and I came across the picture of me sitting on your lap at dinner when I was a little girl. I saw that you had this website and wanted to say hi and wish you and your family well. I hope everything in California with the fires is ok. I can remember when the Dodgers played in the World Series, one night after the game you called my brother,and he still talks about it to this day. Well just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best. Take care and God bless.

Lacey Carleo

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