Deja Blue

I?ve had many honors in my life but this might be in breed all by itself.  On Monday night I attended a Professional Bull Riding auction and my good friend, Tom Teague, bought a championship bull and named is after me.

The bull?s name is Deja Blue and he?s a mean son-of-a-gun. Deja_blue_3

When Tom purchased the bull he thought it had a touch of blue in him and decided to name it after me.  Deja Blue will perform in the 2008 PBR Built Ford Tough Series presented by Wrangler.  And that bull better win the championship!

After watching and attending many PBR events over the past couple of years I am very, very impressed with how those young men try to ride those bulls.  Absolutely no electrical prongs are used to get the bulls going; they?re just tough.

I admire the riders tremendously; the courage is there.  A lot of these bull riders can play baseball but I don?t know of one ballplayer who can ride a bull.

I would like to commend Randy Bernard on his leadership and vision.  Randy is the PBR CEO, but more importantly a fine gentleman and a good friend.  He is the embodiment of a cowboy and all its virtue. 

I am truly honored to have this championship bull named after me, and you can bet on the fact that Deja Blue will be wearing Dodger Blue.


I love that name – Deja Blue. Some Dodger fan ought to pick that up as a blog name.

Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse

Tommy, that bull’s great. Who do you think’s tougher – Deja Blue, Steve Yeager, or Mike Scioscia?

I just watched your interview on ESPN’s “Cold Pizza”, and it’s tough to be cynical after hearing you talk about Torre and A-Rod.

I caught an interview with you and a guy from Fox Sports about a month back, where you recalled how getting a Dodgers’ themed gravestone from O’Malley was one of the greatest honors a man could have.

You know what I think would be a great honor? To have a site dedicated to Vin Scully, so that when he retires, a fan could always drop by and listen to some audio from Vin. Maybe collect about 100 audio clips from the last 50 years. I’d probably make it my home page.

Go Dodgers!

Tommy, Tell me it ain’t so…
I was at “Blue Heaven On Earth” a few years back when you stood toe to toe with Don Zimmer, and let us all know how you really feel about the Yankees. I will never forget that moment.

How can we Dodger fans ever get over the fact that Joe Torre wore the pinstripes?

I’m sorry to talk ill of the dead, but this would be like hiring Billy Martin to replace you after one of your less successful years.

What’s next, Barry Bonds???

Howzit Goin there, Deja Blue.**** Well, Joe Torre went from a Giant fan living in Brooklyn to a Met manager, to a Yankee manager, to a Dodger manager. I’m about Joe’s age from Brooklyn, been a Dodger fan all my life. Just want to welcome Joe into the family.

Well Tommy, To day is the day Joe Torre finally arrives. I rescheduled my whole day to watch the News Conference at 1:00PM ET. You think he can bring back the good ole days? Only time will tell.

What an introduction! I watched the whole thing on the Met’s TV station. WoW it was like the Dodgers were “My Home Team”. It was great to see you guys celebrating. And to think of it, he was an old Giant fan. Like You Tommy, an old Yankee fan. Well we’re all Dodger fans now. Since Joe was a Brooklyn boy, former Met’s player & manager and great Yankee manager, the whole thing was telecast. Almost like “Deja Blue” with the Dodgers in Brooklyn again. THE GREATEST OF LUCK TOMMY AND TO JOE TORRE AND THE REST OF THE DODGERS.

Nice name with the Deja Blue! Is it Spring yet?


Don’t forget that our beloved Vin was a also a Giant fan and we never held it against him.

Welcome Joe to the Dodger family!

What a load of BULL! Go Sox!

Hey Tommy! Now that you’ve got Joe, how ’bout Barry? A-Rod? Miggy? There’s plenty of other rejects that would love to wear Dodger Blue!

My mother used to say to me: Son, it’s better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. I think that still makes a heck of a lot of sense, even in these troubles times. Do you think so?
Air Jordan

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