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This morning I went to the Glendale Hilton to make a speech and receive an award.  The breakfast was being held by the Disabled Veterans Alliance, and in attendance were about 400 Marines and soldiers who have just returned from Iraq, as well as disabled veterans.  Those are my heroes.  The men and women who so bravely risk their lives overseas for us, for our way of life and for our ideals.

The award was presented to me this year, but going forward is will be called the Tommy Lasorda Patriotism Award, and will be presented to a civilian who shows outstanding support to our troops and veterans.  I am very honored and humbled to recieve this award.  I want everybody to know that I will always support the Armed Forces.  Nobody likes war, but we must do everything we can to support our troops.

Tonight I will speak at the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation dinner in Dallas.  Bobby_90 Bobby is turning 90 years old, and I can’t wait to ask him what was served at the Last Supper.  All kidding aside, Bobby is a good man and a great friend, and it is an honor to be there with him.  Earl Weaver is being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is an award I have been honored with in the past.  Also at the dinner will be Bobby Valentine, Lou Brock, Maury Wills, Dale Petroskey, **** Williams, Dan Jenkins and Dr. Bobby Brown.

At Last year’s dinner Willie Mays did something I have never seen before.  He auctioned off all the clothes he was wearing: his suit, his wrist watch, his hat, everything.  I think he raised about $25,000.

From Dallas I go to New Orleans for  "When Baseball Went to War," an exhibit beginning today and running through March at the National World War II Museum.  I’ll keep you updated about that speech tomorrow.


Kudos for speaking to the Disabled Veterans, someday all wars end but the disabled vets seem to be forgotten about as time passes.

Brock & Wills at the top of the order would make any of the managers listed drool…well except Weaver, although even he needs baserunners for those 3-run HRs.

that is great that you are speaking to the Disable Veterans. You have such a busy schedule with all your public appearances! Take good care of yourself. -Emma

I’m glad to say I’m also a supporter of the Disable Veterans a worthwhile cause. I remember Bobby Bragan, when he caught for the Dodgers, boy how time flies. I’m still reading that chapter 4 in your new book. It doesn’t say whether Moon was safe or out. Your carrier was short, but remember you paved the way for Sandy Koufax, but you proberbly was the greatest Dodger. The book is a must buy for me.

Mr. Lasorda, My husband is a HUGE fans of your! He loves the Dodgers and you are the symbol of that team to him. Your patriotism cements his respect for you. Thank you for honoring the Vets. They all deserve recognition, from the oldest to the youngest. My husband, Glenn Helm, is retiring this month from the US Marines after 26 years of service. The Dodger baseball organization and your contributions/influence have been a constant for him whether he was stationed in the states, overseas or in Iraq. Thank you! Emily Helm

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