Crescent City Commitment

When Hall of Fame baseball coach Ron Maestri called me he said, "Tommy, every time I hear you talk you never fail to mention that we live in the greatest country in the world."

I said, "I sure do Ron."

He said, "Well then you definitely believe in the Constitution."

I said, "I sure do Ron."

He said, "Well then you definitely believe in free speech."

I said, "I sure do Ron."

He said, "Good, because you’re going to have to make one at the World War II Museum."

Last night I was the keynote speaker at the grand opening of an exhibit named "Duty, Honor, Country: When Baseball Went to War."  This is a tremendous exhibit that documents the stories and sacrifices of the more than 4,000 athletes who served in the Armed Forces.

Joining me at the exhibit opening were Bob Feller, who served in the Navy, Johnny Pesky, who missed the 1943, ’44 and ’45 seasons fighting in WWII and Jerry "The Colonel" Coleman who was a Marine aviator in the Korean War.

I was drafted into the Army, and in fact I made the very last draft.  It caused me to miss the 1946 and ’47 seasons, but it was an honor to serve my country. 

Today I fly to New York and resume my book tour.  I’ll be signing books at Barnes and Noble at Rockefeller Center on Monday, November 12 at 1 p.m.  On Tuesday I’ll will be interviewed onstage by Bob Costas at 92nd Street Y at 8 p.m.


Hi Tommy.
I am sure you were a big hit at the World War II Museum.

Also be sure and thank Bob Costas for the eighty -eight World Series “extra added incentive”.

Dont forget that you need to do a book signing in Orange County, California.

God bless!


Too bad this blog comes to late to meet you at Rockefeller Center today, Tommy. But I’ll pick up the book this week. When it comes to you, I’m having a lot of bad luck. Last summer I went over to Bamontes after a the Dodger Saturday game at Shea(Aug 25th)to see if I could catch you down there, but the place was closed for vacation. I also did not know how to use “The Chat” when you were on it. One of these days my luck will change, I hope. Maybe that will happen when I finally get around to taking that trip to LA. The closes I came to LA was in January of ’62, when I was at the the Oakland Army terminal in Oakland CA. I was in the Army from Oct. 27, 1961 to Sept 30, 1963. I took basic training at Fort Dix. Was stationed at Schoefield Barracks and spent 3 unforgettable months in Thailand & Cambodia and was on reserve when the Viet Nam conflict started. I remember watching that ’62 playoff with the Giants when I was at Schofield, when the Dodgers walked in the pennant. That was one tired pitching staff. I remember most of Hawaii loved the Dodgers. Well good luck with the book Deja Blue.

Where did you serve your two years?

Mr. Lasorda

When are you going to be back in town. I would love for you to sign a book for me and my boss at work.

Im a Deputy Sheriff for LA County and my boss is a big time Dodgers fan. If you can give me the next few places you will be signing your book i would be a very happy dodgers fan….



Thesith2001::: if that question was for me, the answer is Schofield Barracks, Honolulu Hawaii.

Mr. Lasorda,

It was a pleasure to hear you speak at the WWII museum this past weekend. I hope you didn’t lost my note to you but likely you did. If you can find the time, would you give my son a call and encourage him to try baseball again. The kid has a rocket for an arm but got discouraged with the sport because of some unfortunate little league coaching. I hate to see him miss out on participating in a family and national tradition and the finest sport on the planet.

Please email me to get his phone number.

Thank you.


Jeff Bertrand

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