Remember 1988 Bob?

Before Game 4 of the 1988 World Series I got the news that Mike Marshall couldn?t play because of a headache.  I couldn?t believe my ears.  This guy wasn?t going to play in the biggest game of his life because of a headache?

I decided at that point that we had to have a team meeting and get few things straightened out.  I was gathering my players together and I don?t know what possessed me to do it but I turned on the TV while I was waiting for the players.


The pre game show was on, and when the players got together I really gave them a good ripping, and Mike Marshall was sitting in the middle of the circle.

I said, ?How can you tell me you can?t play in the World Series because of a headache?!?

I decided that I had to reinforce that we are going to win as a team no matter who played.  I said, ?The fate of our ball club does not depend on one man.  We are going to win with or without Mike Marshall.?

Costas Just at that point a couple players interrupted me and pointed to the TV.  It was Bob Costas standing on the field talking about us.  Bob said that we were fielding the worst lineup in World Series history!

All I said was, ?Can you guys believe that??

I continued, ?Are you going to let him say that about you?  What are you going to do about it??

That was all the motivation we needed.  As my guys ran out of the locker room and on to the field they passed Bob and were hollering all sorts of curses.

Tim Belcher won that game 4-3 and we went on to win the series.

Tonight Bob is interviewing me at 92nd Street Y, which is a world renowned cultural center that holds numerous lectures of people who shape the world.  I am honored to be invited.

Tomorrow I go to our Nation?s capitol.  I speak at the Smithsonian at 7 p.m.


What about you? They said you quit because your heart couldn’t take it. Now look at you, God Bless You, you’re in great shape. And we had to go through 20 years of Frustration.

I always enjoy reading your posts here and in the Inside Dodgers blog. Let me know when you come to Dodger Stadium so that I can meet you. I am always there. -Emma. p.s. My friend Linda who lives in S.D. and I in L.A. are planning to go to N.Y. to see Yankee Stadium before it comes down. We will be in Vero Beach next year but we like a lot of Dodger fans are waiting for the Spring Training schedule to be finalized. I hope Tommy makes there like he does every year. Is going to be very emotional seeing V.B for the last time. I have wonderful memories of that place. -Emma

I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out. It’s a goal I set a few years ago but life is playing tricks with me. I had a wonderful day today. I got an autograph from Ralph Branca at Gallagher’s Steak House(N.Y.C.) I was attending Gallo’s Geezer’s Luncheon. Run by Bill Gallo Sportswriter & Cartoonist for the Daily News(N.Y.) Ralph was a guest Speaker. I told him I had another one of his autographs in an old Dodger Year book. I asked him if he was at Vero Beach earlier this week and he told me he was. I new it anyway because I saw his picture with the rest of the guys at that training camp old Dodger fans go to. I always wanted to go but I just never got around to it. I’m getting older and the price is getting higher. The Dodgers Sym-phony Band was also present(proberbly their son & nephews). Boy what a week I would have had if I knew sooner that Lasorda was going to be at Rockefeler Center— Joe Pierre

That 92nd street y is an awsome venue.
I bet that was terrific! Is there any way we could view that event? i am sure somebody taped it.

I hope your having the time of your life.

See you on the west coast.


Funny you should mention Branca. My friend Linda was giving us a review of the Book “Echoing Green” in the forum that she moderate ( Have you read the book? I have not had a chance yet but she is raving about it.

I am curious to know if Branca has read it.

No, I have not read that book Emma, and I wouldn’t know if Branca did.

I would like to add that the dream camp I mention above is the Fantasy camp, I had forgotten the name.

Like I mentioned also, I have not read the book “Echoing Green” but now my friends are telling me that Branca was very much involved in the work done on the book.

I’ve heard of the Fantasy camp at Vero Beach. Lots of oldtimers participate as instructors.

Mike Marshall was the biggest “bust” the Dodgers ever had from their own system. This guy would not play if he had a “hang nail”,and you,undoubtly,knew this.
What was the guys problem? I was glad when the Dodgers finally parted ways with Marshall. Nothing lost there.

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