For a full account of my lecture at the Smithsonian please log on to a blog operated by three lovely ladies who are fans of the Washington Nationals.  They were nice enough to bake me homemade cookies.

My next stop on the book tour is Philadelphia. I will be interviewed by Larry Platt at the Philadelphia Free Library at noon tomorrow, and then on Saturday I will be signing books at the Devon Barnes and Noble at 7 p.m.


Tommy, I know you’ll have to turn around, and come back but why not schedule a stop at Barnes & Noble on 14th St & Union Square in N.Y. But let me know a few days in advance. Joe Pierre

Hi Tommy,

I wanted to let you know that someone who has been commenting on my blog at has been using your name (twice) when posting to my site. I respect you and your accomplishments in the game of baseball and thought you may want to know. Here are the links to where this person has used your name (and others in MLB):

By the way, I?d also thought that you might like to know that I have added you to my blogroll due to this. I didn?t even know that you had one, but I think it is great! If you could add my site to your blogroll I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Peter Schiller

Hi Tommy,

Yesterday I happened to visit your blog out of the “blue”. I saw that you were in the area signing your book.

I drove up from Wilmington to the Devon B&N tonight to see you and get your book and a hat signed. I was bummed when they told me you were there Friday night and not tonight.😦

What I had planned was to thank you (again) in person. Back in the last 80s, while I was in high school, you and I were penpals of a sort. I’d write you every few weeks and you’d respond in kind. You gave me some honest pointers and encouragement, a virtual pat on the back.

I had hoped to thank you in person for it. The last time was at the Vet years ago with a dozen people in your ear.

My grandmother lives in Vero. I’ve never gotten the chance to see Spring Training @ Dodgertown. Though, I’ve visited it quite a few times over the years. I’ve made plans and hope to see you in VB in the Spring. I’ll have your book under my arm ready to be signed!

Thank you, Tommy!

Bob Sammons

PS. Does your family still own that restaurant in Exton?

There will be a Red Barber Centennial celebration in Columbus, Mississippi, his birthplace, on Feb. 16, 2008, and the committee would like to invite all living Brooklyn Dodgers players as listed in the Fall, 2007, Fan Club newsletter. The event announcement also appeared in that same newsletter. More information is available at

Glad to hear that the book tour is going well, Tommy! Any update on when you’ll be coming to Chicago?

We missed you in Arizona yesterday! Hope all is well with you and that you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

HAPPY THANKGIVING to you and yours From Joe Pierre & Family

Hope you Jo & family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thought you’d like to know that I’m headed for the bookstore today.

Hi Tommy*** I Purchased your new book today, I would also like you to know that when I’m not reading it I will place it along side of another old book of yours, “The Artful Dodger” with David Fisher.

hey tommy, i’m sending this e-mail from el paso tx. just wanted to let you know that i am a true blue dodgers fan, and my sweet tattoo on my left arm would attest to it, my concern is why are we not supplying the greatest coach of this era with the power hitters needed to compete for the nl west title, also a couple of pitchers would be nice. seems like every year we lag behind further and further to the likes of s.d and arizona. always a fan of dodger blue. love ya blue!!!

Hey GRGDODGERSBB, I think if your questions were directed at me I’d say that these power hitters you speak of are priced to high as to give up our whole team. Do you want us to just trade in all our present talent for these power hitters and a couple of pitchers? I agree with the cautious approach the team is taking, right now. We must not only keep up with the rest of the division, we must pass them for good. buy the way, that tattoo is it authentic like on the uniform or the trade mark symbol with the flying baseball?

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No, I live in Brooklyn where a car is a luxury.

Tommy, I’m excited the Dodgers have two spring games scheduled in Tucson. Any chance of a book signing in Tucson in March?

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday To Everybody

I have a question,: How come I remember you, Tommy and other Dodger personel celebrating an anniversary in a parade, going by in an automobile, possibly the 25th? All I remember is I saw it on TV. Incidently the float this year went by great.

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