Bobby Knight

For those of you who don’t know Bobby Knight and I are good friends.  When I heard the news that he has retired I wrote him the letter that I am sharing with you.

I invite your comments about Coach Knight, his career and his legacy.

Dear Coach Knight:

When I stepped down from managing the Dodgers for 20 years I was sure it was time to pass the reigns of my beloved team to someone else.  I knew I had given every bit of energy, enthusiasm, desire and love in my heart to the Dodgers, and I was proud of my accomplishments.  Although it was the hardest decision of my life, it turned out to be the correct one.

You have built a tremendous career at the University of Indiana, and at Texas Tech.  As a basketball coach your record is second to none.  However, what I respect more is your commitment to your players.  Parents turned their youngsters over to you to turn them into young men.  You insisted on them not only playing basketball, but on getting a good education.  While your critics love to focus on your temper, they should give equal attention to the graduation rate of your players.  You have molded lives, and for that contribution alone you should be respected.

I hope you enjoy your next step in life, whatever that may be.  May God continue to bless you and your family with many more years of health and happiness.


Tom Lasorda
Special Advisor to the Chairman
Los Angeles Dodgers

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Hey Tommy, I dont know if you actually read the comments since you dont actually type up the blogs yourself, but I was shocked when I heard Coach Knight retired. He has been an amazing Coach out there for Indiana and Texas (and its always fun to watch him lose his temper, haha). You are right, the graduation rate of his players is quite amazing, 98% I think it was. Anyways, good luck to Coach Knight on whatever he decides to do next.

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