LSU Tigers

As baseball?s Goodwill Ambassador I love visiting all types of ballparks.  My travels take me throughout the Major League stadiums, to the minor league ballparks, to high school fields and even the occasional softball or little league field.  I also go to many college baseball stadiums.  In fact, every winter, I pick a few schools to speak to and help them raise money for their baseball programs.

Coach_paul Tonight I find myself speaking to LSU.  Coach Paul Mainieri, who is one of my godsons, asked me to be the featured speaker at their Annual Baseball Banquet, and I was happy to accept.  I accepted because Paul is an outstanding coach, but also because college baseball is a credit to the game and the programs can always use help raising money.  You never see a college athletic program be sanctioned by the NCAA because of the baseball program breaking any rules.  In fact, most of the time the coach or the players have to line their own fields and wash the BP balls so they don?t get too dirty.

When?s the last time you?ve seen a college football coach lining the field?

LSU won the National Championship in football and Coach Paul?s goal is to have his baseball team do the same.  He is a fine coach, and I believe he can achieve his goal.  He started as the head coach at St. Thomas University in Florida.  From there he went to the Air Force Academy, then on to Notre Dame and now he is a Tiger.

I would also like congratulate Skip Bertman.  He is the athletic director and has done an outstanding job representing LSU to the highest degree of class, dignity and character.  He is also a good friend.

I am honored to be the featured speaker and I hope all of you LSU fans go out to support the Tigers this year. 

If you aren?t a Tigers fan, that?s okay.  Just make sure to support your college baseball program.


I hate to change the subject but I’d just like to say it will be great to see you back in uniform and inside the dugout. People will be saying “I knew there was something missing all these years”. Look out Yogi Berra doesn’t have anything to say about it. Oh I guess he won’t since they’re only exhibition games. Have fun Hall of Famer.

I will be in Vero with my wife for the first time and will be there to see you in uniform and in the dugout for 2 games. That is going to be a treat, especially since my wife was a Giants fan (I have helped her see the error of her ways!!) and she never really got to see you coach.

Do you know of any good Italian restaurants in Vero? I live in Northern California and one of my favorites is one you like, the Ristorante Fior d’Italia. Is there anything like that there???

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