Dr. Jobe, A Medical Pioneer

Advisors_3 I first met Dr. Frank Jobe in 1964 when I visited his office when he was working with then team doctor, Robert Kerlan.  I had hurt my hand in a minor altercation as two guys were speeding down my block and putting the kids who were playing in the street in danger.  I hollered at them to slow down and be careful.  They came around the block, got out of the car and got in my face, so I hit the guy with a left and flattened him.

Dr. Jobe treated my hand with extreme care, and I was very impressed not only with his medical knowledge, but with his sensitivity and compassion.

Frank McCourt has now made Dr. Jobe one of his special advisors.  I am the other.  I couldn?t be any happier for Dr. Jobe, and congratulate him on his new title.

To see that the McCourt’s think so highly of Dr. Jobe and his contributions not only to the Dodger organization but to many, many people in baseball is outstanding.  He brought back careers of players that looked like there was no way they could ever play again.  He is dedicated, and to honor him by putting him in this position, I commend the McCourt’s for realizing and recognizing how much he has contributed to the Dodger organization, and to baseball.

It couldn?t happen to a greater man.  I would have to say he is probably the first doctor to ever to be put into such a prestigious position.  And that?s a tremendous honor and award. 


Dear Tommy,
Are you really writing these blogs? If you are I’m quite impressed. If someone is writing for you then I’m also impressed. Born in Hollywood, was 11 when Dodgers moved to LA. Long time fan of the Dodgers and you and Vin are the modern historical characters of the franchise. Keep it up.


When I first heard of Dr. Frank Jobe’s promotion to Special Advisor, I was waiting to read about your promotion….or whatever,(lol) since that was your title. You know the Tommy John Surgery could have just as well been called the Dr. Jobe Surgery. Maybe it was because John was more popular at the time, but right now I doubt if their is a baseball fan that hasn’t heard of him. The next step is the HOF. *****The Lucky m1117mtm above if he means Holywood CA. Did the Dodgers leave here and go to You?

Oh I so wish I was in DodgerTown to see you out on the field again! I am very happy with the respect the McCourts have given you, and what they are doing with the team. They evidence a real love of the history and the pride of baseball …. Tom, are you sure you did not raise them and they are your secret children? What great years we have to look forward to for the Dodgers. BLEED BLUE!

it was great to see you again in a dodger uniform.to me and others you are MR Bseball.

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