I Love This Game


photo by Orlin Wagner/AP

After a 4,250 day break, I have returned to manage my beloved Dodgers. While it is for only eight games during spring trianing, I still haven’t lost that love for the game.  The last time I managed the Dodgers was June 23, 2006, and I left the club with a two game lead.

This spring, I have been asked to manage the team again while Joe Torre takes our split squad to China.  While they are making history there, we are making history here.  Did you know that this is the only case where a manager in the Hall of Fame has ever come back to manage again?

I can honestly and truthfully say that I am the only manager to be walking the streets of ths country who has never been fired.  During my twenty years as manager of the Dodgers, 212 managers were fired, so it’s proof positive that you have to win.

Although we did not win today, which I am upset about, it was still great to get back in uniform and manage the ball club.  I felt right at home, especially when James Loney hit a tapper up the first base line.  The umpire called it fair, even though it was blatantly foul, and called Loney out after the catcher tagged him.

Well as Manager it was my job to tell him that he was wrong.

I would like to thank the McCourt’s, Ned Colletti and Joe Torre for giving me this opportunity.  While it feels good to manage again, it feels even better knowing they thought enough of me to entrust me with the team and give me this opportunity.  They have made an old man feel great.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning though, because I am going to address the players in a closed-door meeting.  I hope they don’t hear me in Port St. Lucie!



Welcome back and good luck with your spring training games!

Go Dodgers Go!

The Dodger world is back where it is suppose to be. Coach thanks for the memories and thanks to the Dodgers so my kids can watch what I grew up living my childhood and adult life loving. Tommy Lasorda rooming the Dodger dugout in Vero Beach….

Enjoy the games Tommy and most of all enjoy Vero one last time !!

What are you doing? You are 80 frecking years old! You have a bad heart,(like myself). Why are you doing this?
Do you miss the “spotlight” that much?

And why argure over a stupid exhibation game? Do you want to get another heart attack? my doctors told me to avoid stressful suitations and gave me a med to “calm myself down”.

Why are you doing this again?

Since,the Dodgers only took one starter to China, Jones,shouldn’t a coach be running the team? gettibng a “feeling’ for the team and the team for them?

I can’t beleive you would want to have that spotlight again.

Great to see you back in uniform Tommy! We love ya! Go Dodgers!!


You remind me so much of my late grandfather. A joy to be around. Since I live here in San Diego, I’ve always had problems with the Dodgers, though later in life, I have grown to love the game, as it should be.

You are such an important man to baseball, regardless where it is being played. Baseball is the World’s Sport, thanks to people like you.

Drew Jones

Dear Mr. Lasorda,

Even though I grew up in Southern Illinois, live in St. Louis, and have been a life long Cardinal fan, I’ve always been a big fan of yours. Your love for, and loyalty to, the game is second to none, and I’ve never seen anyone be as courteous to the fans as you have always been. My wish is to some day sit with you at Charlie Gitto’s, having a great lunch and talking baseball. May the Good Lord bless and keep you for many year to come.

Kendall Garner

Dear Mr. Lasorda,

As a die hard Red Sox fan, it was sometimes difficult to cheer for your Dogers; excpet of course when you played the Yankees. But you, well, you were always the class of the league; you still are. If more people would pay attention to you and Don Zimmer and the other greats, the game would be even better than it is now. Keep on leading, and showing us how the game is meant to be played.


It sure is great to see you out on the field managing in dodger blue again. My father, who grew up in brooklyn from 48-72, countlessly tells the story of how he once met you and Podres at a restaurant in Brooklyn. As a lifelong dodger fan i hope to one day tell my children about the time I met you! Anyways, I look forward to one day meeting you…….maybe at a dodgers world series game this year? Take care and GO BLUE!

Mr. LaSorda,

Thank you for coming back, one more time, to Dodgertown.

Your spirit is what’s missing in the game today.

And thank you for everything you have given to baseball.

Keep yelling at the umps and prowling the dugout. It keeps you younger than sitting in the living room.

I hope the players actually listen to you today. They would learn a lot from you!

Tommy, keep up the good work. It is awesome to see you back in the Dugout once again. Keep the match burning under the players they need that sense of urgency!

Although suprisingly, it hasn’t been mentioned but I recall you saying some years ago after you made the HOF that you wanted to come back and manager and Yogi Berra said if you did he would try to get you out of the HOF. Although this is only ST it is in fact a MBL team. NICE GOING TOMMY

Make that MLB team.

Tommy, It made my day seeing you in the Dodger dugout again. Thanks for all the great Dodger memories over the years.

There is a reason Hall of Famers do not come out of retirement. The Hall is for “retired” players and managers.
They all knew when to retire and none have had the desire to return. Except YOU.

Do you really need the attention all that much?

I agree with Yogi;if your ego is asmlarge as your girth,then by all means manage again. But you should be removed from the Hall if you do;it is for “retired” players.

It seems to me, you never wanted to “retire” in the first place,and this proves it. So the Hall must remove you;and you should hope it lets you back in once you decide to “officaly retire”, which I don’t think you will do.

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