Do I Ever Get Tired? Yeah, of Losing!

Lasorda006 I have had many sleepless nights as Manager of the Dodgers.  Many times I could be found walking the streets after a tough loss.   There were times I walked back to Manhattan from Shea Stadium.  At every corner I would have to sign more and more autographs.

Once Mark Cresse and I walked back from the stadium in Montreal to our hotel, which was about eight miles. 

Once in Philadelhia we lost a tough game and I was really mad.  I told the guys I would not get on the bus, and so I starterd to walk back to the hotel.  Along the way a paddywagon came by.

"What are you doing Tommy?" yelled the officer.

"Get in here, it’s not safe!" yelled another.

I got in and got dropped off at the team hotel by the officers in the paddywagon.

Once in Atlanta, we were up by four runs going into the bottom of the 9th.  The Braves were rallying, but we only needed one out to win.  Roger McDowell couldn’t get the out so I brought in Jim Gott.  He couldn’t get the out so I brought in our closer, Jay Howell.  He couldn’t get the out either and the Braves ended up winning.

I was so furious that I told Billy DeLury, our traveling secretary, to go without me and that I wanted to walk.

So I set out walking back to the hotel, and along comes an ambulance.

"Hey Tommy, what are you doing walking?" called one paramedic.

"Please just leave me alone," I answered. 

A block later he called out again, "Come on Tommy, let us take you.  It isn’t safe around here this time of night."

I figured I should let him get on with his job and that I should stop being a hard head so I climbed in and off we went to the hotel.  When we got there, Jim Gott was standing in the lobby and when he saw me get out of the ambulance he thought I was coming from the hospital.  He was scared to death.  I told him the story and that I just wanted to blow off some steam and that I hate to lose.

We are now 0-3, and I still hate to lose!


You just cought them at the wrong time, on Wednesday they couldn’t hit. On Friday they couldn’t field. Todays another day. I think they ran out of ways to lose. We’ll get them today.

Mr. Lasorda,

I truly am honored to even write this. I hope you do read this. Awhile back my mother met you while working at her shop and you even told her to bring my dad down to meet you. I had the utmost respect for you before, but now its unparralelled. My father glows when he talks about the day he met “Tommy” You also met my wife and daughter and My daughter looks at your picture and hugs it before bed. I am happy that the family got to meet you, I was working and you know how work is…I couldn’t make it, but at least I can tell my daughter everynight that she was kissed by THE Hall-Of-Fame manager. Tommy, I love the Dodgers and I love you. You are truly an inspiration. thank you again



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