St. Jo

Jo_portrait_5 If I could have written down on a piece of paper what I wanted in a wife and handed it to God, He couldn’t have given me a finer one than my wife Jo.

Today is her birthday, and she deserves nothing but the best.  She should be eligible for Saint-hood after putting up with me for all these years.

I love you Jo.  Happy Birthday!


Many happy returns to a great and gracious lady. Somewhere I have a baseball she signed

Happy Birthday Jo! and may you have many more with Tommy by your side.

Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing Tommy with us all these years. Tommy gets all the credit because he is the loudest but he could not have done what he has without you.

Happy Birthday, Jo and may God Bless you and that cranky Dodger you put up with all these years!😉

Wow, Tommy. What a sweetheart! That’s nice to see.

WE WON WE WON I can’t explain how happy I am for YOU and it looks like a very nice birthday present for Jo. ******I hope you enjoyed last night’s game from China it was this morning here in Brooklyn. Good luck in the rest of your games.***Last night I felt more like pierreseastmeestsfareast.

What a beautiful picture! Happy belated Mrs Lasorda. Thank you for sharing your husband with all of us baseball fans.

Congratulations on your 1600 win Tommy! I throughly enjoyed my last trip to Vero Beach and hated leaving the place. I walked around the place a lot and talked with a lot of the workers there.

Is almost 11.p.m. here in L.A. and I am watching the Dodgers beating the Padres in China! -Emma

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