In 1988, after every win I would walk into the clubhouse and scream at the top of my lungs, "How sweet it is!"

Kirk Gibson, who the young players followed around like chicks following around the mama duck, would yell, "The fruits of victory!"

Loney_1_1 Well today we won, so I say to all of you; how sweet it is, the fruits of victory!

I couldn’t have been happier.  A lot of people were telling me not to worry, and that spring training games don’t matter.  But to me, there are two teams on the field.  One has to win and the other has to lose.  And I’d rather be the one who wins.

My boy, Brad Penny, who I am trying to groom to win the Cy Young, pitched for five shutout innings, only giving up one hit.

Andre Ethier hit a two-run home run and we never looked back.  In fact, coming into today’s game, I only had 1,599 career wins, so today’s win gets me 1,600.  I hope they don’t have to change my plaque in Cooperstown.



I feel ST games don’t matter, but I just couldn’t see you go winless. Each game was a nailbiter. Penny pitched a gem and I think Ethier is a real bonifide Major league player. I can’t wait to see tonight’s 1:00Am game from Beijing China and good luck tomorrow in Vero beach against the Marlins.


I agree with you: I hate to lose too. And Brad Penny is a stud.

Good luck against the Astros, go out Vero Beach a winner.


Tommy, I want to thank you so much for spending time with us during the Nationals game on 3/15/08. You made our day at the ball park something that I will always remember. Thanks for signing my L.A. Dodger sign and again I’m sorry for pestering you.
Ken from California.

Tommy, you’re the greatest and the ’88 Dodgers were my favorite team of all time! What are the origins of the memorable phrase, “How sweet it is, the fruits of victory?”

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