Inside the minds of Saxy and Landreaux


Photo / Jon Soo Hoo

The 50th Anniversary ceremony before yesterday’s game was beautiful.  There were Dodgers from every decade, all wearing their uniforms.  From the flannels of the 50’s and 60’s to the home-whites in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, it was great to see legends like Duke Snider and fan-favorites like Erik Karros come from the bullpen to their respective positions.

And the reaction from the crowd was heartwarming.  The applause and adoration was almost as loud as the B1 flyover.  

I had the pleasure of seeing two of my favorite ex-players, Kenny Landreaux and Steve Sax.  They were great players, and Sax was a breath of fresh air.  He played baseball like my wife shops; all day long.

The only thing with Sax was his intelligence never quite reached the same level as his playing ability.  In other words, he wasn’t the brightest guy.

One day we’re playing in San Francisco.  I had been harping on Sax to stop hitting the ball in the air because he was a line drive hitter, and to use all parts of the field.  So before the game we are standing behind the cage during BP, and Sax comes up to me and says, “Hey Skipper, I think I’ve got your hitting theory down pat.”

 “That’s great Saxy.”

 “Eighty percent of the time I try to hit the ball up the middle,” he said.


“Twenty percent of the time I try to hit the ball to left and the other twenty percent I try to hit it right.”

I looked at Kenny Landreaux who was standing right next to me and said, “Did you hear what he just said?”

Now Kenny was dumber than Sax.  He went to Arizona State University, and I often wondered what the requirements were for admission.  Do they check you to see if you’re breathing?

Landreaux said, “Skip, I’ve been in the big leagues for 13 years and that’s the best hitting theory I’ve heard yet.”

And I had to win pennants with these guys!


Thats hillarious! I loved you Steve Sax story in your latest book. It had me laughing out loud.
It’s gonna be great year in Dodger baseball!

I remember Sax and Landreaux interviews back in the day. They were terrible! Did they have PR notes written on their hands as cheat-sheets? Good thing they made good playing the game!

So heartwarming to see you with Torre in Vero. Looking forward to not having to spend $1,000 to see spring training next year.

Bad joke overheard at a sports bar opening day: “Hey look, it’s the Los Angeles Yankees!”

Hi Tommy!

I loved the tribute. I thought it was such a special moment. Duke Snider was my dad’s favorite and he was sooo upset because he was still in the parking lot at the time.

You could hear fans whispering “oh I remember him!” “Oh he was my favorite!” So ofcorse when Steve Sax ran on the field I instantly said “I had the BIGGEST crush on him!!” and people laughed.

It was a great day all around!

Say Tommy
Kenny & Sax look great but you’re the only one that’s not aging.

Tommy, GREAT to follow your ‘adventures’ this year at Vero Beach, etc. I really miss the short walks/talks between the gates and baggage claim at CVG back in the ole days. I just HAVE to comment though, on the Jake Peavey-pine tar rumor.
It was Muellers “stickum”. I used it back in S.Dak when throwing my ‘knuckler’ to increase speed and break. It had the same effect (brown to black dirt look where the fingers got the dust off the ball) and had to be wiped off and reapplied every 1/2 inning.
Hope to see you in PHX next spring……

It’s really great to see you looking so good.

I lived near Dodger Stadium in the ’80s and was a huge fan. Thanks for some great teams. I bled Dodger blue, and always will, but now live in Houston.

Regarding Saxy, I recall that 1 year , maybe ’83, when he couldn’t find the first baseman’s glove to save his life! It was painful to witness such an obvious mental block being played out in front of 50,000 people. Must’ve been challenging for you and the coaching staff to try to extract him from that one….

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