My Boy Clayton

In 1980, I need a left-handed closer, and after only two months in professional baseball I gave that job to Steve Howe.  At that point, Howe was only 21 years old, and people were very critical of me because if his young age and his lack of experience.


But like I told everybody, when I call the bullpen and talk to Mark Cresse, the bullpen coach, I didn’t ask him to check Howe’s age.  I wanted to know if he was ready to pitch in the big leagues.


Today, 20-year old Clayton Kershaw is making his major league debut.  He had tremendous success in double-A, and now we will see how he fares against Major League hitters.


I hope he does well, because he is an outstanding young man.


Good luck, Clayton.

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Tommy this your friend who is also real good friends with rick honeycutt. I last saw you @ vero beach and i had a few guys with me and we were having drinks with rick @ the dodger bar and you took time out to sign your book We have met several times b4 that you were@ abook signing in nashville@ your good friends bar and grill . u did a good job managing the LAD in vero and my ? to to you is where do the LAD go from here to improve our offense? call me sometime roger f harrison my cell is 1-706-537-1033 thanks for all your time

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