Randolph 1.JPGThey say managers are hired to be fired.  That’s the way the game is these days, and it’s sad to see Willie get fired.  He played for me for a couple of years and ALWAYS played with extreme desire. 

He was a credit to whichever uniform he wore, and was always one of the classiest guys on the team.

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I have never understood why a manager (or coach) is fired when his team does poorly. The manager doesn’t strike out in the last of the ninth with the winning run on third. The manager doesn’t lose easy pop-ups in the sun (or the lights). The manager doesn’t commit a throwing error that allows the winning run to score. The manager doesn’t allow two grand slams to the same player in the same inning (and I was in the stands for that one).

In Willie Randolph’s case, he evidently was given a truckload of lemons and asked to make lemonade. Pfui.

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