Midwest League All Star Game

Midwest ASG 1.JPGI have thrown out many first pitches in ballparks all across the country, and even a few throughout Asia, but to do it in front of young men, future Major Leaguers, is a privilege.

When you see their eyes light up at the splendor and pageantry of any All Star game, it is special, especially when they are part of the celebration. 

Four players from the Dodger system were selected in the Midwest League All Star Game: Steven Johnson (RHP), Miguel Ramirez (RHP), Andrew Lambo (OF), and Kenley Jansen (C).  All four of these players play for the Great Lakes Loons, our Single-A affiliate.

What made it even more special was the Loons hosted the All Star game.  And they played a fantastic host!

What makes a city memorable aren’t its bridges, buildings, streets or neighborhoods, it’s the people.  I’ve been to Midland five times now and each time I return I am even more impressed by the hospitality and courtesy of the citizens of Midland.

These people are the bloodline of America.  They are the pulse of the country, and I am so
Loons.jpg proud for the Dodgers to be associated with Midland, Michigan, and Dow Chemicals who own and operate the Loons.

Talk about a beautiful ballpark!  Dow Diamond could very easily be the most beautiful minor league park in the country.

Dow built the stadium so its employees could have a place to go for wholesome, family entertainment, and they did an outstanding job.

Although the West team won, it was a great game and I wish all the players good luck with the rest of their season, and their future. 

A word to the players: Remember, the only person who can stop you from making it to the big leagues is yourself. 

Set your goals high, and go after them with all the drive and determination you have within yourself. 

Self confidence is the first step towards success.  You’ve got to believe that you will play in the Major Leagues!

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