TitleTown.jpgA couple of weeks ago I was on ESPN making our case as to why Los Angeles should be named TitleTown.  Not only is Los Angeles Titletown, it is the sports capitol of the WORLD!

Combine all the championships the Dodgers have won with that of USC, UCLA, and, of course, the Lakers. 

Look at the coaches that have coached in LA: Rod Dedeaux (11 College World Sereis titles for USC), John Wooden (10 NCAA titles), Sue Enquist (11 Women’s Softball titles), Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, John McKay, John Robinson, Ben Howland, and don’t forget about Pete Carrol.

And there are many, many more…

Here’s a link to the video clip:

TitleTown — Los Angeles

Just scroll down the video bar until you see the TitleTown Los Angeles link.


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Dodgers, Lakers, USC football, UCLA basetkball, UCLA sports in general (most championships in history of college sport), Galaxy, and the Raiders when they were here.
Kings are the only problem in LA but historically, they were pretty good with Gretzky.

City of Angels… the sports capitol of the WORLD!

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