Manny Ramirez


Manny.jpgManny Ramirez has electrified Los Angeles.


The city was in a lul, and he came in at trade deadline packing not just 500+ career home runs and just long hair, but with enthusiasm and self confidence.


He has energized the fans.


He has energized the front office.  And most importantly, he has energized his new teammates.  He plays the game the way it supposed to be played, with enthusiasm, self confidence, hustle and desire.


He runs hard, he hits the ball hard and he has fun.


The important thing to remember though is those things are contagious in the clubhouse.  We enter play today 3.5 games up in the NL West.  There’s not doubt Manny’s contributions have helped us get to where we are, and I hope for the sake of Dodger fans everywhere that his contributions lead us to the Fall Classic






Tommy, you are a GREAT American. To me, you are great like Ben Franklin, Jimmy Stewart, Warren Buffet and Tiger Woods.
Thanks for your patriotism!
Thanks for bringing us the gold!
Go Dodgers!

In my time as a Dodger fan, Tommy, I can’t recall or even read about a player that had this much of an impact on this team. Nobody came in and exploded like Manny Ramirez.
I go all the way back to Brooklyn and I sure hope the younger fans really appreciate what he’s done for us.
Nobody knows if this team will sign him to a contract, I guess that all depends on how much he will cost.
We have a lot of good young talent on this ballclub and I know they won’t play just for the love of the game.
Regardless of how far this team goes, this year, the off season may be even more exciting.

As a Red Sox and Dodger fan I’m in a difficult predicament with this situation. I want the Dodgers to win obviously but what this clown has done to the sport and the fans in Boston is despicable. How he got away with it is amazing in itself!

I’m a lifelong fan of the game and my 9 year old daughter Megan ( who remembers sitting next to you Tommy at a spring training game against the Braves back in 2004 ) is a huge Red Sox and Manny fan. How do I explain to her that it’s all about money?

Ultimately, I want the Dodgers to win and I hope and pray every night that Manny does not get what he wants and he ends up playing for less.

“Happy Birthday” Tommy!…and many,many,many more.

I had the pleasure of meeting you in Little Italy 10 years ago. My mother,sisters and I flew from Melbourne Beach to celebrate my birthday. It was such a wonderful surprise to see and talk to you.

We sure will miss you in Vero Beach. Spring Training won’t be the same without the Dodgers.


“He plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played”…please Tommy wake up and open your eyes. Did you see how Manny quit on his teammates in Boston after he realized that was his only card to play – he just didn’t want Boston to pick up his extension…so he just plain quit playing.

If that is the way the game is supposed to be played, then Dodgerland deserves to witness A) Manny not running out a ground ball, B) faking an injury, C) convincing a teammate to take a hometown discount (See Big Papi’s contract from 04), or D) taking three straight called strikes on purpose to assist his exist from Beantown.

You are blinded by your impressive 84 (wow)win season…and Manny’s incredible numbers merely make my point. Until he got his way, as a little child might, he just simply didn’t care.
Sadly, the basic reason he does care right now is not Dodger Blue as you want to believe, but Ben Franklin green.

Manny is a good teammate if he cares for the right reasons.
When Boston shipped his “blanky” Julian Tavarez out of town, and Big Papi sat him down and scolded him for not giving a shiite, Manny decided to get out of town the only way possible. There is not one, repeat, NOT ONE, current Red Sox teammate who was unhappy when he left. The proof is their record after the trade. The Sox may not win the series this year, but I guarantee you will see a Manny moment in the playoffs, Tommy and rue the day you said he plays the game the way it should be played. Baseball folks all over the country collectively threw up as they read that mindless quote. He is the epitome of a greedy, albeit talented individual who has lost his compass.

When I become dictator, I will abolish the designated hitter and Astroturf (or whatever the artificial playing surface is called.) I firmly believe that a lot of injuries in baseball and football are a result of the unyielding material under the rug. But I digress.

From my vantage point near the right field foul pole, I have seen Manny race to make plays that other players would have looked at and said, “Oh. Was I supposed to catch that?” A prime example was Mr. Strawberry.

What I like about Manny is he obviously enjoys playing the game, and likes being in LA. I hope he continues to wear Dodger Blue until he goes into the Hall of Fame!

Tommy when I heard that Manny was a Dodger it energized me also. See I now reside in the state of Idaho, and dont get to see the Dodgers play that much. My season starts today, against the Cubbies it’s Dodger baseball all through the month of October and into November.Manny meant playoffs to me and here we are.As you know Tommy this is where the energy flow’s just like it did during Hershiser’s hitless inning streak, or when Gibson hobbled to the plate.Im alway’s energized this time of year but when my beloved Dodgers are in the post season I feel like I’ve been hit by a bolt of lightning.

Headline: LA fans blinded by MANNYWOOD….can’t you folks admit to yourselves that Manny is only about Manny?

Words such as energize? Going for fly balls “others would not think about catching?”….hustle?…..desire?……are you people sane? Here, I will say it as simply as I can – Manny is a quitter.
MANNY IS A QUITTER. You may not see it today, or tomorrow, but I will guarantee the following: as soon as things go a little bad with his new team, or manager, or fans, or media, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND what all of us in Boston and Cleveland know firsthand. As an aside- I really hope that when he is inducted in the HOF, he wears something other than red. He is nothing more than a petulant little boy who just this year 1) punched a 60 yr old traveling secretary who didn’t get him some extra tickets, and 2) slapped a teammate because he (Youk) cared “too much” after each at bat.

To you Mr. Lasorda: You have made a pact with the dark side – hope you enjoy it while it lasts. Can’t wait to read your posts a couple of weeks from now – chastising Manny being Manny – costing your team a victory.

Will the Dodger’s give Manny $100 million/four years after this season?

If no,

Then Mannywood will be no more. Dodger fans will forget about Manny after griping for a few months about McCourt and Colletti not dishing out the cash for one of the best right-handed hitters in the history of the game. But they will always remember that magical time when the youthfulness and spunk of Manny brought wondrous success, if you can call 30-24 since July 31st in the weakest division in decades success (7, SEVEN, teams have better winning pct. for the year and aren’t in the playoffs). You will remember 2008 as fondly as Boston remembers 7 all-star seasons and as the Tribe remembers 1995 and 1998.

The good, happy, yet impossible small side of my conscious, hope they let him go. If they don’t, if they pay Manny slightly more than Beinfest pays the Marlins, all wearing the Dodger blue eventually, and probably quickly, will be smothered in the ordeal that is Manuel Aristides Ramirez.

He has already started phase 1: Claiming a nickname that allows him free-range. In Boston it was ‘Manny being Manny.’ They let his tomfoolery be guised in a name, and soon, as ‘Mannywood’ turns into ‘Mannydoingwhateverthe****Iwantwood’ you too will realize your mistakes.

Then phase 2: He’ll want to be traded every-offseason. Not to get more money, or to be on a better team, he just wants the attention. He is like a child, stamping his feet and crying if you don’t love him every second of every day.

Phase 3: He’ll get ‘injured.’ It might not be next year or the next, but wait until the boys in blue have a tough year (and at least one other team in your pathetically awful division can break 90 wins) and just wait to see what Manny does: 118 games in 2000 and 130 in 2006 ring a bell? He’ll quit on you faster than Sarah Palin quit on her pregnant daughter.

Phase 4: He’ll leave your team, cursing and moaning the whole way. Just pray you stick some sub-.500 saps with him and get someone as amazing as Jason Bay like the Red Sox did to you guys.

hey jameshherron…your take on the whole mannywood dealio is spot on. You should write for SI or ESPN. There are guys making plenty of bucks who can’t put half a sentence together better than your whole enchilada. Did you hear that Manny may have dated Sarah Palin last year? It’s all over the internet!

Where are all these jealous outsiders coming from?


Thank you for that wonderful speech you did during the rally. And just like the Cubs, the Dodgers will knock the Phillies off! The Dodgers make it happen (and either make the other watch it happen or wonder what happen).

GO DODGERS! Thank you Tommy!


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